Best Audio Transcription Software For Audio Conversion

It would be extremely tough, time-consuming, and would add to your workload. In fact, I’m fairly positive that transcribing audios would be the most time-consuming work on your schedule, and you certainly don’t want that. So let’s get start with the best audio transcription software.

It would be wonderful if there was a way to avoid this extra piece of effort, and this is where transcription software comes in. Whether you need to convert audio to text for vlogging, podcasting, teaching, journalism, or any other purpose, the tools I will discuss in this article will be quite useful.

Before diving into the list, here are a few of the numerous advantages of converting audio to text:

Helps search engines find your content

If you’re into vlogging but don’t provide subtitles for your videos, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to reach more people with your material. Transcribing the audio from your video into text assists YouTube and other search engines in crawling the keywords, so enhancing your discoverability.

Helps reach a wider audience by diversification

In the same way that the world is full of people with diverse likes and preferences, there is an audience that prefers reading over viewing videos. By translating your audios to text, you are enhancing your marketing efforts and directly addressing your audience.

Increases accessibility of your content

People who are deaf or have hearing impairments can benefit greatly from a text version of the video or audio. There’s no reason not to integrate accessibility tools on cellphones and other devices, as they serve the same purpose. It is a true win-win situation.

Makes it easy to distribute

Text distribution channels are significantly more numerous than audio distribution channels, and the fact that text requires less bandwidth makes it even more advantageous. If you have a podcast, instructional video, journalism audios, or any other audio, you may convert it to text and disseminate it in eBooks, emails, web articles, manuals, white papers, etc.

Having said that, let’s get to the list.

Best Audio Transcription Software For Audio Conversion

1. Amberscript

Amberscript offers accurate audio and video transcription services that are favored by corporations such as Netflix, Disney, and Microsoft.

It is an intelligent technology with artificial intelligence speech recognition that converts audio and video into text or subtitles. Using their online text editor, you or one of their available human transcribers can ensure the accuracy of the transcription.

You have the option of transcribing automatically using the AI tool or with the assistance of their experienced transcriptionist. If you’re wanting to do one-off assignments, it’s best to use the automatic transcription tool, whereas manual transcribing is appropriate for long-term work. It is one of the Best Audio Transcription Software.

In addition, Amberscript offers cheap price, a quick response, and GDPR compliance for security.

2. Otter

Otter is utilized by Zoom, Dropbox, and IBM for their transcribing needs. It allows you to capture audio from your phone and transcribe it immediately using a web browser. It can add speaker ID, comments, photos, and key words to the transcription, so you don’t have to deal with additional third-party programs for easy enhancements.

For simple collaboration on your transcriptions, you can form a group and add members. In addition, you can save a considerable amount of time by:

3. GoTranscript

GoTranscript, unlike some automatic alternatives, focuses solely on human-based video transcription. The software supports more than sixty languages, and skilled native transcribers are available to translate your video into text.

GoTranscript offers video translation in addition to captions and subtitles for your videos, as well as extra services. Each order of captions includes a free transcript, and each order of subtitles includes free captions and a transcript, so you get your money’s worth.

GoTranscript can guarantee remarkable accuracy (over 99%) for videos of lesser quality, thick accents, and industry-specific terminology due to the fact that every order is handled by experienced transcription specialists.

To assure the best quality, each order undergoes a rigorous four-step procedure:

GoTranscript is also distinguished by its competitive pricing, substantial reward programs, and bulk discounts. Starting at just $0.77 a minute, it is an excellent option for anyone seeking a dependable video transcription service, including students, researchers, and foreign businesses.

Lastly, the platform is compatible with all common video formats including links from YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, and Google Drive. After your order has been fulfilled, you can use GoTranscript’s free tools to edit your video transcript, captions, and subtitles, export them to various formats, and more. It is one of the Best Audio Transcription Software.

4. Rev

REV is not software, but a service that employs a large number of competent transcriptionists. You will be paid $1.25 per minute of audio, and the transcript will be given to you within 12 hours with a 99% accuracy rate. It saves you a great deal of time because all you have to do is submit the audio file.

After receiving your transcript, you may alter it and share it with whoever you like. Integration with Google Drive and Dropbox expedites workflow.

Some notable companies, such as Spotify, Forbes, and CNBC, have commended Rev.

5. Nuance

Depending on your demands, you can choose from a variety of versions of Nuance, which resembles speech-to-text software but is also suited for transcription. For instance, there are plans for individuals, professionals, law enforcement personnel, etc.

It is also a terrific tool for productivity because you can manage every aspect of it with your voice. Simply issue commands, and it will comply without your intervention. It is one of the Best Audio Transcription Software.

It is committed to assisting you in the creation of impressive documents while minimizing the hassle involved.

6. Transcribe

Using Transcribe, you can convert podcasts, presentations, lectures, phone conversations, interviews, and all other audio/video formats into text in over 60 languages.

If the file you are importing has low background noise, transcribing it will not take too long. Nevertheless, if the audio is not heard, you can use a function that allows you to play the audio and dictate it with your voice so that the tool can convert it into text as the length develops. It is one of the Best Audio Transcription Software.

If nothing else is giving accurate results, you can revert to their manual transcription option and complete the task with no effort. Their manual mode includes workflow features that automatically loop and slow down music. In addition, it incorporates a foot pedal to save you an enormous lot of time.

Transcribe is a safe program that keeps all of your transcribed information confidential, so you may use it without anxiety.

7. Trint

Trint is an AI audio transcription program that can convert your audio into text in 31 different languages. It is ideal for both personal and professional use. Simply import the file that needs to be transcribed, and each word will be converted to text. You can then change the text to ensure that it is 100% accurate.

In addition, you can add markers, give speaker names, search for certain terms, and offer reminders via section comments. After processing the final output, you can export it in a variety of formats, including Word Doc and CSV. In addition, it permits sharing with team members for simple cooperation. It is one of the Best Audio Transcription Software.

8. oTranscribe

If you are not yet prepared to invest in premium software, oTranscribe, a completely free and open-source web application, is ideal. Despite not having a price tag, it accomplishes tasks efficiently and possesses some outstanding features.

Here are some of this free tool’s key features:

oTranscribe automatically stores each modification, so if your internet connection is stop, you will not lose the transcript. Additionally, it is essential to note that your data remains completely private and secure.

9. Express Scribe

Express Scribe is equip with everything you need to transcribe audios with minimal effort, and it is available in both PRO and free editions. As a result of their keyboard shortcuts and transcribing pedal compatibility, you would also spend significantly less time on the task.

It supports numerous file types, including encrypt dictation files. You may also load audios from a CD and edit them as they are loading. It is one of the Best Audio Transcription Software.

If configure to do so, the software can automatically email the complete transcription to the client, saving you additional time.

Express Scribe is compatible with applications such as Microsoft Word, FastFox Text Expander, and even text-to-speech applications.

10. Temi

Temi, which is trust by over 10,000 customers, will transcribe your audio for as little as $0.25 per minute. You can imagine how accurate it would be, given that it was construct by specialists in machine learning and speech recognition.

This program has speaker recognition, custom timestamps, and a straightforward editor for polishing transcripts. In addition, you may download their mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones in order to record audio and order transcripts on the move. It is one of the Best Audio Transcription Software.

Try Temi for free to get a 45-minute transcript and access to all of its capabilities, as well as a sample of what the tool is capable of. I recommend using it to gain experience before committing to a paid project.

11. Descript

Descript provides high precision and adaptable collaboration options for consistently accurate transcribing. It costs only $2 per minute, and the assignment is complete within 24 hours. Descript, like other solutions on this list, makes your data extremely private and secure. It is one of the Best Audio Transcription Software.

The following are other characteristics of this tool:

Sign up and get start without cost to evaluate the features.

12. Sonix 

Sonix, which is automatic, quick, and free for the first 30 minutes, transcribes in minutes rather than hours. It is a simple-to-use application that produces accurate results that require little to no tweaking in the future.

Each line of text has timestamps, allowing you to quickly locate certain points. You also have access to an exceptional text editor that can help you polish things to perfection if necessary. It is one of the Best Audio Transcription Software.

In addition, it is equip with automatic voice recognition, automatic punctuation, speaker recognition, noise reduction, and a worldwide lexicon that can comprehend over 35 distinct languages, including dialects and varieties.

13. Audext

Audext is incredible web-base software that can automatically transcribe your audios, which is incredibly fast and inexpensive. It costs only $12 per hour of transcribing, or $5 if you sign up for their subscription plan.

It possesses all the essential qualities of an ideal transcribing tool, including:

Furthermore, Audext is user-friendly and makes the entire procedure straightforward.

14. Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe supports over sixty different languages for converting audio to text, making it ideal for transcription and subtitling. It enables you to integrate your team members, such as editors and proofreaders, onto the platform and experience a smooth collaborative workflow.

In addition, you may assign speaker names, build terminology, and use their API to synchronize with third-party programs to streamline the process. You can rest assure that your transcript will be of high quality and correctly punctuate. It is one of the Best Audio Transcription Software.

Happy Scribe has a Trustpilot rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, which is exceptional for any software. Their reviews also speak to the quality of their service.


Whether you want to use software or a service for transcription, the solutions present above offer the best of both worlds. Regardless of the solution you choose, I am certain that automating this task will alleviate a substantial amount of stress from your shoulders.

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