10 Best Free DVD Players For Windows 10 and Mac in 2021

If you have a DVD and want to play on Windows and Mac, you are looking for the 10 best free DVD players for Windows 10 and Mac. Don’t worry about this in this post I will discuss the best DVD players for window 10 and mac. 

Microsoft introduced Windows 10. It is a wonderful operating system. You can use it for DVD players. It supports many DVD players, many of which are explained here in this post. Many of them are paid but if you want to use them for free you can use them. 

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The list of best video players for windows 10 is here.

1- VLC player

The VLC media player is a popular media player all over the world. VLC media player support to the windows 10 and the performance of this media player is outstanding. Both audio and video movies you can play on this too with good results.

With the help of this media player, you can set the automatically play DVD. More using this tool you can control the movie for example you can high or low volume of your movie, you can run the video like undo or redo. 

This media player is a powerful support to the 5Kplayer. Here you can playHD,MP3.MP4 and every type of video without any problem.


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2- Kodi

Now I will discuss the free media player which is Kodi. Using the Kodi tool you can play the DVD movie. It is free of cost and you can download it from the Microsoft store. The users of this software are a million the main thing of this tool is all users are satisfied with this tool.

Using this software you can play DVDs, Blu-rays, and audio CDs. It supports multiple operating systems like windows, android, mac, and IoS. With this software, you can play music, movies, drama, and TV shows. 


3- PotPlayer

If you want to play your video on your laptop and you are looking for an amazing media player then I recommend Potplayer DVD player. The features of this tool are outstanding. You can control your movie or music like you set volume according to your wish.

The interesting thing about this tool is it is available for any type of operating systems like Windows 10, mac, android, ios, and many others. You can download it from the Microsoft store or you can find it from google. With the help of this tool, you can play every type of video for example mp3, mp4, and HD. It also supports audio and video movies.


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4- PowerDVD

PowerDVD is one of the most amazing DVD players. If you have Windows 10 in your computer system and want to play DVDs on it then PowerDVD is best for you. You will enjoy your videos, music, tv shows, and dramas. 

The main advantage of this software is here you can play every type of video like HD, mp3 and mp4.you can use this software on the Mac software. With the help of this software, you can play your youtube video and many other social media platforms like Vimeo.

But the problem with this software is it is paid for. The price of this software is 59.99$ which is very high for the user.


5- GOM Media Player

It is a wide range DVD player for windows 10 and mac. Using this software you can play every type of movies, Tv shows, music in different formats like mp3, mp4, HD, H263, H264, H265, and CD. More here you can play 4k content easily.

If you want to play the video on a different operating system then it is best for you because it supports both Windows and Mac operating systems. The view of this tool is outstanding. You can get 360 degrees with the help of this software.


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6- KMPlayer

KMplayer is one of the most important software which is used for playing the video on the windows and mac operating system. With the help of this KMPlayer software, you can control your video for example if you want to increase the volume of music you can do it easily. The interface of this software is very eBay and user friendly.


7- MPC -HC

Now I will talk about the latest media player which is popular all over the world. The name of this media player is MPC-HC. It was developed 2 years and became very popular. In this software, you can run every type of video like mp3,mp4, HD, and audio types.

It supports just the Windows 10 operating system. Without paying anything you can download it from google. 


8- DVD Player Free

DVD Player Free is one of the most amazing and wonderful DVD Players. You can play every type of video like audio, video, mp3, mp4, and HD types. Using this software you can control your video like you can movie video, increase and decrease volume.

The price of this software is free. Without paying you can download this software from google. The process of downloading this software is very easy.


9- 5KPlayer

If you are looking for the best DVD player for your home computer then it is best for your choice. It supports the Window and Mac operating system. Users can download this DVD player on their computer. It supports the 4 k resolution.

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10- Windows DVD player

After installing this software you can watch audio and video on your computer. It is free of cost and it is suitable for mp3,mp4 and HD types of video.


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In this post, I explain the 10 best Free DVD players for windows and mac. Using these above tools you can play your audio and video on windows and mac operating systems. All the above software is free of cost you can download it from google.

Please leave a message for me in the comment section and give me suggestions about my post thank you.


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