The Best Ways To Unlock IPhone Passcode [100% Gauranted]

The iPhone is very sensitive about its device security. So, they don’t let their users violate their security. To provide extra security to their users. iPhone launches the passcode method that can protect their devices from an unknown person. But, if an iPhone user forgets the passcode. Then, the iPhone doesn’t let them get into their mobile device.

If you are one of those who can forget their passcode. Then, you won’t be able to use your iPhone. If you try the wrong passcode more than 3 times. You will see the ‘iPhone is disabled.’ message on your iPhone locked screen. Then, you need to erase all your iPhone devices. This process can delete everything in your phone including the passcode. Then, you can restore your important files.

But, if you never backed up your iPhone device, Or forget your passcode. So, you won’t be able to save your data on an iPhone device. That’s why I will provide you with some methods to remove your passcode. And save your important data that is saved on your iPhone device.

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Method To Remove The Passcode

  1. Unlock iPhone with iOS unlock tool
  2. Unlock iPhone with Lock Wiper tool
  3. Unlock iPhone via recovery mood
  4. Erase iPhone by using Find My iPhone
  5. Restore by iTunes and unlock iPhone without passcode
  6. Unlock iPhone without passcode by tricking Siri assistant for iOS 10.3.2 and 10.3.3

1: Unlock iPhone With IOS Unlock Tool

This method is pretty easy. Don’t be confused about unlocking the iPhone without the passcode. Just use ‘Dr. Fone’ screen unlocks to open your iPhone without a passcode. It is only for the needful purpose not for any stolen phone.

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Steps To Unlock iPhone With IOS Unlock Tool

This process takes some time. After completing the execution of the process your iPhone reboot. You can see an iPhone device with an unlocked screen.

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2: Unlock iPhone With Lock Wiper Tool

You can unlock your iPhone without a passcode by using the Lock Wiper tool.

Steps To Unlock iPhone With Lock Wiper Tool

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3: Unlock iPhone Via Recovery Mood

You can erase your iPhone password by using recovery mode. If you never synced your iPhone with iTunes then this mood is best for you. But it also erases all your iPhone data with a passcode.

Steps To Unlock iPhone Via Recovery Mood

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4: Erase iPhone By Using Find My iPhone

You can use the ‘Find my iPhone’ method to unlock your iPhone without the passcode. This method is pretty easy and provides you with a feature to restore your data.

Steps To Erase iPhone By Using Find My iPhone

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5: Restore By iTunes And Unlock iPhone Without Passcode

Another method to unlock your iPhone device by using iTunes. iTunes will erase all your data including passcode. 

Steps To Unlock iPhone Passcode With iTunes

This process of an unlocked iPhone is easy. It also gets the backup of your all iPhone files. When the process of restoring the iPhone is over. Your iPhone device will automatically restore. and your data backed up.

6: Unlock iPhone Without Passcode By Tricking Siri Assistant For IOS 10.3.2 And 10.3.3

You can unlock your iPhone trickily without a passcode. In this method, we use Siri assistant to unlock the device. It is the best way to keep your mobile data. This method completely works on iOS 10.3.2. or 10.3.3 iPhone version

Steps To Unlock iPhone Without Passcode By Tricking Siri

Now, you can see you can enter your iPhone home screen without any passcode.

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I hope you will understand the best ways to unlock an iPhone without the passcode. These best and tricky methods work on all devices. But the last Siri method only works on two iPhone version devices. I hope these methods can help you to unlock your iPhone device without a passcode. I hope this article is helpful for you and easy to understand. If you have any problems or questions about this topic, please ask them in the comment section.


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