Best Wear OS Watch Faces Android Apps in 2022

Smartwatches, a digital replacement for analog timepieces, gradually replaced our horological wristwear. The creators of these timepieces ensure a constant market by always releasing new styles with improved technologies. So, let’s get started with the Best Wear OS Watch Faces Apps in 2022.

Consider for a moment that you could customize the smartwatch display to your liking. Wow, that’s great. If you own an Android device running WearOS, you may alter your watch’s face to match any ensemble.

They are in high demand because of their special features. The majority of contemporary smartwatches include watchfaces.

This guide will show you how to customize your Android Wear by adding new watchfaces through the use of third-party applications. In this post, we’ll go through some of the finest WearOS watchface apps that can customize your watch’s display and add new features.

Best Wear OS Watch Faces Apps in 2022

What is a watchface?

In WearOS, a watch face is essentially its own service. Choose a watchface from the app to display on your wristwatch. A user can choose from a variety of watchfaces using the watchface selector that becomes available once a wear application has been installed.

A profusion of apps exist that make it easy to search for and download fresh watch faces. As a service, we’ve compiled a list of the best ten watchface apps out of numerous options. Think about the details that set each alternative apart and choose with the one that best addresses your concerns.

Programmers can utilize Android Wear to create their own customized watchfaces for their smartwatch, allowing them to display the time in creative ways by taking advantage of the device’s display and buttons.

Additional information on the user’s physical activity can be provided through data from the user’s body sensors, such as step count and heart rate. However, there are additional factors to think about while creating watchfaces for these devices, such as the limited screen real estate and power source.

WearOS, much like Android, has a thriving user base behind it and plenty of ways to personalize your device. Despite Google’s lackluster support for WearOS, the platform’s third-party developer community has produced some stunning timepieces.

Programmers won’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to updating the home screen to accommodate new widgets, ambient modes, and other features; Google has already laid the groundwork for this.

If you own an Android wristwatch and are looking for the most aesthetically beautiful watchfaces that are also compatible with WearOS, you’ve found the ideal spot. After reading this, it should be clear which watch faces are ideal for your smartwatch.

Why are editable and customizable watchfaces famous over default watchfaces?

In modern smartwatches, user-created watchfaces have surpassed those that come preloaded for a variety of reasons. Most significantly, these are:

All WearOS watches can utilize these watchfaces, so you can put them on your Fossil, TicWatch, or Oppo. Below is a link to a download page where you may get the required software for your watchface.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at a number of the top watchface apps currently available.

1. Facer app

Facer is software for personalizing your smartwatch with unique brand faces. There is a large catalog of watch faces available for your WearOS smartwatch.

It’s possible to choose from a wide variety of watch faces with the Facer watchfaces app. You can keep a collection of your favorite designs. The watch faces of certain models are riffs on those of well-known brands frequently featured in media. You can get Facer from the Google Play store without spending any money, and it has several great features. It is one of the best wear os watch faces.

There are both free and premium watch faces available for your selection. You can also alter the appearance of the preinstalled watchfaces or make your own.


Android Wear watchface software TIMEFLIK allows you to find and create your ideal watchface. The TIMEFLIK app has a collection of more than a million different templates. It would be fine to use any of them as an alternative watch face on a daily basis.

The watch face may be customized in a number of ways, and if you really want to splurge, you can get a fancy one. For a weekly fee, premium users can access exclusive new designs. To avoid interruptions while you’re developing, you can turn off advertisements. It is one of the best wear os watch faces.

Treat yourself to a fresh look at the hands of your watch every day for a week, and show off your sophisticated style to all your pals.

3. Pixel Minimal Watchface

Pixel Minimal Watchface is a collection of simple, battery-friendly watch faces. It has a straightforward UI and can accommodate widgets. It’s an excellent program because it provides instant access to four practical widgets. This software stands out due to its simple design and low resource requirements. The background of an AMOLED screen can be made completely black if so desired.

The Pixel Minimal Watchface application does not have access to any of your personal information, so you can rest easy. Those looking for more features can pay for the pro edition. The newest iterations of WearOS can be used with the Pixel Minimal design (2 and 3). There are a wide variety of timepieces it is compatible with. These include the Google Pixel watch and the Fossil watch. It is one of the best wear os watch faces.

4. Open Watchface

The Open Watchface’s ability to support 3D designs is a fantastic differentiating factor. In addition, you can use any of the templates we’ve provided or create your own from scratch. They have 16 distinct layouts available in a rainbow of ten hues so you may make a watch face that suits your style. This aesthetically attractive enhancement is available only to those who purchase the premium edition. It is one of the best wear os watch faces.

The up and down arrows on the dial can also be used to toggle between the basic and complex complexities available on the smartwatch. The software requires little in the way of technical know-how to use. Creating a personalized and easily legible watch face is the primary focus of this software.

5. Twelveish

The Twelveish watchface, created by opersource, is notable for a few specific aspects. Custom text can be shown on the watch face.

Using the Twelveish app, you may monitor:

In addition, thirty distinct colors are at your disposal for the backdrop. Pick the option that sounds best to you. In addition, the application offers 16 unique ways to display the date. The Twelveish app makes it simple to transition between 12-hour and 24-hour time formats.

There’s no doubt that the Twelvish app’s support for eleven languages will spark your interest.

6. Pear Watchface 

You may get some sleek and easy-to-read faces for your watch with the help of an app called Pear Watchface. Pear Watchface’s range of designs are compatible with both round and square Android watches. It is one of the best wear os watch faces.

A sampling of the many forms of media available within the app are as follows:

You can now see the date and the day of the week on your wrist thanks to updates to the Pear app for designing Android Wear watchfaces.

7.  Marine Commander Watchface

No other devices, such as cellphones, may be used to change the watch’s settings when using the Marine Commander Watchface. The Marine Commander Watchface is a free download for your wristwatch or mobile device that adds a unique design to your device while still letting you access standard smartwatch functions like fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring, battery life, etc. It is one of the best wear os watch faces.

Compasses and currency exchange rates are two extra features that some watches offer right on the face. The Marine Commander Watchface not only counts your steps and displays the weather, but also gives you a magnificent panorama of the ocean. It’s multipurpose because in addition to being a thermometer, you can also use it as a barometer.

8. Ustwo Watchface

The Ustwo Watchface app gives you access to tens of thousands of unique and fashionable watch faces, and it’s completely free to download. Different configurations include the air, blind, museum, inversion, pivot, and parallel. Explore the numerous available watch faces within the app to find one that works for you. The Ustwo watchface maker allows you to make designs with your own colors and themes.

Additional options include:

9.  Bubble Cloud Wear OS Launcher

The Bubble Cloud Wear OS Launcher can be used in two distinct modes:

The Bubble Cloud Wear OS Launcher software is both entertaining and useful. More icons can potentially fit on your smartwatch, making it easier to quickly discover the information you need. You can also make use of “clouds” to divide up your software into manageable sections. It is one of the best wear os watch faces.

Eleven unique collections of watch faces are available here. The watch faces are also movable, so you can swap them around to make different combinations. The Bubble Cloud Wear OS Launcher has features like auto-adjusting the smartwatch’s brightness and using the same icons as other Android launchers.

10. Watchfaces – Watchmaker

Watchfaces – Watchmaker gives you access to several fashionable, informative, and unique examples of timepiece faces. All of our premium watchface designs are yours to download for one low purchase, and you may use them for as long as you like. It is one of the best wear os watch faces.

A total of one hundred thousand preconfigured watch faces are available to you from the app’s creator. You should choose the one that works best for you and then change it up every day or so to reflect your emotions or the occasion.

The animated watchface you design is another option. The watch’s 3D gyroscope is utilized by the software to create a parallax effect, which is another first for a watch of this type. Other benefits of using this software include:


With this new information, you can choose from a variety of watchface apps. The next thing to do is choose a template among those that are either already made for you, are available for free, or those you create yourself. An excellent strategy can boost your confidence and benefit those around you. It is possible to alter the appearance of the watch face on your smartphone to better reflect your personal style or emotional condition.

Thanks to the available apps, you may customize the look of your watchface and make full use of its features. Examine the available choices, become familiar with their functions, and then select the software that best meets your requirements. It’s high time you gave your smartwatch a more sophisticated appearance.

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