How To Download And Install CCleaner Application

CCleaner is a utility software. That is used to clean potentially unwanted files and invalid registry entries from your personal computer. It is also known as Crap Cleaner. Which is developed by Piriform. CCleaner is one of the most famous system cleaners. The first time this amazing cleaner software is launched was in 2004. Computer or Laptop users can use it removes all unused files from their computers. That can help windows to run faster. It is also used to free the valuable space of the hard disk. You can also use it to clean your online activities traces. Like your internet browsing history. Moreover, it consists of a fully featured registry cleaner. 

In Today’s world, CCleaner is called the world-leading PC cleaner. That can clean all temporary and waste files. To optimize and speed up the computer. Originally it is developed by Microsft Windows Company. After that, a macOS CCleaner version was released in 2012. It is a completely free tool for PC cleaning. It is basically designed to make windows fast. That’s why it can delete unused or unnecessary files. But now it becomes free but closed-source software. Which is downloaded on various devices. If you can find the slow working of your windows operating system. Then, you definitely need to install CCleaner. It can clean your computer and again provide you improved boot speed. And also reduce system load and release of wasted disk space.

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How To Download And Install CCleaner Application?

Minimum System Requirements For CCleaner Application

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Feature List CCleaner Application

1. Free To Get

CCleaner is the best free tool for cleaning your system. Every windows user can easily and free download CCleaner without paying any payment. But this is not enough. CCleaner also provides you some premium features. You can get this pro version by paying for them. But if you don’t have too much money to pay for it. Then use its free version. It is good for you.

2. Easy To Use

CCleaner is made by Piriform.Ltd company. They can make the interface of CCleaner is simple and useful. That’s why the use of CCleaner is very easy for every user. All the PC optimization processes could be done with just a single click. While a moment your computer will run fast.

3. Make Computer Run Faster In An Instant

Every computer performance depends on the free space of the device. If your computer runs out of space. It’s lead to decreasing the computer performance. So, CCleaner helps you to clean your PC hard drive. By removing all the unuseful files in an instant give more space. That’s why you don’t need to wait. Clean your computer with just a click.

4. Makes Browsing Activity A Lot Safer

As we discuss above, CCleaner is used to delete unuseful files to boost speed. But CCleaner also helps your computer by deleting the site’s cookies and history. That means CCleaner can clean the cookies and the history of your internet browsers. This can help you to save yourself from unwanted advertisements. And also you can protect your identity by cleaning your history.

5. Minimize Crashes And Errors

You know better the time period of using your computer. That’s why I want to tell you. Your every computer activity is stored in the computer register. That can fill up your registration and becomes a reason for crashes.  But CCleaner can clean all the clutter to run your personal computer in a stable way. By having this great tool your computer really works very fast. And you can enjoy the high performance of your computer. That can lead your work easier and effective.

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Main Key Features of CCleaner Application

  1. Deleting unnecessary files
  2. Deleting temporary files and other data
  3. Freeing up hard disk space
  4. Eliminating application waste
  5. Deleting browsing histories
  6. Cleaning the registry
  7. Identifying duplicate files
  8. Correcting errors that cause problems

Is CCleaner Application Great Tool For Cleaning Your PC

The free version of the CCleaner application can solve all your problems. It can clean computer temporary files, tracking cookies, and also browsing junk data. That is a reason for the slower performance of your computer. You need to download the latest version of the CCleaner application. That can provide you a better cleaning. A more clean computer means more high performance. Now you can understand how much this tool is helpful for you.


I hope you will understand what is CCleaner And also you will understand how to download CCleaner from I provide you a brief introduction to CCleaner. I believe my article about CCleaner is helpful for you and easy to understand. If you have any questions about this CCleaner topic, please ask them in the comment section.


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