[100% Solved] Discord Screen Share No Audio In 2021

Gamers frequently complain in regard to Discord Screen share no audio errors while they are on the game. On condition that you are also facing a similar issue, we have got some great all, to fix the discord no sound screen share law in no time.

Why perform Discord Screen Share No Audio Error Occurs?

There can be many reasons behind the discord screen share audio not working. Common part that affect discord audio are not having discord on your PC, wrong audio drivers, loading error of the screen share, and many more.

There gamers press to have screen share with discord audio. If there is no audio on discord time screen sharing, it can be really frustrating.

How to Screen Share Audio on Discord?

If you want to share audio on discord you should enable the sound sharing option on discord extremely easily, to play along side the video part option. Audio sharing down with the screen while gaming is one of the coolest features of Discord.

How to Attach Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working?

To a fix discord screen share audio not working you need to Update audio drivers on Windows PC. To do this follow methods No. 6 The bit-by-bit guide help you to update your audio driver.

Ably, Audio sharing above discord is one of the latest features of the gaming platform. Naturally, there are mite in the features as well. These bugs help you notice the problems when discord for go from picking up audio.

If any mistake has been detected, these hacks will help you a fix the problems in no time.

1: Computer Restarting

This is probably the simplest solution to discord no audio issue, but a powerful one too. If the problem is small rebooting the use system helps, but not always.

Some day more programs that run in the system background get in conflict with discord and result in discord go live no audio issues.

2: Updating The Discord Application

Updating the discord app often fixes problems with discord audio not working through a screen share. You can make it come of in 4 easy steps.

3: Give Discord Administrative Rights:

Discord was working properly prior to the introduction of add-on audio features with the screen share features. Often, due to surplus resource loading, the screen share feature fails to function the audio part properly.

4: Avoid Using a Full-Screen Window:

When you play games using discord on a full-screen mode, the audio while streaming come by hampered. This happens as the audio files get in quarrel with the discord permissions.

5: Add Activities to Discord:

Discord is programmed to function in a way that it note your activity. Majorly, when discord no sound mistake when you play games. To keep away from this, you need to add some activity on discord.

6: Update The Faulty Audio Drivers:

If you are using a backdated or damaged audio driver, no sound errors are likely to occur during online screen sharing. To avoid such errors, it’s important that you own your audio drivers updated.


You can always use the above-mentioned apps when discord Chrome no sound mistake occur while live streaming of screen share. But if not a thing works properly, it is best to uninstall the app and reinstall again to fix all bug mistake.

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