Best DNS filter to Protect You from Cyber Threats

Despite impressive technological advancements, there remains a persistent issue that may never be resolved. To put it succinctly, it’s the Internet’s security issues. There have always been hostile attacks and cyber threats on the Internet, no matter how far our technology has come. But before we get into it, let’s define what we mean by “DNS filter.”

It’s not the best idea to urge folks quit using the Internet. Spending so carelessly with a resource as precious as water can severely limit your standard of living. You should use DNS or content filtering to keep your family safe from harm on the internet. For sure, that’s the data that this article will give you.

Best DNS filter to Protect You from Cyber Threats

What is DNS filter?

DNS filtering is a security measure that can be used to block access to malicious domains and IP addresses. After activating a DNS filter, a user can safely browse the Internet without worrying about visiting potentially harmful websites; instead, a “block page” will be shown to explain the filter’s decision.

You can manually add a URL to a blacklist if you know for sure that it will never be visited again.

Benefits of using DNS filtering

There are many advantages to using DNS filtering for you and your family. You have probably already tried it, but here are some more details to keep in mind:

Ensures safe Internet browsing

Using DNS filtering, you may prevent users from reaching malicious or identity-stealing websites. More dangers include:

Using a DNS filter is a simple way to stay safe from these threats.

Protects your data

Most of us have really important data stored on our electronic devices, yet only a minority of us back it up regularly. If so, you risk losing everything if you provide financial information on a website that is later revealed to be false. The following program, fortunately, has that covered for you.

Protects your device

If you visit fraudulent websites, your mobile device, tablet, or computer could be compromised. Malware can be downloaded onto your device from untrustworthy websites, drastically diminishing or even eliminating its functionality.

Take a look at these instruments with me.

The following methods are flexible enough to be utilized for either private or business needs; DNS filtering is one option to consider in the latter case.

1. Sophos

IGN and Mac World are among the many publications that have lauded Sophos Home for its superiority as a DNS filter thanks to its use of artificial intelligence to effectively stop viruses, malware, and other online threats. It’s compatible with both Macs and PCs and comes with a plethora of security features.

It’s flexible enough to change along with the online dangers you experience on a regular basis. There is a free, feature-limited version accessible for download, and the full version can be unlocked with a yearly subscription payment of at least $45.00.

2. CleanBrowsing

CleanBrowsing is a top-notch DNS-base filtering tool that protects your family from harmful threats while allowing you to browse the web without encountering any unwelcome “surprises.” Due to its reliance on DNS, no specialize software is require for use. Have your Internet service provider assist you in updating your domain name server (DNS) settings. Just like that.

The free plan includes outstanding perks.

You won’t have to worry about phishing or having your data encrypt because the firewall will block access to any harmful websites. Restricts exposure to sexually explicit material develop as a family-friendly filter to ensure that users of all ages can enjoy the same material

If you’d like access to more advance features, there are paid subscription plans available, starting at less than the price of a monthly Starbucks coffee.

3. ESET Parental Control

Here’s yet another first-rate DNS filtering solution for desktop and mobile use: A single word can sum up many of the advantages of using this service:

All of these great benefits come with a 30-day free trial. After the trial period ends, you may purchase a premium membership for as low as $49.95 per year.

4. Cloudflare Gateway

Cloudflare Gateway is an excellent option for both home and commercial network setups. Cloudflare’s ability to prevent malicious data from entering your network improves security for everyone online.

All DNS lookups must go through their servers, although you can allow or block individual domains if you so choose. The settings menu is aesthetically beautiful and also where all other options are manage.

To accept or restrict a website, you can do so on an individual basis, if desire. The best part is that there are zero activation fees, making it ideal for individual use. Cloudflare will now begin vetting the traffic and will display the “Access limit” page if the traffic is to be prohibit.

Cloudflare DNS can be install on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and even on network routers. It is possible to protect many devices with the same level of security by using a router.

5. SafeDNS

True to its name, SafeDNS creates a solid firewall between your children’s devices and the rest of the internet, giving you complete control over their online time. This excellent software blocks potential dangers to your family before they ever surface online.

Indicators of exceptionality include:

SafeDNS offers a fully functional, 15-day free trial with all of its impressive features. After that, annual premium plans begin at $19.95.

6. OpenDNS

OpenDNS is still a popular choice among DNS services today. One-third of U.S. schools utilize OpenDNS for network security, according to the study. Surprisingly, once the DNS filter is enable, all devices on the network are protect against a myriad of threats.

Computers, phones, and tablets of all shapes and sizes can be link together. This program has two free levels and two paid tiers, with the cheapest of the paid options costing $19.95 per year.

7. Net Nanny

There is yet another DNS method that employs AI to merely block harmful websites. When looking for parental control software, Tom’s Guide recommends Net Nanny above all others. Because of the excellent quality of service provide, this is to be expect.

Net Nanny works on Kindle, Android, iOS, and Mac computers. If you want to know what kind of deals you may receive for your device, you should look at their price list.

8. Circle

It’s hard to argue with the superiority of Circle, a fantastic device that features an interactive software. Forbes, TechCrunch, and USA Today are just a few of the prominent media outlets that have laud it. This software offers numerous safety features to protect your children while they are online.

For me, the service’s primary selling point is the app it provides. Because of how enjoyable and easy to use it is, you will want to keep doing so. It works with both iOS and Android, two of the most popular mobile operating systems.

Circle provides a physical device in the mail to each customer that chooses them as their DNS filter provider. The price of a year-long membership is $129 and includes access to all features.


If you want to be safe online, it’s a good idea to install DNS filtering software like the ones I list above. Virtual private network (VPN) services can be use for the same aim of protecting one’s online privacy from prying eyes.

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