20 Best Free Beat Making Software For Windows & Mac

Those who want to create music as a passion or a career will find free beat making software a blessing. The price of high-end music creation software is prohibitive, and not everyone can afford it. Good free music maker software can help you follow your passion without breaking the bank. Fortunately, there is a lot of great free software that can be used to make beats. This software doesn’t cost a lot of money and doesn’t skimp on important features. We will also talk about some of the best free beat making software for Windows and Mac operating systems that are appropriate for beginners and more experienced music artists. Okay, let’s begin.

20 Best Free Beat Making Software For Windows & Mac

If you say you love music, check out our PC beat making app list to learn how to create high-quality music beats.

1. Cakewalk

It’s one of the oldest free beat making software. It’s been on the market for over 30 years. For music creation tools, the software offers a full package. Writing, recording, editing, mixing, and sharing is simple. The software has also won many awards for its unique but easy-to-use interface. You can easily learn how to use the software and the interface, even if you have a lot of experience in the field. You can have as many audio, MIDI, loop, instrument, and extra tracks in the project as you want with this software. It offers a huge list of tools you can use to create any song you want. In addition, the first software to offer a 64-bit mix engine is Cakewalk. The best thing about this software is that it’s free, so anyone who wants to create music can use it and quickly create anything they want. To use this software, you only need a PC with at least Windows 7, 4GB of RAM, 3GB of disk space, and a screen size of 1280×800.

2. Magix Music Maker

Magix Music Maker is one of the most well-known apps for making beats for your music. It is widely used around the world and is most suited for beginners. Magix Music Maker is what you need if you’re new to music creation but have a general understanding of beats and song creation. The main platform it works on is Windows, which has many useful and advanced features. Create stunning sound effects and beats today by downloading it. This beat maker for PC works well with a 521MB graphics card and a 2GB RAM card, and it can create different sound pool types. It also has a music lesson for beginners, a nice bonus. It’s among the best PC music creation software on the market.

3. FL Studio

Use the best beat music to improve your songs. You can make your music ideas into big hits with FL Studios. People of all ages highly regard it because it offers a great way to capitalize on your love of music. Without question, it is one of the most beautiful pieces of software you can use to enhance your song’s beats and sound effects. To learn more, people can look at the work of their ideas. This tool is great for making your music tracks, beats, tones, and tunes.

4. Ableton Live

Ableton Live is next on our free beat making software list for Windows. First, try it out for free and then upgrade to the paid version. If you want to use its paid features and offerings, you can download it from its official website. Using this music maker software is very easy, making your home PC feel like a music studio. What are you waiting for? Download it today to make amazing beat sounds.

5. orDrumbox

The drum box is a good pick for creating original music pieces because it has many advanced features and is designed. It has an easy-to-use interface, which makes it look like it will be simple to use. In addition to Windows or Mac OS, it works perfectly on Linux. OrdrumBOX helps you create music, edit music beat files, and save your finished creation. You can also share your files with OrdrumBox so others can listen to and rate your songs.OrdrumBOX is quickly gaining popularity among music fans due to its unique features, so you should take advantage of it.


LMMS can be a good pick if you’re looking for free but amazing beat making software for your PC. It is compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac OS systems. Even though LMMS’s image interface isn’t the best, its high-end features and functions more than makeup for it. While recording music and creating beats, you can also use its extensive collection of sample songs if necessary. You can download your finished creation in various forms, such as OGG, Wav, and others.

7. MuseScore

This is well-known and great free Beat Maker Software. Its incredible list of features makes it a top-notch tool for music fans. Two of its most unique offerings are its appealing and easy-to-use interface and all the learning tools a beginner needs. For those who enjoy music, MuseScore is a must-have because it offers an easy and practical way to create music beats. It lets you record and edit audio, and when you’re done, you can download it in any file you want, such as OGG, WAV, etc.

8. DrumFlow

Drumflow is the next piece of software on our list of the best beat maker apps. As its name implies, it is used to create music beat files and different rhythms. The only drawback of this fantastic tool is that it does not offer a high-end graphic user interface, but it still makes users happy with its simple UI and long list of features. It’s fully compatible with Mac OS and Windows systems and has been on the market for some time. You can capitalize on your love of music with the help of the tool.

9. HammerHead Rhythm Station

HammerHead can be a good pick if you’re looking for top-notch software that can assist you in creating music and has lots of features. Its thorough guide for creating good music tracks and beats can help those new to this field. This software is only for Windows users and helps you make great music beats. In general, you should try the software.

10. Garageband

You can create beautiful music beats, sounds, and beats with Garageband, a powerful beat maker tool. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is great, and it has some great features. Mac users are the only ones who can get the software. You can also use the thorough book that comes with it to learn how to play the guitar and piano. You can also use it to get rid of noise blackmail. You can also use it to change the volume of the bass and set equalizers as needed. Mac users should consider it as a good option overall.

11. Native Instruments Maschine MK2

Native Instruments is a great music maker software for the Mac operating system. It is a free tool that comes with an easy-to-follow training guide. It offers great features that can assist you in creating beautiful music pieces and has a large music library.

12. BTV Solo

As a music lover, you can use BTV Solo on its own. Create music beats, change the sound of current songs, and adjust specific music clips. Also, it has a lot of useful editing tools, mixes, drum kits, and built-in sound effects. Its clean and simple UI makes it easy to use. It works with both Mac and Windows.

13. Sonic Producer

Sonic Producer can be a good pick if you’re looking for straightforward beat making software. With a long list of features, it still has much more to offer than other well-known names. It is compatible with Mac and Windows OS and has videos guiding beginners.

14. Dr. Drum

Dr. Drum is a fine choice for beginners who want to polish their music creation skills without spending much money. Despite having a huge selection of features and offerings, it is a free beat making software for Mac and Windows. It is best suited for amateur musicians who want to learn the craft.

15. Splice Beat Maker

Splice Free Beat Maker software is necessary for anyone who wants to create and/or share sequenced beats using many well-known sounds and loops. Also, you can edit the original sounds of your favorite acts (like KRNE, KSHMR, and more) with the help of this top beat maker software with just a click. This online beat maker software is suggested for skilled music beat producers who are accustomed to using these types of tools.

16. Musink

Musink is the next free beat making software on our list that lets you make beats. With an easy-to-use notation generator, this tool, trusted by millions of musicians, enables you to create beautiful music easily. There are two versions of this software: Musink Lite and Musink Pro. Well, the paid version of Musink offers all the basic features and a few advanced ones, such as a template creator, repeat playing, and MIDI device recording.

17. AudioTool

AudioTool is the next best free beat making software. It’s fun to make music; this tool will help you do that. You can use it for both personal and business reasons. It offers numerous effects, filters, and more to enhance your creation. Additionally, you can share your creations on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

18. Apple Logic Pro

With Apple Logic Pro, we move on to the next name on this list of Mac’s best free beat maker software. Apple Logic Pro is the best option for Mac users who want a piece of software that can offer them both professional and extended functions. Apple Logic Pro’s interface is appealing and simple because it was made for Mac. Of course, it’s also easy enough for beginners to use, but only a little.

19. Serato Studio

Well, this list of the best free beat maker software continues with Serato Studio. One of the most advanced tools ever made is this amazing thing. This tool makes it easy to get results that look like a professional made them. The software is made for pros and people who love music. You can change the sound with this answer, such as the bass, treble, and other notes and settings.

20. Tracktion Waveform Free

Tracktion Waveform Free is the next piece of software on this list of the best free beat maker software for Windows. Well, even a beginner can create some amazing beats with the help of this professional tool. You can choose from the tool’s wide range of options and features. The software has a simple UI for advanced control over beat making dynamics.


The questions and answers below will help you find the best free beat making software for Windows and Mac.

How To Pick The Best Beat Making Software?

Now that technology has gotten better, there are a lot of free beat making software options. The features and drawbacks of these tools vary, though. So, to find the best free beat making software, look through the list above and choose the best option based on your requirements.

What’s The Best Free Beat Making Software To Make Beats?

Any of the above beat making software will work for you, depending on your comfort level and goal. Both beginners and expert users can use the best free beat making tools we’ve assembled.

What’s The Easiest Free Beat Making Software To Make Beats?

The above-mentioned free beat making software is easy for beginners to use. It’s easy to use all of these tools. Choose the software that best fits your skills and requirements by carefully reading the specs.

What Beat Making Software Do Rappers Use?

Young rap artists who want to make good music for their fans use beat making software. This makes even the hardest parts of making music much easier and faster. The most famous beat making software is on the list above. This guide has everything you need if you are a rapper looking for the best tools for your craft.

How Can Beginners Start Making Beats?

Any of the above Best Free Beat Making Software is easy for beginners to use to make beats. By your requirements and imagination, use these tools to create new beats as you please. You can easily create music using tools like Ableton Live and FL Studio.

How We Picked The Best Free Beat Making Software?

Many dynamics combine to make any tool one of the best free beat making software. First, we look at the beat making tool that offers the most features to users. The second thing is consistency. The best software is the one that offers the most features to you despite having a lot of features. The price of the tool and its ease of use were the last factors we took into account.

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This well-researched list of the best free beat making software for Mac and Windows will help you polish your music-making skills. Use one to record, edit, and save your work. This software provides a much-needed stage for passionate music fans. To make various beats and types of music compositions, compare the tools mentioned above and then choose the best-suited one. Also, please sign up for our newsletter to stay informed and up to date. Also, remember to follow us on social media. That’s all for now. We’ll be back soon with another tech blog to help you out. Create your beats in the interim.

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