How To Load Globe Prepaid WIFI Full Guideline

Globe Prepaid WIFI is a portable and lightweight 4G/LTE modem. It allows you to connect to the internet conveniently. Globe Prepaid WIFI offers you budget-friendly internet access at home. You can enjoy the internet with 2x faster wide coverage net speed. You don’t need to use any fixed-line connection to connect Globe Prepaid WIFI with the internet. Globe Prepaid WIFI lets you to subscribe internet packages or promos with fixed data allocation. You can also set the validation period for your promo. Globe Prepaid WIFI provides their customer with postpaid plans. That’s why it is very flexible and affordable. 

You can also say Globe Prepaid WIFI is an ordinary modem. Because it can handle multiple simultaneous connections. It provides high speed and coverage more than pocket wifi devices. It is the most popular and portable prepaid device. Because you can use it any time by plugging this device. You can use the Globe Prepaid WIFI device any time and any place within the house.

Different Methods To Load Globe Prepaid WIFI

There are many methods t subscribe to Globe Prepaid WIFI. All the methods are great and have the same result. But the procedure of all the methods is different. Choose the best method according to your need. 

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1. Globe At Home App

The first method to subscribe to Globe Prepaid WIFI is the Globe app. You need to install Globe At Home App from the app store. Don’t panic about the installation of the app and subscription. Just follow the below steps to activate Globe Prepaid WIFI.

Steps To Use Globe At Home App

2. Gcash

Steps To Use Gcash

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3. By Dialing *143#

The above two methods are very easy. But only be useful when you have an internet connection. If you don’t have an internet connection you can’t access the above methods. That’s why I give you another method. It can help you to buy Gloat at home prepaid WIFI offline. Just follow the below steps to load your promo.

Steps To Load With *143#

4. Share-A-Promo

Steps To Load With Share-A-Promo

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5. Autoload Max

Autoload is an amazing method for those who don’t want to do anything. You just need to go to Globe AutoloadMax shop.  Then follow the below steps.

Steps To Load With Autoload Max

How Many Devices Can Connect My Globe Prepaid WIFI?

You can use Globe At Home prepaid for surfing on the internet. It helps you to download and streaming videos. At a time, you can stream up to 5 simultaneous connections.

How To Check Prepaid WIFI Promo Remaining Internet Allocation?

The method of checking remaining data allocation or prepaid balance with the same procedure.

Steps To Check Prepaid WIFI Promo Remaining Data Allocation

After following these steps you can easily check your remaining data allocation.

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I hope you will understand what is Globe Prepaid WIFI. I provide you all the methods to load Globe Prepaid WIFI. By following these methods you can easily load Globe Prepaid WIFI. After loading Globe Prepaid WIFI you can easily stream on the internet. It gives you some extra knowledge about Globe Prepaid WIFI. You can easily check your remaining data allocation. I believe my article about Globe Prepaid WIFI is helpful for you and easy to understand. If you have any questions about this Globe Prepaid WIFI topic, please ask them in the comment section.


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