Easy Ways on How to Merge Videos on iPhone

Users of the iPhone may skip the need for additional video editing software by trimming clips directly in the Camera Roll. However, a video editing program is still required if you wish to combine many videos into one. The Apple App Store is stocked with a wide variety of video editing applications.

However, the excellent ones often cost money. The editing capabilities of Videoshop are superb. It’s a movie creator and video editor for Apple gadgets. You may use it to edit videos shot on your iOS smartphone, convert photographs to videos on your iOS device, and then upload the results to various social media sites. The goal of this tutorial is to teach you how to use the iPhone software Video Editor to combine many videos into a single file.

How to Merge Video Clips on iPhone Using Videoshop?

When it comes to editing videos, we prefer using Videoshop. It has a ton of features and functionalities and is quite simple to use. If you want to combine many movies into one, you may do it easily by adding them to the video editor from the main menu.

Then save them to your Camera roll and go on to the next stage. Video clips contributed to a single project may be exported and stored together without the need for further editing or configuration changes.

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How to Combine Videos on iPhone with the iMovie App?

How straightforward is it to merge two films using the iPhone’s iMovie app? The answer is yes. Assuming you already have Apple’s iMovie program installed on your computer, you can use it to merge films together and do other easy changes. The biggest benefit of iMovie is that it can be used on all of the most important iOS devices and computers.

The iMovie program is great for beginners who want to learn how to edit videos. Cropping, resizing, and rotation are just a few of the many editing options available. Aside from being able to record music and view videos, the iPhone also allows you to edit and mix footage.

Steps on How to Combine Videos on iPhone Using the iMovie App:

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How to Combine Videos on iPhone Using third-party Apps?

Third-party video editing programs are available if you’d rather edit your iPhone movies on a more professional level. You may find a number of video-merging applications for smartphones. Finding a good video merging software, however, might be difficult. How to merge videos on iPhone using Splice, VivaVideo, and FilmoraGo are detailed here.

Step-by-Step Process on How to Combine Videos on iPhone With the Splice App:

If you want to learn how to merge movies using the iPhone software Splice, just follow the instructions below.

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Easy Ways to Combine Videos on iPhone

1: Combine Videos on iPhone with FilmoraGo

Want to mix many iPhone videos into one? In that case, I recommend checking out FilmoraGo, an iOS app for editing videos. This app is surprisingly robust for how simple it is to use. You can effortlessly merge videos on your iPhone with the aid of this video editing app, and then spice them up with transition effects, music, text effects, and more! Let’s dive into the 3 easy steps for merging several movies into one using FilmoraGo.

2: How to Combine Videos on iPhone with iMovie App

You could have sometimes filmed some quick video with your high-powered iPhone. But there will inevitably be a time when you wish you could combine videos on your iPhone. In such a case, you may want to consider using iMovie. Learn how to merge videos on your iPhone by reading this detailed tutorial.

3: Merge Videos in iPhone with Videoshop

If you want to combine two iPhone films into one, Videoshop is the best program for the job. Video editing features include slicing, cropping, trimming, adjusting colors, adding soundtracks, speeding up or slowing down footage, and a whole lot more. Learn in detail how to combine videos on your iPhone by reading this article.

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