How to Send Voice Message on iphone Full Guideline

Sending and receiving audio messages with other iPhone users is possible through the Messages app. With the help of the iPhone’s built-in talk-to-text capability, it’s possible to send and receive audio messages without ever having to pick up the phone. 

What You Need To Know About Audio Text Messaging

  1. You talk into your phone and send a voice message to your loved ones. The experience is similar to making a long-distance phone conversation, but it’s much more intimate.
  2. I don’t know about you, but with the never-ending barrage of robocalls, I tend to disregard incoming calls more often than not.

Steps to Send a Voice Message on iphone?

  1. With a lot to say, texting might take a long time. And you never know what may be entered by accident using autocorrect. Using the Messages app, you may record a voice message and send it to the person you wish.
  2. Unless the receiver selects Keep, the audio messages you transmit will be deleted after a certain length of time. To send an audio message from your iPhone, follow these instructions:
  3. Start or continue a discussion in the Messages app.
  4. The Messages app may be opened on your iPhone’s home screen by tapping the app icon.
  5. The pen and paper symbol in the top right corner of Messages allows you to start a new discussion or open an existing one.
  6. In order to record your voice message, tap and hold the little microphone icon (or, if you are on iOS 13, the symbol that looks like a sequence of vertical lines) to the right of the iMessage text box and begin speaking.
  7. Let go of the recording button after you’re done with it. A play button fashioned like a right-facing triangle will appear next to the message, while an upwards facing arrow will be next to it as well.
  8. If you want to listen to what you’ve just recorded, just press the play button or touch the upward-facing arrow to do so.
  9. In addition, audio messages are automatically destroyed two minutes after the receiver has listened to them by default. Even if you’ve transmitted a media file, it may be saved by selecting Keep under the media file.
  10. Tap the X symbol to erase the recording.

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How to Play An Audio Message on Your iPhone

  1. To listen to a voicemail on your iPhone once you’ve accessed it, just follow the instructions listed below.
  2. Press the play button to begin the recording.
  3. You may save a recording by pressing the Keep button.
  4. After two minutes, if you haven’t chosen to save a message, it will be deleted.
  5. In the Messages app on your iPhone, you may now quickly send and receive audio or voice messages.
  6. The iPhone’s voice message expiry time may be changed.
  7. Choose “Never” instead of “After 2 Minutes” under “Audio Messages” in your Settings app, then go to the Expire page and press the “Never” option.
  8. Voice messages you send or receive will remain on your device indefinitely. Unless they’ve also modified their settings, the messages you send to others will still expire on their devices.

Sending a Voice Message Has Many Advantages

  1. When you think about the development of the cell phone, it’s a little strange. Our preference for text messaging over video and voice conversations shifted from smaller phones to bigger screens.  
  2. Many times, I’ve texted someone and said, “I can’t explain this in text, so I’ll have to phone you.” This is when a voice message comes into play. iPhone owners may now take use of iOS 8’s new features.
  3. It longer need dialling a phone number in order to instantly record and send a voicemail
  4. A voice message may be used to finish an iMessage discussion without having to make a phone call, or to communicate a message whose meaning is lost in text. Tap and hold the microphone button to record your message, and then slide up to transmit it, in the Messages app.
  5. A voice message may be used in a variety of ways, from wishing someone happy birthday to sharing a short clip of your new guitar lick. As an added bonus, the Messages app now allows users to create and transmit movies and photographs, as well as see all of the attachments they’ve shared.
  6. If you’re not careful, you may easily leave a drunk recording that you’ll regret in the morning using voice messages.

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Cons of Sending voice Messages

  1. There are a few drawbacks to utilising Messages to record your audio message, such as the following.
  2. If you have an iPhone, you can’t use the Messages app to send audio messages to Android devices.
  3. Messages may be kept indefinitely by the receiver by selecting Keep or disabling expiry in Settings > Messages.
  4. If you don’t want your audio message to expire or your receiver doesn’t have an iPhone, try sending it using Voice Memos.

Is it Acceptable to Make Phone Calls?

When used correctly, voice messaging, or sending someone a recording of your voice instead of a conventional text message, may be useful. However, if used incorrectly or excessively, it can be immensely unpleasant and invasive.

Methods of Sending Voice Message on iphone

1:  Method

Touch and hold the microphone icon in the text box to begin speaking. Open the Messages app on your iPhone and choose the conversation to which you want to send a voice message.

2: Method 

As well as iMessage, you can use the built-in Audio Memo app to record and send voice messages. Open the voice memo app on your iPhone if you wish to send an audio message to an Android user.

3: Method

Your iPhone has a voice-messaging feature that lets you communicate with your friends and family without having to read the text on the screen. This approach is one of our favourites since it allows you to route voicemail in a variety of ways. Like sending an audio file, an SMS, or an e-mail, you may also send a voicemail from your iPhone using the same method

4: Method 

Sending an audio message on your iPhone is as easy as touching a button when you send text messages. There are a few steps you can take to get started with audio messages, whether you have an iPhone or an Android.

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