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JustDubs is a well-known resource for finding English-dubbed anime and manga on the internet. All kinds of anime and animated stuff may be found on this site. Watching anime in English on JustDubs is completely free.

Are you a fan of anime and animation who is seeking high-quality entertainment online? JustDubs is a streaming service like any other when it comes to offering anime. Anime and movies may be seen for free on this website.

However, many people can no longer access their information as a result of government boycotts and geographical limitations. Many JustDubs alternatives exist because of these flaws, allowing you to easily access all of your favourite anime material in a matter of minutes.

We’ve listed all the best JustDubs alternatives in this post so that you may have an outstanding dubbed Anime viewing experience!

About JustDubs

If you’re interested in watching free online English-dubbed anime and movies, go no farther than, which is a reputable resource. The server’s IP address is, and a secure connection certificate is in place between the visitor and the website.

We ran a virus and spam check on the website and found nothing. Visits from all around the globe come to just dub tv every day, and the site receives 25K unique visitors each month. According to our financial research, this website has an expected daily revenue of $4, a weekly revenue of $16 and a monthly revenue of $114. The domain’s purchase price is $746; if you’re interested, submit an offer. Due to its worth ranging from $518 to $973, the website

30 Best JustDubs Alternatives To Watch Anime Online

Here are a few things to consider: Alternatives to Justdubs

1: GoGoAnime

Gogoanime is your best bet if you’re looking for a site like Justdubs. You’ve made a fantastic choice because of its user-friendly design, which everyone can understand.

Since its inception, this website has provided anime lovers in China, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan with high-quality, cross-culturally relevant information. There are several classes to choose from that are easy to use. You may watch anime cartoons in a variety of genres, including fantasy, drama, children’s, action, romance, and mystery.

Recently Added, Watch List, New Seasons and more can all be found on this anime website. Furthermore, you may download their excellent anime material in a matter of minutes.

It’s far better to use GoGoAnime than JustDubs since you can get any of your favourite shows in full HD resolution. In addition, you won’t have any trouble finding English subtitles. This open-source anime streaming service is always up to date with the most current material since it receives many of the most recently published anime episodes first. You may even get in touch with the Gogoanime staff if you need anything.

2: Cartoon Crazy

It is one of the most effective Justdubs alternatives. Cartoon Crazy, on the other hand, is a wonderful website for online extroverts; not only does it give a good chat room for people all over the globe to communicate and express their thoughts, but it also provides a fantastic streaming service. Isn’t this a wonderful option for those who like discussing their favourite anime?

3: Animeland

Another JustDubs option allows customers to watch anime in high-quality HD. One disadvantage of Animeland is how it appears to users that utilise the interface. It offers a user interface that is similar to Windows 98. It’s not very attractive, but it gets the job done.

4: AnimeUltima

If you want to chat about the most recent sites with exceptional site quality, content, and interface, AnimeUltima is your best option. Its extensive library of programming includes Pokemon, Digimon, and Beyblade, all dubbed to the latest episodes and available in high-definition streaming.

In certain places, it has somewhat modified its domains and loads through redirection; nonetheless, once set up, it just rolls. Do not be concerned about adverts during your streaming; they will simply not appear if you have turned off your browser cookies.

You may signup and debate theories about your favourite episodes on AnimeUltima’s community forum. After careful monitoring, you may also participate as a content provider to their site. On this site, some individuals even contribute manga scanlations. The site’s search tools are commendable, and once you’re hooked, you won’t be able to leave without consuming its massive material collection.

5: Anime Land

Anime Land is a fantastic alternative to JustDubs, with premium features and a good web layout, and it has its own list of regular visitors in addition to the jumping ones. It features an integrated media player that was created just for the site and provides its users with high-quality videos. Furthermore, site compatibility for both laptops and handheld devices is outstanding.

You may be sceptical of the content collection, yet its material can even compete with JustDubs. The site provides a wealth of features, including a Google-customized search box and material that is precisely split into categories. This helps people understand the kind of material available on the site.

The site’s quality is outstanding, as are its good quality streaming facilities.

Anime Land also offers 4k quality material and 1080p episodes for several of its programmes. This functionality is uncommon on other sites on comparable platforms.

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6: Anime-Planet

The website is a world of the most recent and old anime stuff. Simply go to their website and make a list of the anime series you want to watch. Following that, you may download or view it in high definition straight from their website. The site’s redesigned format is simply cutting-edge and packed with useful features.

To everyone’s astonishment, the anime industry has come out in favour of this site and even given streaming rights to the majority of its material. It includes a unique pop-up function that appears anytime your cursor is over an anime series. When you move the mouse over the episode, you will get a brief synopsis that will pique your interest.

There are also ratings and genres stated. After that, when you click on the episode of your choosing, you will be sent immediately to the chapter and season list, where you may play the episode of your choice.

You can also add your item to Anime-wish Planet’s list and view it later. For example, it functions similarly to a playlist of all your favourite anime series and episodes, and the list is kept after you sign up and make an account on their website.

7: Anime Show

Anime Show TV is a website with a user-friendly layout, free anime material, a simple structure, an excellent and up-to-date anime library, and much more. The strange thing about this website is that it has conversation areas in which anybody may contribute.

The site is organised into areas such as trending, least popular, and most-watched. This allows you to quickly choose what you want to view. The only disadvantage is that you will eventually be interrupted by adverts that might or might not be hidden. It is the greatest Justdubs substitute.

8: Sidereel

SideReel is a JustDubs alternative for finding your favourite animated entertainment, such as TV episodes, series, or even movies. It contains a profusion of notable motion films and animation stuff. In comparison to JustDubs, Sidereel is the most popular and consequently the most preferable site for alternatives. This website isn’t only about anime; it also includes films, kids’ programmes, and performances from all genres.

Even if you won’t find anything new on this site, you may enjoy viewing older Anime video. This site has been designed so that you can simply locate all kinds of excellent material. To get the proper anime result, first touch on the desired kind, then click on the video or input the name of the anime series video directly into the top search box.

Then you may easily find your optimal results. It has even been dubbed the most lavish collection of anime recordings available on any anime website. The site itself is well-liked for its ease of use, so you don’t have to worry about locating the greatest anime series.

9: GoGoAnime

I was anticipating this anime website to make the list since it allows you to change the quality of the video to whatever you like. Furthermore, an Anime website such as JustDubs or GoGoAnime provides you with the most recent and updated series as well as movies to watch for free.

The title of the website could not be more appropriate for the services it offers. To improve your experience, GoGoAnime includes a section where all of the accessible Anime material is organised alphabetically. This application also allows you to save movies for later use. It’s OK if you just use the internet for a short while.


Anime enthusiasts express their delight while watching anime. Anime viewing has expanded around the globe. It originated in Japan and later spread around the world. However, the Japanese anime vibes have affected so many people that it has become an important part of their identity.

KissAnime is one of numerous prominent websites for watching anime. It also offers backup sites in case the main site goes down. Among the JustDubs

The alternatives mentioned below might let you continue watching your favourite anime episode. If you’re looking for a list of KissAnime choices to watch anime online, you’ve come to the right spot.

In this little piece, we will cover everything KissAnime and several great JustDubs alternatives. Remember that if KissAnime is unavailable, you may still watch anime on the websites listed below.

11: Masterani

Masterani is a simple but effective anime movie and series programme that stands out from the pack. This alternative of JustDubs was created with the idea that the listener is from another country in mind. As a result, every video on this site is dubbed in English.

Masterani offers more Anime content than you can handle, and you can watch it from anywhere in the globe. You may use numerous filters to clean up the movies or series, much like other JustDubs competitors.

12: Anime Karma

Anime Karma, another service similar to JustDubs, provides a plethora of content that you may view on your PC or mobile device. The site features Anime content ranging from the most popular to the most recently shown.

From category to premiere year, this website makes it very simple to find your favourite programmes. You may watch anything here without putting any effort, since it is a wonderful blend of American cartoons and the Anime world. All you need now is a bucket of your favourite munchies, and you’re ready to party.

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13: AnimeLand

AnimeLand, like the other JustDubs alternatives, needs no introduction since it is very popular among anime enthusiasts. One of the closest alternatives to JustDubs is that it allows you to download and view the content without even registering. Some of the top JustDubs alternatives allow you to see anything without registering. provides you programmes, series, or movies dubbed in English to help us understand the plot better with stunning visuals. This website, like JustDubs, is also free to use, making it one of the finest on the list.

14: DubbedAnime

Another excellent JustDubs substitute for watching anime online. Viewing the best-dubbed Anime is like to enjoying a well-done steak; others will pity you because of your taste. For those who are unaware, there is an age-old controversy about the viewing of anime. Many anime enthusiasts see subtitled Anime as the sole appropriate form of debate.

For those who do not speak Japanese, these models display Japanese audio with English subtitles. Nonetheless, a wide range of popular animes are accessible with English subtitles. To call their original product, English voice actors are used. A sizable portion of the anime audience is unconcerned with titled editions. It all boils down to desire in the end.

Anime with the greatest translations has just as much to offer as its Japanese JustDubs alternatives. The audience should be concerned with their own choice of type, without supporting the fury of devoted anime fans. There is no one optimal method to watch anime. The qualities that make up a great anime are not language-specific.

15: MyAnimeList

MyAnimeList contains a good selection of anime series with all episodes. It provides in-depth information on each anime, such as the Characters and Voice Actors in every given anime. It also has a neighbourhood where you can go through a lot of anime postings and discuss various anime topics on their forums. It features an anime section as well as a manga section, so you may enjoy both.

16: Animeseason

This is one of the greatest JustDubs options for streaming anime online. Anime Season offers you access to all of the anime seasons. You may sort the list of animes into categories like activity, journey, hilarious, drama, history, and so on. This website also offers you access to its anime checklist, where you may search for anime alphabetically.

17: Funimation

The greatest way to appreciate English, also known as anime, is via the medium of funimation. You can watch anime in really high resolution, so you may as well do it to the fullest. Consider other options in addition to AniMixPlay.

18: Anime Kaizoku

Anime kaizoku is a website where you can get anime for free. If you want to download and install a certain anime, you may use its search box; otherwise, browsing throughout its categories is a preferable option. Every anime download page contains all of the information on the anime, as well as a brief but appropriate overview. It is one of the greatest alternatives to JustDubs.

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19: OtakuStream

OtakuStream is one of the greatest JustDubs alternatives for free anime streaming; it provides the most recently released anime, which is organised into sections. It contains a function called Light/Dark, which you may adjust depending on the time of day and night.

OtakuStream offers the greatest layout and user experience; there are no adverts on its front page, and users may join up using Facebook and Twitter. It also has a search box where you can look for your favourite anime. Finally, due of its superb UI and UX, this site has over 15 million monthly visitors from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany.

20: AnimeFLV

AnimeFLV is a household name in the anime world; some even call it the “Father of Anime,” however it is not available in English. However, if you speak Spanish, it may be the greatest choice for watching Anime Heroes online. The user design and experience are excellent; it includes a list of anime on the left sidebar. You may also look for your favourite Anime Heroes here.


How could you overlook a name like On this website, you may look for a single movie, movie, or translated anime series. The diversity of information on this site makes it one of the viewers’ favourites.

The website features a function that detects your internet connection speed and automatically optimises the video quality for flawless viewing. Alternatively, you may change the quality yourself. Sign up on the website if you wish to download the videos.

22: Hulu

Hulu, one of the most popular streaming services in the world, is also one of the best locations to watch anime episodes and movies. Hulu is most known for its TV shows, movies, and Originals, but it also has a significant anime library.

On this website, you may watch anime series such as One Piece, Dragon Ball Super, Assassination Class, My Hero Academia, and Attack on Titan. The vast majority of anime shows are translated in English. Anime films in this area, on the other hand, are more likely to be subtitled. Among them are Akira, K Lost Kings, Afro Warrior Rebirth, and Fairy Tail the Movie.

Hulu’s watching experience, as one would expect, beats that of the other anime websites on the list. Hulu has a variety of video quality choices, including 720p, fhd, 4K High Definition, and 60 frames per second HD.

Hulu is not really a free website, but new users may try it out for 30 days if they sign up for a trial. It’s also accessible as a Google Play and App Store app.

23: AniWatcher

AniWatcher has a large collection of your favourite anime series and is also a great free anime streaming site. They often update their webpage with new subtitled and dubbed anime.

Its UI is simple and easy to use for novice users; a display ad may be found on the right sidebar. Also, an optimised header with certain categories, since you may view it without joining up, like with other free anime streaming services.

AniWatcher has around 800,000 monthly visits, with the majority of users coming from the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom. This site is very new, yet it is quickly gaining popular among anime fans.

24: Animestory 

Animestory features one of the most comprehensive collections of dubbed anime. No need to register or pay to access the information. Everything on this website is free.

The website has organised the information into categories, as well as the search results are presented in an easy-to-understand fashion, making it suitable for everyone. It also gives you the option to save the videos.

25: Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a popular anime website that offers comparable possibilities as Dubs. The navigation is simple, and the design is appealing to all users. You may also choose the video’s quality. The library comprises around 25,000 volumes, which are updated on a monthly basis.

The built-in video player provides high-quality streaming. The videos are also available for download.

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26: AsianCrush

Another excellent JustDubs substitute for watching anime online. AsianCrush is not a stand-alone anime website. The streaming service offers a diverse selection of Asian films and television series. Anime is one of these genres, with hundreds of titles available. It is not essential to register to use the website. However, in order to read some of the information, you must be registered and logged in. AsianCrush provides a premium membership that enables full access to the service.

Regardless, the website provides a pleasant user experience but is not the simplest to navigate. Because there are no anime categories, you must depend on the search box to reduce your possibilities.

27: NaurtoGet

Another excellent JustDubs substitute for watching anime online. NarutoGet, as the name indicates, is an anime website geared for Naruto fans. It is one of the most popular destinations for Naruto fans. The website features Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, and Information . information series, as well as Naruto films and manga. Naruto-themed fonts are also downloadable.

You may view all Naruto Shippuden and Boruto videos here, both subtitles and dubbed. The playback is smooth, and you may choose from a number of video sources. Each video player has download links, which enable you to save them for later viewing. NarutoGet provides normal HD, HD, and Full HD video quality choices.

28: CONtv

Another excellent JustDubs substitute for watching anime online. If you like comic books, there’s little doubt you’ll adore CONtv. This streaming service is devoted to members of a Comic-Con community, providing them with unique content and access to conventions throughout the country.

CONtv’s video library has a diverse selection. There are films and television shows in several genres, such as horror, paranormal, action, and horror. More significantly, the website offers a wealth of anime for free viewing.

Aside from this, CONtv offers consumers access to behind-the-scenes film, interviews, chats, reviews, and other Comic-Con material. It comes both in free and paid editions.

29: AnimeHeaven

There is no question that this is utopia for all otakus. It features an infinite collection of dubbed and subtitled anime. If there is a popular anime video or movie, you will find it on AnimeHeaven. Its large HD collection is available from any device, including a PC, tablet, smartphone, or laptop. All you have to do is lay down and watch your favourite anime with some popcorn.

30: Fire Anime

Another of the best JustDubs options for streaming anime online. Although Fire Anime is not a standalone streaming site like the others on our list, it does aggregate excellent links from anime websites all over the Internet. Fire Anime’s key categories include Additional Anime, Top Anime, Latest Subbed Anime, Newest Seasons, All Anime, and Settings. If you have a streaming gadget like the Amazon Firestick, you’ll enjoy Fire Anime!


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