13 Best Manga Reading Apps For Android And iOS

Manga readers stand out because they get their enjoyment through reading at a time when almost everyone relies on technology for entertainment. Manga readers enjoy reading as a form of entertainment. For people who don’t know yet, Manga readers have groups and fan clubs that help make the series more popular and fun. Manga has drawn the attention of various groups and has stories that appeal to people of all ages. We will discuss Manga in this piece and why it is so popular. We will also discuss the difference between Manga and Anime, two words frequently used interchangeably. Here, the best Manga reading apps for Android and iOS will be discussed in the final section.

What Is Manga?

A type of Japanese cartoon and graphic novel is known as a manga, a common word. They are available in various styles, so people of all ages and classes enjoy them. For hundreds of years, artists have drawn these well-known books, known for their complex stories and characters. “Manga” usually refers to a Japanese cartoon or comic book, and more specifically, to art made by a Japanese mangaka, who is a cartoonist. Mangas are frequently published serially or in parts because the publisher wants the Manga reader to keep reading and come back for the next chapter of the story.

Typically, at most 40 pages, Manga is frequently published in magazines. Most comic books have between 150 and 200 pages. Also, A graphic novel can range from a few hundred to several thousand pages. Manga gives a full story to readers with a beginning, middle, and end, in contrast to traditional comics and comic books. The standard Japanese language flow, which requires reading from top to bottom and right to left, is usually maintained in Manga, regardless of length. Due to the requirement to start at the end of the book, this app reads backward to an English reader.

All age groups find Manga to be extremely popular. There are many Mangas out there, and one of them is called the Shonen Jump. The main website for its weekly magazine gets 2.4 million page views and 880,000 new people every month. Jump SQ is the title of another Manga. Between the ages of 25 and 29, 30.2% of readers are in that age range. The next four largest groups are: 20–24, 25.2%, 15–19, and 30-34. 67.5% of readers are guys, and 32.5% are women.

For two Manga magazines, these are the statistics. Mangas are available in thousands, and millions of people read them every week. There are millions upon millions of Manga readers worldwide, as seen from this fact. The success of Manga and the rise in Manga readers can be attributed to four main factors, according to the statistics. We’ll talk about these four reasons below.

Fantastic Drawings

Mangas are best known for their detailed and appealing drawings. The most attention-seeking factor for most Manga readers has been the beautiful drawings. It would be best if you also took note that Manga authors employ a lot of techniques to ensure that their images capture readers’ attention.

Excellent Plot

The excellent stories of different Mangas are the second most notable thing that draws readers’ attention. The various feelings that the story conveys to its readers are what make Mangas so popular. Some Mangas are funny and happy, and Mangas that are sad and break your heart. Some stories are hard to guess in these Mangas, which keeps Manga readers on edge.

Cute & Appealing Characters

The characters in a story are very important because they hold the story together. As well as the protagonist and the enemy, the story comprises other, less important characters. Making apps attractive and cute characters is emphasized by manga artists a lot. Manga readers love these characters because they look good and have nice traits.

Intellectual & Educational Content

You should note that the stories told through Mangas always have good morals, even though many people may think they are just for entertainment. Most Mangas have intellectual and educational content, which aids in educating Manga readers.

What Is The Difference Between Manga And Anime?

Anime is the name of a type of animation that comes from Japan. High contrast, bright colors, and themes from science fiction and fantasy make it unique. Manga is a style of Japanese comic books and graphic novels. It has the same bright colors and over-the-top facial features as anime. There are important ideas and cultural debates in Japan that center around Manga and Anime. These fields are not the same. Manga could be viewed as Japanese comic books, whereas anime covers the entire range of Japanese animation.

They have come to be linked with a unique Japanese modern style and visual culture in the views of many writers, cultural experts, and critics worldwide. To put it simply, manga are comic books or graphic novels, whereas anime are TV shows or movies. Many Mangas serve as an influence for anime, and both have unique visual aesthetics. Even so, not all anime series are based on Manga, and most comics are never made into animated shows. Since you’ve read so much about Manga, start reading them yourself. Here the best Manga reading apps for Android and iOS users are listed below if you want to become a Manga reader.

13 Best Manga Reading Apps For Android And iOS

1. Book Walker

It’s not a book-reading app, even though the name makes it sound like that. It’s just for manga and light novels. Light novel readers can now read them in this app alongside manga. They have a collection of more than 30,000 English light novels and comics from many publishers, such as Yen Press, Kodansha Comics, Seven Seas Entertainment, J-Novel Club, and KADOKAWA.

2. Crunchyroll Manga

Crunchyroll Manga is already known as the first site to watch Asian and anime shows. Because it has a Manga app for phones, it is about to become the biggest digital platform for Manga. This Manga app gives users unrestricted access to the trendiest new Japanese manga. As soon as they hit Japanese newsstands, Crunchyroll Manga readers can get the newest issues of popular manga series like Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, and Space Brothers. As soon as a new Manga is published in Japan, Premium users can access it. They also offer full mobile support for iOS and Android, as well as “Koma-View,” which lets you see the most apps on each screen. The entire series collection is available to Premium users at any time, and they have endless reading access.

3. Manga Zone

Manga Zone is next on our list of the best manga reading apps for iPhone and Android. Anyone who likes reading manga on their phone needs to have this app. With more than 15,000 titles, Manga Zone has a lot for you to read. You won’t have to look far to find a translated copy for your reading because all of the titles on Manga Zone are available in English. This is a great comic app for iPhone and Android as a whole.

4. Manga Dogs

People who talk about the best manga reading apps for iOS and Android should include Manga Dogs, which is very easy to use. A huge library of thousands of mangas from more than 20 sources is one of the biggest highlights of this app. So, I’m sure it has something for all your reading tastes. You should have no trouble finding manga that fits your tastes since the app tracks what you like and suggests similar books.

5. VIZ Manga

The digital library at VIZ Manga is the biggest and has all your favorite series, like Jujutsu Kaisen, Naruto, Death Note, Dragon Ball, and more. This app has a lot of different types of music. With VIZ Manga’s powerful Manga reader, you can watch your favorite series from anywhere. You can also enjoy beautiful two-page spreads when the book is in landscape mode. You can pick up where you left off with this app; it also has light and dark modes and lets you download content to read when you’re not online. A new series can be started, or an old favorite can be added to your collection. You can read free samples of paid books on this app before you buy them. New chapters and series are always being added to the VIZ Manga app. The best part is that you can get the app on Android and iOS phones.

6. WebComics

WebComics is a well-known webtoon site for people who like comic books and Manga. For comic book fans worldwide, it provides a selection of the newest and trendiest manga and webtoon series. There are a lot of paid webtoons and manga on WebComics, so you can find the best Manga series whether you like manga, comics, manhwa, or anime. This app has a comprehensive collection of the most popular webtoons, including the newest American comics, Japanese Manga, Korean comics, Chinese manhwa, and more. Like Webtoons and Mangago, they have an online comics service. Through the Android and/or iOS apps, you can enjoy reading webcomics.

7. Comixology

Comixology is a cloud-based digital comic book store selling over 75,000 comics from DC, Marvel, Image, BOOM, IDW, and other well-known publishers. You can read comics on Comixology on several devices, such as iOS and Android apps, the Amazon Kindle, and PC web computers. Over 75 publishers, such as Lion Forge, Dark Horse, Oni Press, Dynamite, and Valiant, as well as independent writers and cartoonists, have assembled the platform’s collection of tens of thousands of Mangas, including hundreds of free comics. Many digital novels come out on the same day as their print versions. You can also use Comixology’s options to find new books by author, topic, publisher, review, story arc, and other criteria. Even more detailed titles or acts can be found using the search tool.


If you want to share your joy about manga heroes’ amazing accomplishments with other Manga readers from all over the world, MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA is the best place to do it. Some of the best Manga ever, like Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Bleach, and more, are published by them. Every day, just as they are published in Japan, the newest chapters of the best Manga are free. With this app, you can read various interesting comic series for free from anywhere in the world in English and Spanish. The app works on devices that are running both Android and iOS.

9. MangaToon

MangaToon is a free app that lets you look through manga, manhua, and comic books. The comics in this app are all very brightly drawn. Action, Romance, Boys’ Love, Comedy, Horror, and other types of comics are added daily. There are a lot of HD comics to choose from, and they are often updated for Android and iOS. You can now read several Korean comics on Mangatoon. Mangatoon also publishes new comics every week. If you follow your favorite comics, you’ll never miss a new issue. MangaToon has both free and paid comics. Most of the comics are free. You can also download your favorite comics to read when you’re not online.

10. Shonen Jump Manga and Comics

Manga and comics from Shonen Jump give you access to the whole world of Manga. For the best collection of all the best Manga in one app, get this one. It’s full of new content, too. There are a lot of Mangas here, such as One Piece, Chainsaw Man, Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia, and many more. Also, you can get the app on Android and iOS and find them all. You can also find Light de Manga in many other Manga series featuring all your favorite authors. For free, you can read all the new chapters of your favorite Manga. For as little as $1.99 a month, you can access the digital vault of more than 15,000 comics chapters. You can read a lot of different series so that you will stay energized.

11. Tachiyomi

Well, one of the best manga reading apps for Android is Tachiyomi. It is an open-source and free Manga reader that you can put on your phone. You can’t find manga to read in the app itself, but you can add manga sources, and the app will order them for you so you can read any comic you want whenever you want. It works with sites like Bangumi, MyAnimeList, AniList, Kitsu, and Shikimori.

12. INKR Comics

INKR Comics was created by the same people who made Manga Rock, a popular app for collecting manga scanlations. Well, the team, which was announced in April 2020, wants to help comic book writers and publishers. The app’s money is split between content authors and publishers so that this can happen. Also, you can access a variety of comics, including action, romance, comedy, horror, drama, sci-fi, Isekai, slice of life, and more, with this app. You will find content that you are likely to love when you use the custom suggestions system with it. The app also automatically syncs your info and reading progress between devices if you have more than one.

13. Mangamo

When you search for the best manga reading apps on your phone or tablet, you’ll find many that offer manga without permission. That’s wrong; if you want to read manga properly and ensure the writers get paid what they’re owed, check out Mangamo. It has a good collection of titles for viewing and is one of the best manga reading apps you can find. There are a lot of popular comics titles on the app, like Attack on Titan.

Consider The Following:


Manga has a lot more types of characters and stories than Western cartoons. In addition to being used in work or school, they deal with creativity. In addition to being a way to escape reality, manga is also a way to think about reality. If you like reading wonderful stories with beautiful pictures, manga is a must-read. Don’t wait to get your hands on these creative gems.

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