ML10 TNT Mobile Legends Promo Details

ML10 is the best and affordable promo. That is offered by TNT (Talk N Text). It is specially created for Mobile Legend game apps. If you are of game lover. Who wants to play the game as much as he wants. And wants to enjoy the amazing games in their free time. Then, this promo is definitely for you. Because it can provide you 1GB of mobile data for games. It means you can play or enjoy your favorite game at any time. But if you worry about your budget. And don’t want to spend too much cost on internet promos for games. Then must be not worried. ML10 provide you 1GB in just 10 Pesos. It’s not complete yet. TNT wants to give their customers satisfaction as much they can. That’s why they give their customer a budget-friendly promo for 3 days.

That means you can enjoy ML10 promo data for 3 days. You can use 1GB of data in 72 hours. It is really the best promo for game lovers. The game plays any online game at any time in 72 hours. That’s can gives them a lot of fun and enjoyment. Play Legends game anytime anyplace with your friends and loved ones. There is no limit to your enjoyment. Enjoy games and talk with your friends on the game app. Or also play team-up online matches with your friends. There is no need to go to your friend’s house to play games with them. Just ask him to come online and play with them. Because ML10 TNT promo is the best Legends game promo. That can give you every type of satisfaction and enjoyment. So, be happy and enjoy games with your friends. Now, let’s start talking about the ML10 promo in brief.

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ML10 TNT Mobile Legends Promo Details

How To Subscribe To ML10 TNT?

1. Register Via SMS

The first and the easiest method to register for ML10 TNT is sending SMS to 4545. You just need to send the ‘ML10’ keyword to 4545. After some time you will receive a confirmation message from TNT. That can assure you successfully subscribe ML10 TNT promo.

2. Register Via *123#

The first method is the best and easiest way to subscribe to the ML10 TNT promo. But if you face an issue registering for the ML10 TNT promo. Then you can use this method. Just follow the below steps to subscribe for ML10 TNT via *123#.

Steps To Subscribe ML10 TNT Via *123#

After some time you can receive a confirmation message. You can now use ML10 TNT to play the Mobile Legends games. 

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3. Register Via Gigalife App

Here is the point, you need to make sure your TNT mobile number is linked with Gigalife. Because of updates of July 2021. Without registering your TNT mobile number to the Gigalife app you can’t subscribe to any promo. One more thing, ML10 promo is only available for postpaid subscribers. It is not available for Smart Prepaid Subscribers.

ML10 TNT Requirements

ML10 TNT Balance Inquiry

If you want to check your ML10 TNT balance. Then you need to type BAL in SMS. And send it to 214 number. 

How To Activate Your TNT Mobile Internet?

List Of TNT Mobile Legend Promos

Promo No. 1

Name: SurfSaya ML 20


How To Register For SurfSaya ML 20?

Cost: 20

Validity: 2 Days

Promo No. 2

Name: SurfSaya ML 30


How To Register For SurfSaya ML 30?

Cost: 30

Validity: 3 Days

Promo No. 3

Name: SurfSaya ML 99


How To Register For SurfSaya ML 99?

Cost: 99

Validity: 7 Days

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Promo No. 4

Name: SurfSaya ML 199


How To Register For SurfSaya ML199?

Cost: 199

Validity: 30 Days

Promo No. 5

Name: SurfSaya FB+ML 30


How To Register For SurfSaya FB+ML 30?

Cost: 30

Validity: 2 Days


I hope you will understand what is ML10 TNT promo is. I provide you all possible methods for register ML10 TNT. By following the above method you can easily load ML10 TNT. And also I provide you a list of other TNT promos. That you can use for Mobile Legend games. I believe my article about ML10 TNT is helpful for you and easy to understand. If you have any questions about this ML10 TNT topic, please ask them in the comment section.


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