Best Open Source Task Management Software

Each member of the team needs to put forth effort if the task is to be finished effectively and efficiently in a timely manner. Project managers and leaders must invest a lot of effort to ensure that everything runs well. So, here we will show you some best open source task management.
One person’s mistake or misunderstanding can have a devastating effect on the productivity, efficiency, and morale of an entire team, not to mention the reputation and standing of the firm as a whole.
If you use a project management tool, you can lessen the likelihood of these problems occurring and increase the likelihood that your project will be completed efficiently and on time.

So, let’s talk about what these methods are and how you might benefit from them.

What is Project Management Software?

Software designed specifically for managing projects is called project management software. Budget and cost management, documentation, quality management, and administrative tasks can also be handled by project managers, users, and stakeholders with this software.

The goal of any project management tool is to improve your team’s productivity and ensure that your projects are completed on time and successfully. Aspects of most project management programs include the following:

2. Why do you need project management software?

Multi-project, large-team organizations may run into delays in finishing their work. You have several tasks that need to be completed, from brainstorming to developing a plan to implementing that approach to finally delivering the final product. Each step must be completed successfully if you want to keep your customers happy and grow your business.

It takes a lot of time, effort, and resources to complete any task by hand. You could risk missing your deadlines or compromising quality if your project isn’t managed well.

Effective project management is made easier with the help of software. By optimizing each phase, projects can be completed on time without compromising on quality. Customer loyalty, trust, and a positive brand reputation are all bolstered by this strategy.

Some benefits of using a tool for project management include the following:

Streamlines workflow

Through the use of a project management solution, you may improve efficiency all the way through a project’s life cycle. It will save you the trouble of doing time-consuming, repetitive tasks manually. Instead, it can streamline a variety of processes through automation.

You may delegate tasks with ease, plan out your time effectively, keep tabs on how things are progressing, use features from other tools you already use, and take advantage of any new ones that come your way to complete projects faster and better than ever before.

Centralizes all information in the tool

When a project’s actual execution begins, miscommunication and poor management are more likely to occur. Because of this, workers may experience feelings of being unable to cope with the project’s workload and documentation, and the project’s goals may seem extremely far off.

However, if the team uses an efficient project management solution with a unified dashboard, everyone can easily share information and work together. You can get a lot of work done without any distractions, misunderstandings, or burnout on your team’s part.

Promotes smooth communication flow

Inefficiency on a project could be the result of poor communication. In the middle of a project, nobody wants to deal with rumors or arguments (or at any time either). Email is inconvenient since it takes time to send and receive messages, and you might not get a response when you need one immediately.

Team members can make instantaneous comments on the project, have constructive debates, and provide speedy feedback using a project management application without worrying about the privacy of their personal information being compromised.

Enhances team transparency

Keeping everyone on the team in the loop builds trust and sets the road for better communication and teamwork. Lack of transparency regarding tasks, methods, and progress leads to confusion and extra expenses related to monitoring each stage of the process.

Having a project management tool at your disposal will allow you to be more open and honest about the project’s progress and procedures, keeping all of the project’s stakeholders in the loop. Because of this, they will be better able to plan forward and execute on their next steps.

Increases cost-efficiency

Manual and repetitive tasks are not only inefficient but also expensive and time-consuming to do. You may save both time and money by using a unified platform for all of your planning, management, and interaction needs.

Benefits of self-hosted project management tools

You may find a wide variety of solutions for project management software if you take the time to look. Incorporate factors such as team size, budget, and other requirements into the creation of a shortlist of potential software solutions. Here, you have the option of using either a self-hosted system or a software as a service platform to handle your projects.

The former has the advantage that you can make changes and redistribute the code as you see fit, making it a desirable choice for many. Modifying the source code with free and open-source project management tools improves software quality by introducing new features, fixing problems, and so on.

Here is a rundown of some open-source and free options for managing your next project.

Best Open Source Task Management Software

1. OpenProject

OpenProject is a free and open-source project management software that combines the best of both traditional project management with the latest in collaborative technology. All of your personal information will be protected by the highest level of security protocols. You will have full access and ownership of your data once it is install in your infrastructure.

If you use the software, you’ll get complete control over where and how your data is kept. As a result, your personnel will be able to work in a more enjoyable, straightforward, and productive manner. Your team will also be able to keep better tabs on their progress, create more streamlined workflows, and delegate tasks to whoever needs them.

OpenProject has everything in one central spot, allowing for more efficient collaboration. Team members’ ability to visualize the project’s trajectory and contribute their expertise should be leveraged through the use of shared timelines.

Examine the scope of the project in order to formulate a plan of action and share this plan with all involved parties along with an estimated completion date. Agile teams will also use metrics, feedback, and practice to get better over time and produce higher-quality results more quickly. It is one of the best open source task management.

Tools for agile product development methodologies like Kanban and Scrum are available in OpenProject. It’s a sizable group of coders, open-source fans, businesses, etc., where individuals can compare and contrast the pros and cons of fixed versus variable hosting options.

For the self-hosted OpenProject, the enterprise on-premises offers premium, expert support and security. You should base your pricing on the anticipated volume of customers. And the base annual cost for a license that allows up to five users is $405, and you may customize the subscription period and support options from there.

The Kamatera system is an option for those in need of OpenProject hosting.

2. Focalboard

Do you want to find an alternative to Notion, Asana, or Trello?

Focalboard is a self-host and open-source project management tool. The Kanban board view is useful for managing, tracking, and defining teamwork. The two versions are as follows:

Focalboard Personal Desktop is a program for the computer that helps its user organize their own tasks and projects. The best performance and speed can be achieve with single-tenant software that is host on a local server.

The Focalboard Personal Server is a server that may be host on your own server, and it is design to improve teamwork.

To select a premade template for your next project’s tasks, click the “add new boards” button.

Modify the defaults for the create date, priority, sort parameters, filter settings, and group by. The group property can also be change by dragging cards from one column to another. You can also make changes to the cards at any time to see the whole set of attributes, the content, and the comments. It is one of the best open source task management.

When using a table view, you can see multiple cards at once and open any one of them by just hovering over its title. Each board also comes with blank card and board layouts so that you can design your own according to your group’s needs. Personal Desktops are available for Mac OS X and Windows, while a Personal Server may be had for Ubuntu.

3. Restya 

Restya is a free and open-source project management tool that can organize your projects, conversations, and to-do lists. The Restya is a Trello-like kanban board that will provide advanced category Extend Restyaboard as well as a wide range of personalization options via scripts, user styles, widgets, integrations, and so on.

MyRestyaboards offers an iPad and iOS app for users’ convenience. It keeps track of several Restya Boards and allows you to import boards from Asana, a project and task management program.

You can import tasks from Kantree, a flexible management program that aids in project organization, collaboration, management, and planning, into this cloud-based system. Restya Board also makes it easy to import boards from Pipefy, Taiga, Taskwarrior, Trello, and Wekan. It is one of the best open source task management.

In this system, each project has its own board, and administrators can set up and oversee an unlimited number of boards. Use preexisting templates to get going quickly, and duplicate a single board several times under different names. You may also perform actions like removing and adding members, opening cards, voting, etc. with the help of keyboard shortcuts.

Build a single online hub where all projects may be list, categorize, and describe. You will be able to add and remove members, change permissions, sort, and delete content with ease on this digital platform because to its intuitive design.

You can look at basic boards or a filter list of boards, where you can choose which ones to make public or private. Grid and list views of the cards are also available. Restya offers a color-code calendar view for easier event identification and highlighting.

In addition to the normal calendar view, report view, member invitation, member list view, editing the visible mode, changing the backdrop, customizing textures and patterns, a custom background option, automatic subscription, and productivity beats are all at your fingertips.

4. ERPNext

ERPNext is a free, open-source program that will revolutionize the way you handle projects on a daily basis. It’s a handy tool for coordinating efforts with others on your team to streamline processes like task management, scheduling, planning, and analysis.

Project deadlines may be track with ease using ERPNext’s comprehensive overview. By taking a task-base approach, multiple projects may be coordinate in one convenient location. It is one of the best open source task management.

By allowing you to break down a large project into smaller, more manageable chunks, ERPNext improves teamwork by facilitating task delegation. Priorities, a specify scope, milestones, and expect dates will give you insight into the project’s efficiency and progress.

In addition, you may use ERPNext to store and share media files including videos, documents, and images. By setting up automate responses to incoming emails, you can streamline your interactions with all of your contacts.

Get up-to-the-moment intel anytime you need it to keep track of expenses, make better plans for each project, and see where your money has gone. Additionally, it facilitates the creation of open-source software.

5. Taskcafe

Taskcafe is a free, open-source project management program that lets you organize your work with a Kanban board interface, complete with deadlines, labels, and checklists. When you go to your “My Tasks” tab, you’ll see a list of everything you’ve been task with.

Optional extras include your own projects, task comments, task activities, and so on. Taskcafe is a workflow-optimize solution that makes it easy to manage any project, making it an attractive alternative to popular project management tools like NextCloud and Trello. It’s in the early stages of development, but it already offers a lot of cool, unique features. It is one of the best open source task management.

6. Orangescrum

Manage your teams’ agile and simple projects with Orangescrum, an open-source platform that is both scalable and safe. It lets you and your team come up with a game plan, map out the steps need to put it into action, and complete the project on time.

With Orangescrum, you can plan everything out in advance for maximum efficiency and success. Creating, tracking, and completing projects is a breeze. Assigning responsibilities to members of your team also improves their ability to work together effectively in the moment while making better use of available assets.

Through the use of visual project planning and the integration of your workflow, Orangescrum increases the probability of success. Portfolio performance and operations can be better understood with the help of real-time data display in interactive dashboards. Keeping tabs on project expenditures and resource costs can also help you manage finances and budgets for optimal profit.

Protect your information by using role-base access control (RBAC) and single sign-on. The same duties may be manage on the go using Orangescrum, which is available for download on Android and iOS devices. In addition, have all the details of your project in one place so that you can access them from anywhere. It is one of the best open source task management.

The beginning plan is $9 per month for 10 people and includes unlimited tasks, projects, Gantt charts, status updates, task reminders, 5 GB of storage, and 5 guest users—ideal for a small business just getting start.

7. Taiga 

Taiga is a feature-rich, user-friendly project management tool for cross-functional agile teams that will help you deliver your project on time and within budget. Through its use, you and your team can more easily agree on goals, define milestones, and pool your resources’ strengths.

Start prioritizing tasks and coordinating schedules so that everything gets done on time. Taiga allows you to have timely conversations about work with your coworkers, which is an essential part of any management strategy. You should also let your team see what’s going on and go over the work that’s been done.

With Taiga, you and your team may be more transparent about the project’s present status and resource allocation, and you may have a better grasp of the time commitment need to finish the project. It has an intuitive UI that makes it easy to get things done.

Workflow modifications and feature additions can be implement mid-project without requiring extensive configuration changes. You may rely on Taiga to help you complete remarkable tasks because of its reliability, independence, adaptability, flexibility, security, performance, and stability. It is one of the best open source task management.

Sign up now to get 300MB of free space, unlimited public projects, and up to 5 private projects at no cost. The $5/month/user plan has more features and is recommend if you want to maximize your investment.

8. Twake

Twake is a digital workspace that helps businesses increase their output. Helps with group chat, adding guests, syncing files, working on documents together, and setting up video conferences.

Twake provides a centralize hub from which you can oversee all aspects of a project, from initiating new endeavors to keeping tabs on their development to assigning tasks to team members and setting due dates. It’s easy to save and transfer files thanks to its drag-and-drop file management.

You may easily make changes to your files and manage their labels and versions. Create new team events as need, include video connections for teleconferences, coordinate member alerts, upload relevant files, and set deadlines.

Twake also makes it easy to install whatever program you require for your particular process flow. Separate from share calendars, documents, and conversations, each app operates independently. Documents create in any popular office suite (Google Docs, Libre Office, Microsoft Word, etc.) can be edit in any of these.

When using Twake, your data is safe because the database is encrypt. In addition, you can control who can view the documents. Our French data center safely stores all of your documents and information. It supports encrypt transfers over HTTPS/SSL and complies with the General Data Protection Regulation. And It is one of the best open source task management.

It’s possible to use this project management tool for free, albeit with limit features, and then pay for an upgrade to gain access to the full suite.

9. Wekan

Wekan, which features a kanban board, is yet another open-source and free option for project management. A Kanban board can’t be top for keeping track of tasks, coordinating with others, scheduling time off, and monitoring the overall progress of a project.

Using Wekan allows you to focus on what matters most, which boosts productivity. It requires only a single mouse click to set up on your desktop or server. Wekan is spoken in many nations and translate into sixty-three tongues.

With this software’s real-time user interface, you can control anything. Moreover, it’s compatible with a wide range of operating systems. Wekan requires very basic system specifications in order to run properly on your computer.

It’s preferable to have a 64-bit Linux Snap or Sandstorm/Windows/Mac installation, a CPU that’s compatible with MongoDB and Node.js, 1GB of free RAM for Wekan, 4GB of RAM for the system server, and enough storage space.

10. ProjectLibre

If you need help with project management, ProjectLibre is an excellent option to consider.

Access source alternative to Microsoft Project that works with Mac, Windows, and Linux and can open MS Project files. In addition, it provides options for teams to handle multiple projects at once. It is one of the best open source task management.

With a simple click of a drop-down arrow, you can select one of ProjectLibre’s 29 support languages. It has several useful features and tools, including Gantt charts, PERT charts, network diagrams, RBS/WBS charts, earn value pricing, and resource histograms.

11. Leantime

Leantime, as the name implies, offers the type of “lean” project management that is popular among new business owners. From starting a project through finishing it, it is meant to run smoothly and efficiently. This is a PHP/JavaScript open-source project that employs MySQL for its database.

It includes a Kanban board for managing tasks, a calendar, and a table view, a Gantt chart for monitoring progress toward goals, and a Lean Canvas for brainstorming sessions. It also includes timesheet tracking, project dashboards, retrospectives, reports, two-factor authentication, and permissions for different types of users. It is one of the best open source task management.

Tasks, milestones, and timesheets may be export to CSV, and Leantime can be integrate with Slack, Zulip, and Mattermost. This program stores data either locally or on Amazon Web Services’ Simple Storage Service (S3), and it’s available in English, Russian, Spanish, and Dutch.


Project management software is useful because it increases efficiency, facilitates collaboration, and reduces costs. I am confident that the aforementioned open-source and free project management tools will help you accomplish these goals and successfully complete each project.

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