10 Best Free Alternatives to Rom Hustler In 2022

The ROM hosting site Rom Hustler has shut down. It’s another site forced to change due to Nintendo’s demands, and it removed all ROMs from its download collection. However, up to ten alternatives to Rom Hustler are provided below. We have previously sent you information explaining the closure and its rationale.

We previously knew of multiple incidents of websites, such as LoveROMs and LoveRetro, that had been reported by the Japanese corporation, so it is not surprising that they have deleted the downloaded ROMs.

What is ROM Hustler?

ROM Hustler is a popular website where you can find practically any ROM for your gaming system. Game enthusiasts choose it because of the abundance of available emulators. You can search for emulators and other ROMs with ease thanks to its aesthetically beautiful UI. To meet the criteria, ROM Hustler blocks malware and other forms of fraud.

Concerns about user security should be raised about any website that facilitates file downloading. Are you burning in Malware hell because you visited ROM Hustler? We’ll find out today whether ROM Hustler Safe is worth it. To assess whether or not the stuff posted on ROM Hustler is legitimate, read this article.

Is ROM Hustler Safe to Use?

Now that you’re familiar with ROM Hustler, let’s take a closer look at whether or not it’s safe to use. First, let’s take a look at a few of key details. One, you should check out what the ROM Hustler manufacturer has to say about the product’s reliability. To ensure the site’s security, you must determine whether they are willing to make any promises. The next step is to determine whether they are really committed to safeguarding your interests and the interests of your customer.

Secondly, there is the possibility that the ROM Hustler firm would not provide transparent information on the product’s security. However, it does so in the sense of deeds. There’s no denying the potential for infection while visiting sites like ROM Hustler. The need for these platforms to provide sufficient safety measures for its users has therefore become critical.

If what people are saying about ROM Hustler is any indication, the firm has succeeded on this front. The organisation also takes security seriously, so using hustler should always be risk-free. When compared to its rivals, ROM Hustler offers far more security. There is no longer any need to wonder whether ROM Hustlers are secure.

10 Best Alternatives to Rom Hustler

Due to the recursive nature of the Internet, this opens two new pages with duplicate content whenever one closes. In the present day, there are several viable competitors to Rom Hustler that provide access to a wide range of ROMs.

1: Cool ROM

This is a content-rich alternative to Rom Hustler. It includes games from a wide variety of systems. From the Atari 2600 of 1997 to the PlayStation 2 and Xbox ISOs of barely a decade ago. It has also removed Nintendo material, preventing Rom Hustler’s predicted multimillion-dollar demand from the big N.

While the site’s design may be old, it still offers a wealth of resources, including a vast library, several emulators, and helpful tutorials. Its top bar contains all the links we need to quickly and conveniently get the necessary files. It’s also written entirely in an impeccable Castilian.

2: Emu Paradise

Comparable in nature, but with a friendlier interface (even if antiquated) that allows for easy access to the downloading of ROMs and emulators (like in Rom Hustler). Furthermore, technology provides us with the means to play games from bygone eras by means of ROMs and emulators. In contrast, there are no instructions or translations accessible on the Internet.

3: The Old Computer

This time, we’re trying something a little bit different, namely, a website that allows us to download music from a variety of video games. While we don’t have anything from the NES, SNES, or N64, we do have a huge collection of games organised by system, name, region (if applicable; PlayStation), and even size. Although it has a dated design and isn’t very easy to use, it offers a wider variety of customization possibilities than its predecessors, making it a viable alternative to Rom Hustler before its shutdown.

4: Dope ROMS

Even if the site’s looks are terrible and the navigation is a mess, it nevertheless boasts one of the biggest inventories of all of the options. Despite Nintendo’s removal of official ROMs, customised copies of its vintage games still exist (at least for now). No one can say they have never wished they could play as Super Mario while controlling Sonic. Google translates this website into any language, which doesn’t assist us but does make us more confused. Very nice library, but it’s hard to get to.

5: Romulation

As a last option, we recommend checking out a website with media for every Sony game system (up to PlayStation 3). The Nintendo 64 and SEGA Mega Drive files are no longer available on the web (Genesis in the United States).In contrast to the previously mentioned options, however, they provide the distinct advantage of allowing users to get ISO images for more recent consoles like the PS3.

Rom Hustler was put to heavy use by us. Malware and viruses never make it here. There is no risk in using it or downloading anything. Don’t forget that people may upload files. Look at the user activity logs first, then download the files. The style is far more up-to-date and welcoming, and it’s easy to find owing to its console-based distribution and straightforward moniker. In addition, many games feature screenshots to help us identify the file we’re about to download.

6: is a website and service that allows users to freely access and download PlayStation, PlayStation Portable, Game Boy, and PlayStation 2 ROMs. It features a search bar so that you can quickly find the ROMs you want to play. This platform’s user interface is straightforward, making its usage accessible to individuals in all corners of the globe. It provides a large library of popular emulators from which users may choose and install their preferred emulators. Despite the fact that the service has

7: RomsFun

RomsFun.Com is a free website where users may browse for and download a wide variety of ROMs and ISOs for use in video games. One click on the download link will give you access to all of the files for the programme. All games on this system may be played via a web browser or emulator. This platform, like others like it, offers the quickest download times possible. The many portions of the platform are separated into their own distinct fields, such as arcade games, translation, and many more.

8: is a no-cost website and application that allows users to browse for and download a wide variety of video game ROMs and ISOs. All games on this system may be played via a web browser or emulator. This platform, like others like it, offers the quickest download times possible. One click on the download link will give you access to all of the files for the programme. Plus, it lets people choose their own servers to download games from, which is really cool. 

9: Vimm’s Lair

Free of charge, Vimm’s Lair provides access to a massive library of the most up-to-date games through downloadable software. Whether you’re looking for a specific game or some background material about them, you can get it all with this programme. The website has many different types of boards, such as a Romfnders request board, a manual project board, and an emulation message board. User reviews, ratings, codes, a downloadable manual in full colour, and information are all included with this web-based app.

10: The ROM Depot

You may play retro video games for free by downloading and utilising the ROM Depot’s online service. You don’t have to sign up for anything in order to use this site to play games. The largest archive of emulators and ROM games is now available for direct download on this platform. This platform, like others like it, offers the quickest download times possible. Many useful game-related resources, such as emulators, manuals, boxart, and sound tracks, are available for download on this site.


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