Best Self Hosted Email Server To Use in 2023

E-mail has replaced phone calls as the most common method of communication for adults in the workforce. There may be a plethora of external options for hosting email, but many organizations continue to rely on in-house solutions. Let’s go Find the best self hosted email server platform to use.

What Is Self-Hosting?

To send and receive email from a server that is part of your own private network, you will need to use a self-hosted server. You can link it to all of your other email addresses whenever you like. But its main use is in helping you set up your own email server at home.

Benefits of Using Self-Hosted Email Server Platforms

Your email communications will be kept completely confidential if you host your own mail server. Your data will no longer be at risk of being stolen and resold to advertisers.

Once those clients have been connected to an external email provider, they can be accessed via the web or a private network.

Setting up as many aliases as you’d like is completely free on an open-source email server. Furthermore, there is no restriction on the number of messages that can be sent through such platforms.

Also, you have complete control over the look and feel of your sent emails. The system’s setup and policy settings can be modified to meet your organization’s needs.

Using a Self-Hosted Email Server: Considerations

Using a self-hosted mail server for your business is a significant investment that should not be made lightly. Prior to switching email clients, make sure you’ve checked the following:

Let’s have a look at the top self-hosted email servers.

Best Self Hosted Email Server To Use in 2022

1. Modoboa

Modoboa is an open-source email server that prioritizes user privacy and data safety. With a mail server up and running in just 10 minutes, it’s a viable option to more cumbersome third-party email hosting services.

Here you can discover the finest open-source software for setting up, configuring, and protecting an email server. There is no limit on the amount of mailboxes, aliases, or domains that may be use with this system. Users also have access to webmail, contact list management, calendar management, filter email organization, auto-responder email capabilities, and more.

In addition to the data transmission tool and statistics, there are a number of administrative tools available. You don’t have to bother about installing each component separately because the installer will handle 95% of it.

The key benefit of using Modoboa is the security of personal data and other sensitive information. The email service provider uses the TLS protocol to encrypt all outbound and incoming messages sent and receive from the email server. It safeguards your online reputation with the use of SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.

 2. Mailu

You may run your own powerful and user-friendly email server with Mailu. The goal of this open-source software is to provide users with a server that is easy to install and manage. It lacks the extra features that other groupware often has.

The most popular internet email protocols, including IMAP, IMAP+, SMTP, and Submission, are all support. Features such as numerous webmail accounts, domain aliases, route customization, and administrative user interfaces are also available in addition to online access.

Automation tools like aliases, auto-forwarding, auto-replying, and fetch accounts save users time and effort. Features such as global administrators, per-domain delegation, announcements, and quotas allow this email server to function efficiently.

The platform employs stringent security measures such as Transport Layer Security (TLS), a Letsencrypt! certificate, outbound DKIM, greylisting, antivirus scanning, anti-spam, auto-learn, Domain-based Message Authentication (DMARC), and SPF.

3. Docker MailServer


Docker MailServer supports the entire email sending and receiving stack, including SMTP, LDAP, and IMAP. Since it is purely base on configuration files, this solution is easy to understand, can be update easily, and can be use immediately in production. Since there is no need to create or maintain a SQL database on the server, implementation and maintenance times are drastically reduce.

Additionally, it supports automate updates and the creation of custom rules for use with antivirus programs like SpamAssassin and ClamAV. On the server, private data is encrypt using LetsEncrypt and self-sign certificates. Dovecot’s users additionally gain from the server’s capacity to save and restore prior states, the extension delimiters, and the script that simplifies configuration and maintenance.

This server requires at least 1 vCore and 512 MB of RAM to run properly. Disabling services like ClamAV may be necessary on a server with only 512MB of RAM. Our testing has shown that a system with a single-core processor, two gigabytes of RAM, and container swapping turn on will provide the optimum performance.


In less than 5 minutes, you can have a server up and running with web-base administration, spam filtering, and virus protection thanks to This advance email server was design using the philosophy of separating binary files from settings and user data. User data is kept in SQLite database files, making this system external storage friendly.

Having your own private email server cuts down on the hassle of managing updates, backups, and server migrations. employs state-of-the-art protections rather than traditional authentication techniques due to the extreme importance of keeping user data safe. It is one of the Best Self Hosted Email Server To Use in 2022.

The administrator can configure different levels of access for system administrators, domain administrators, and email owners. Limits can be set on mailbox storage and the quantity of messages receive at once. Using the anti-spam filter and antivirus engine, mailboxes can be protect from potential threats.

In addition, you can filter your inbox, protect your data from prying eyes, and automatically respond to messages, among other useful features. Furthermore, the autodiscovery feature is helpful for Thunderbird and Microsoft 365 users.

5.  iRedMail

iRedMail is the best option if you want to set up an open-source email server. This open-source email server doesn’t cost anything to use and works with many different platforms.

Since iRedMail is completely open source and free, customers will have constant access to the newest enhancements and bug fixes from reputable Linux and BSD distributors. Its Roundcube webmail interface makes it simple to organize your inbox into different folders and apply filters.

In order to prevent unauthorize parties from accessing your outgoing email, iRedMail ensures that all outgoing communication is encrypt before being sent over the various protocols (POP3, IMAP, and SMTP).

Neither the number of users, nor the number of administrators, nor the number of domains, nor the number of mailing lists, may be exceed on this system. Since all of your personal information is still store on your computer, you can monitor the security of your emails with extreme precision by viewing the system’s activity log.

6. Mail-in-a-Box 

When you use Mail-in-a-Box, you may host your own email server without needing any specialize knowledge or equipment. You can run your own email server on your own server with this technology. Simply simply, this service transforms any computer with Internet access into a fully functional electronic mail server.

However, setup can often be done with little to no technical know-how. Users can access their email from any location because to the system’s compatibility with desktop and mobile devices.

There are a lot of options available to you when it comes to filtering your email, such as predefine rules, spam protection, greylisting, automatic setting, and schedule backups. It also supports contact and calendar synchronization.

Businesses of all sizes will appreciate this system’s capacity to host an enormous number of domains and users. It allows you to make new email addresses, aliases, and DNS records via a web-base control panel.

 7. hMailServer

For those on Windows, hMailServer is a free, self-host email server option. As its code is open-source and host on GitHub, it can be utilize in a wide range of professional settings. For the most part, hMailServer is compatible with any web-base email provider that uses protocols like IMAP and SMTP (SMTP).

It doesn’t take long to install or configure hMailServer. It offers a simple administration console where administrators may create new user accounts and domains, modify existing ones, and activate anti-malware safeguards. And it is one of the Best Self Hosted Email Server To Use in 2022.

This framework’s COM library facilitates straightforward integration with external applications and existing IT systems. Your server will never be use to send spam thanks to the built-in protections.

8. Apache James

Apache James is the best message transfer agent (MTA) out there, and it supports both SMTP and POP3. James is the common name for the Java EE email application server. Its modular structure and high-quality components make it state-of-the-art.

Any of the following email clients (SMTP, LMTP, POP3, IMAP, ManageSieve, and IMAP) can connect to the server and retrieve email. Various databases such as MySQL, HSQLDB, Cassandra, and PostgreSQL are use as storage implementations. In addition, there are features like the Mailbox API, e-mail processing agents that may be extend, command-line administration, and so on.

9. Dovecot

Dovecot is an encrypt IMAP server suitable for both big and small networks. It’s compatible with both MBOX and Maildir and is widely regard as one of the finest IMAP servers available.

When indexing emails, the server operates invisibly, and it works with all of the standard tools for managing inboxes. Automatically optimizing indices take into account client preferences.

Dovecot’s authentication modes are highly customizable, allowing users to pick and choose from a variety of authentication databases and procedures. Messages can be move between IMAP and POP3 servers, which is a very useful function. Since great care has been taken to maintain the security of this platform at every stage of its creation, you can rest assure that your data will be kept confidential.

The admins will love this server because it provides clear error messages. Extra plugins can be use to increase its capabilities. Using plugins, you can extend the capabilities of existing commands, create brand new ones, add ACL support, and more. It is one of the Best Self Hosted Email Server To Use in 2022.

If the server goes down for whatever reason, the issue is resolve. This server allows users to check and update their inboxes and folder indexes simultaneously across various devices. The use of a cluster filesystem is feasible thanks to Dovecot’s compatibility with such systems.

10. WildDuck Mail Server

The cutting-edge POP3 and IMAP server software WildDuck Mail Server is a favorite among users. This server can scale to any size, is operate using an API, and can display Unicode characters. Users can set up a robust email server by integrating it with Haraka and ZoneMTA.

You can use it with whatever email client you prefer because of its high quality IMAP support. Instead of keeping old emails in a file cabinet, we store them in a MongoDB cluster to make better use of the available storage. To add, a cluster can be of any size you want it to be.

The security of users’ memories was a primary concern during the creation of this email server. They don’t need to have access to the file system or have root privileges.

11. MailSlurper

MailSlurper is the best SMTP mail server to use while developing a local or share app. This server is ideal for solo developers or small teams who want to experiment with email capabilities without committing to a full-fledge server.

This app’s straightforward design makes it simple to peruse the many emails your apps have receive and zero in on the specific ones you’re looking for. This server will function well on any computer, whether it’s a desktop, a workstation, a small virtual machine, or even a laptop.

Further, it supports thousands of simultaneous connections and works with SQLite, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server. With this email server’s intuitive interface, configuring it is a breeze. It is one of the Best Self Hosted Email Server To Use in 2022.

MailSlurper is cross-platform and can be use on PCs running Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. The system remembers your most frequently use search phrases and allows you to search for emails base on a wide variety of factors, such as sender, recipient, subject, and content.

12.  Magma Server Daemon

When it comes to secure email hosting, Magma Server Daemon is your best bet. This server supports the following protocols: POP, HTTP, SMTP, IMAP, and MOLTEN. Additionally, DMTP and DMAP enhancements are on the way.

In 2004, the corporation began using this email server for everyone. Small and medium-size businesses, as well as larger corporations, are all welcome to use the server at this time.


Companies that need a high number of email accounts and prefer to maintain complete administrative control over their server and data should look into self-hosted email servers. You can use any of the aforementioned email programs with confidence knowing that your privacy is protect and that you have the freedom to express yourself in your mailbox.

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