10 Best Terraria Server Hosting For You To Use

Thanks to technological advancements, people who are unable to go out and have fun can still feel the rush of adrenaline and experience the pleasure of playing video games. So, Let’s start with Best terraria server hosting.

You can fight for victory, build a safe haven, manufacture weapons, find allies, and progress through the game by doing these things. These video games have become popular because to its design, components, and exploration opportunities.

For this reason, our group of gamers includes people from all over the world, like myself. There are a lot of great MMOGs out there, like Minecraft, Rust, and ARK, but they all suffer from the same problem: too many players on one server.

You need dependable game server hosting that restricts the total number of players at once to avoid a situation where the server is overrun. So, you may concentrate fully on the game and give it your all.

Because of this, let’s talk about Terraria and the best server hosting services.

What is Terraria?

An excellent action-adventure sandbox game, Terraria was published in 2011 by developer Re-Logic. Explore, build, paint, craft, mine, survive, and combat even scary animals in this procedurally generated 2D world.

Apparently, by April of 2020, Terraria will have sold over 30 million copies, according to Wikipedia. It’s possible to play the game solo or with others.

It offers an unusual gaming experience by fusing together traditional action elements with sandbox-style creativity.

There is a common misconception that Terraria is a 2-dimensional version of Minecraft, but it is actually much more than that.

It has four different fighting classes, a plethora of defensive, mobility, and offense equipment, and a progression gaming system with hours of interesting material.

Terraria caters to players of all types, whether they prefer exploration, adventuring, construction, or combat. Conquering the globe with your friends is a lot more fun thanks to the game’s cooperative multiplayer mode.

Selecting a Terraria server hosting that lets you add gamers from all around the world is a necessary if you want to invite your pals to join you.

Why go for Terraria server hosting?

While Terraria’s “Host & Play” feature does allow you to invite friends through Steam, the session stops once you quit the game. There are also frequent delays.

Making your own server is essential if you want to play the game whatever you like, whenever you like. One can make a choice from the following alternatives:

  • The monthly cost of renting a Terraria server may seem high, but the service is reliable and requires little in the way of upkeep.
  • Also The service provider will handle everything that arises, including regular checks, repairs, security, protection against distributed denial of service attacks, and data backups.
  • When you host your own server, you get full administrative privileges without spending a dime. To practice setting up and configuring a cloud server, all you need is technical knowledge.

In the second, you’ll need to take care of your server, which means performing tasks like backing it up, installing updates, etc.

There is also the possibility of security flaws, such as open ports that might be exploited to introduce cybersecurity risks.

Since this is the case, it would appear that hiring a Terraria server is the best solution. Compare the various hosting options in terms of price and functionality, and choose with the one that offers the best deal.

People who are unable to go out and have fun can still feel the rush of adrenaline and experience the pleasure of playing video games. So, Let’s start with Best terraria server hosting.

10 Best Terraria Server Hosting For You To Use

1. HostHavoc 

terraria server hosting

With HostHavoc, setting up and launching your own Terraria server is a breeze. At the moment, only the Terraria Steam edition is supported.

High network availability is maintained by placing critical infrastructure in the most secure data centers connected via only the most trustworthy uplinks.

They are so confident in the reliability of their network that they guarantee it will be online 99.9% of the time. HostHavoc has painstakingly built a sizable network with actual network redundancy that is available in 11 cities across the world.

For power users who want to take care of their servers on their own, DDoS protection, FTP, and file administration access are included at no extra cost in all plans.

As an added bonus, they supply the user with a command-line manager to tweak the settings.

TCAdmin v2 was chosen as the control panel for HostHavoc’s servers because it is a stable and secure control suite with advanced tools and user-friendly installation.

They’re so sure you’ll love their work that they offer a full refund if you’re not satisfy inside the first 72 hours. It is one of the Best terraria server hosting.

In the beginning, you’ll pay $16.80 per month for twenty-four slots, or $0.70 each.

2. AleForge

Terraria servers supply by AleForge allow players to compete in PvP and PvE activities while also allowing them to build and explore for loot and fame.

Have no fear while venturing into the magical world of gaming with tModLoader and your favorite vanilla or customize games.

You can easily and quickly maintain your game server with their upgrade control panel, automatic backups, mod installation, and other features. The interface may be use with ease by both novices and veterans.

Plugins, modpacks, and other Steam Workshop additions can be install with a single mouse click. They use a worldwide system of interconnect networks that includes many server farms in three different American states, one in Australia, and two in Europe. 

Due to the genuine redundancy and dependability of these facilities, they maintain a 99.9 percent uptime, ensuring that your gaming experience is never interrupt.

Select a plan and make a payment to activate your server, and you can immediately begin playing Terraria. It is one of the Best terraria server hosting.

They provide adaptable options, fast responses from experts, and a trial period of 10 days during which you can evaluate the service before deciding to subscribe, cancel, or upgrade. In general, hosting a server entails the following:

  • Super-fast NVMe solid-state drive (SSD) computers.
  • Instant customization with a single click
  • Server activation happens right away.
  • Workflow management using alerts and appointments

tModLoader is compatible with all pricing tiers of AleForge, beginning at $0.60 per slot. If you like, the trial version of the service offers one central processing unit, five user accounts, five gigabytes of storage, and one gigabyte of memory.

You can get 1 CPU, 5 players, unlimited storage, and 1GB of RAM with the $4.5/month plan.

3. Indifferent Broccoli

Indifferent Broccoli is a server hosting company known for its innovative approach. For those who like to go outside the box.

This is the best server host out there. Feel safe building, crafting, and adventuring on your Terraria server, knowing that your host has your back.

They promise top-notch hardware (i.e., low latency), a unique control panel (with Discord compatibility built in), and helpful staff.

A single mouse click is all it takes to set up your own Terraria server. Also, you can start the server without entering any payment information for two days.

Get in touch with the tModLoader crew via Discord or email whenever you need help setting up your server or installing your chosen mods.

Their servers are locate all around North America and Europe, and their workstations contain anywhere from 64GB to 128GB of RAM. To ensure that your server fulfills your needs, you have options.

If you’re looking for a friendly, helpful, and effective Terraria server host, try Indifferent Broccoli. After a two-day free trial, the monthly fee for a Terraria server with a small map is $12. It is one of the Best terraria server hosting.

4. XGamingServer

terraria server hosting

The significance of Terraria is clear to everyone who has play and enjoy older video games. When it comes to hosting a Terraria server, XGamingServer has you cover with everything you could want.

The UI is modern and straightforward, making it easy to use. You’ll have access to MySQL databases, automate backups, an improve file manager with one-click SFTP launch, schedule creation and invitation tools, and much more.

Efficiency is more important to XGamingServer than having a specific number of slots for each game. Within five minutes of placing an order, you will receive an email with a configuration link for your server.

You get simplify server management and security from big DDoS attacks as a result of its ability to reveal holes in a number of applications.

Terraria’s multiplayer mode can be experience to its maximum on servers that perform admirably. It keeps an eye on everything at all times to make sure any problems with the system are caught before they affect performance.

With a minimum of 15 Mbps of bandwidth, XGamingServer’s Intel i7 6700k/7700k and AMD Ryzen 7 processors deliver improve performance and lower pings. Europe and Canada both host one data center each. It is one of the Best terraria server hosting.

We provide Terraria servers with a 3.50 GHz CPU, 4GB of DDR4 RAM, a 30GB solid state drive, and more for only $15 per month.

5. Bisect Hosting

Your Terraria hosting server may be up and running in minutes with Bisect Hosting. Their user-friendly management interface removes the burden of managing the server, letting you devote your full attention to the action on the screen.

You may tailor your server and run it how you see fit without breaking the bank thanks to the hosting service’s flexible configuration options. Several data centers can be found in different parts of the world.

They perform daily backups of your Terraria server, so you never have to worry about losing data due to configuration mistakes or incorrect upgrades.

When a new version of a game is publish, Bisect Hosting gives the most recent version of the game, which you can also quickly upgrade. It is one of the Best terraria server hosting.

Improve your Terraria experience by setting up tModLoader or tShock. With four packages, you may host your own Terraria server for as little as $2.99 per month with limitless slots, 1GB RAM, and 5GB NVMe SSD storage.

6. Fragnet

With Fragnet, gamers have access to a flexible, adaptable, and affordable solution. Additionally, you can easily switch to a more expensive plan without sacrificing any of your current customizations.

There are no restrictions on the size of the globe, the amount of storage use, or the number of plugins that can be activate.

Fragnet welcomes you to administer your Terraria server as you see fit, limit only by the amount of rent seats. The Game Panel makes it easy to install any widely use server add-on in a matter of minutes.

It’s possible to start managing the server and getting it set up as soon as you buy it because to the comprehensive nature of their out-of-the-box management interface.

Playing a survival game is a breeze because of how easy it is to fight, discover, build, and dig. You can easily create machines, equipment, and aesthetics, and you have several alternatives for seeking for riches and gathering raw materials.

Fragnet lets you to play Terraria by blending classic activities with sandbox-style ingenuity for an unmatch gaming experience. It is one of the Best terraria server hosting.

The players have total control over their environment throughout the entire journey, from the outset to the end.

They offer a wide range of options for gaming server specs, so you may start with a simple setup, expand as need, and finally upgrade when you’re ready.

A free voice server, instant server provisioning, and 24/7 infrastructure monitoring are all include in the swift installation of your SSD-base gaming and storage panels-equip servers.

At just $0.76 per slot, they accept a wide selection of payment methods like PayPal, Stripe, Skrill, HiPay, Bitcoin, Paysafe, and major credit cards.

7. G-Portal

terraria server hosting

The server in G-Terraria Portal allows players to build strong structures and lead amazing fights at any time. Rent your server immediately with Gamecloud and prepaid.

This means that you are not tie down by any contracts and can change games whenever you like.

After we receive your money, we will deploy a brand new Terraria server to you, fully equip with the newest technology and NVMe SSD hard drives.

They give you 50 GB of storage to back up your game data and configurations.

They also offer DDoS protection using state-of-the-art technology from their partner, Corero. G-Portal only provides Terraria servers that have been authorize by the game’s developers. If you have any questions or concerns, you can get in touch with them via phone, forum, wiki, email, or tickets.

The United States, Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Russia, South Africa, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and Australia are just a few of the 14 locations where they maintain data centers.

Payment options on G-Portal include PayPal, Sofort, Paysafecard, and all major credit cards. It is one of the Best terraria server hosting.

8. Citadel Servers

Citadel Servers is the best place to host your Terraria server if you want to add more excitement and adventure to the game. The game’s depth is at your fingertips thanks to the intuitive control panel that makes tweaking and managing the server a breeze.

With a single click, you can install mods and maps, adjust settings, switch locations, and more. The game gives you full control by allowing you to establish tasks for executing backups, scripts, etc., as well as reinstall, stop, start, or restart tasks.

With a single mouse click, you may make changes to the server’s settings, such as changing its password or name, checking on its recent activity, giving it permissions, and so on.

You can protect your data by installing the server in a matter of seconds and backing it up in a matter of minutes, either on a predetermine schedule or whenever you feel it’s necessary.

Mods may be install with a single click on Citadel Servers, with no additional script or database configuration require. All modifications are display in the administration panel.

The Steam workshop and mod loaders tModloader and tShock are support. It is one of the Best terraria server hosting.

They offer a global network with 18 locations, allowing players to connect from anywhere on the earth. The low latency infrastructure provide by Citadel Servers improves the adventure for players everywhere.

As low as $0.16 per slot, you can get your hands on one of these.

9. LogicServers 

Keep the awe-inspiring gameplay going strong in Terraria games like Journey’s End by playing them on LogicServers. Every one of their web servers is protect from distribute denial of service attacks.

As soon as they receive your cash, they’ll get to work setting up your account so you can start playing as soon as possible. Activate the server-side mods, and if you get stuck, check out the helpful guides they provide.

When it comes to gaming server hardware, LogicServers uses only the latest and greatest to ensure optimal performance for their customers.

With the help of the TCAdmin Control Panel, their game servers provide a better overall experience for their players.

Eleven data centers serve users in regions as diverse as Australia, Asia, South America, and Europe. Their prices begin at $0.67 per slot, or $9 a month for 10 slots.

10. Nodecraft

Play Terraria on Nodecraft’s reliable server and engage in epic battles for fame, fortune, and survival. They provide cheap servers that don’t skimp on performance, so you can get the most out of your gaming experience.

Their NodePanel 2 interface can be up and running in a matter of seconds after being activate. It shows data like the total number of users, various statistics, RAM use, and network strength.

You can adjust any and all settings and preferences with ease thanks to the intuitive user interface.

Whether you’re a complete noob or a season pro, our server’s intuitive interface and lightning-fast speeds will satisfy your every gaming need.

Furthermore, they offer mobile convenience via an app that works well on both iOS and Android. It is one of the Best terraria server hosting.

This means you can easily manage your own private Terraria server from your mobile device and play the game whenever and wherever you like.

They currently support some of the best PC game servers, such as those for Terraria on mobile devices and mods play using tModLoader.

The maximum number of users per device is set at 12 in order to reduce server strain. Additional disk I/Os, CPU cores, and RAM are now available to your server. As a result, the server is safeguard from frequent failures and delays.


  • The CPUs powering Nodecraft’s servers can be any of the following: Intel 3.8+ GHz E-2174G, Xenon, or similar.
  • Solid-State Drives for Businesses
  • The 32 GB of Error-Correcting Code RAM will improve reliability and speed.
  • Professional-grade hard drive
  • For maximum efficiency, they’ve built their infrastructure using the Linux OS.
  • High-performance network safeguards against distribute denial-of-service attacks
  • Twelve data centers locate on five different continents.

Their monthly plans start at just $9.98, and they don’t charge more if you want to switch games in the middle of the month. Furthermore, you can sample the product without any financial risk because of the 7-day money-back guarantee.

How to choose the best Terraria hosting server?

  • Consider the value you’ll get for your money when choosing a Terraria server hosting company. Choose only the functions you absolutely require.
  • You should evaluate the number of available slots or players in a plan against your needs.
  • Do they offer other games like Rust, ARK, etc., so that you may swap if you want to?
  • If you want to easily install new plugins and modifications, pick a server that is compatible with mod loaders like tShock and tModLoader.
  • And If you have players from all over the world, you should investigate the location of their servers to minimize delays.
  • If you want to play their games without stuttering or crashing, make sure you have enough RAM.


This top-notch compilation of Terraria server hosting options should make it easier for you to find a company with which to enjoy the game with minimal interruptions and lag.

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