Top Best Keyboard for Producing

What Is A MIDI Keyboard Controller For Production?

A MIDI keyboard controller is a physical interface between musical instruments and a computer. By using MIDI, it allows you to control sound from devices.

What Is MIDI?

MIDI is a language that provides a connection between electronic musical instruments and computers. It sends information from music instruments to the computer what notes play and how to play.

Why Do We Use A MIDI Keyboard Controller?

MIDI keyboard is a very important part of creating music. MIDI allows you to play any type of music. Like simple drum patterns or complex piano melodies. 

MIDI keyboard controller is a basic tool for creating music. It provides a connection between musical instruments and computers. It is used by professionals that want to play great music.

Things To Know Before Buying A Keyboard For Production

Key Weight

Most of the trainers tell you to go to the weight keys. Because it trains you better. But I want to be honest with you. If you use a weight key piano before buying a new MIDI keyboard. Then you need to choose a synth weight MIDI keyboard. But if you do not use a weight keys piano before or you are a beginner. Then choose a lightweight MIDI keyboard.


Price is the most important thing to check what MIDI keyboard is best for you. You need to know your budget. It will help you to select the best MIDI keyboard for you.

Music Production Background/ Experience

If you know how to play the piano or any background of the piano keyboard. Then you need to select workstations. Because the MIDI keyboard has a weak key-bed.

What Is The Best Keyboard For Music Production? 

As you know, there are a very large group of music keyboards. Hence, it is difficult to select the best option for you. I research a lot about the best keyboards for production. So, I make a list of the best MIDI keyboards for production. This list is helpful for beginners and professionals.

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Best MIDI Keyboard Controller For MAC, PC, iPhone, And IPad Production in 2021

Best For Beginners

1: Akai Professional MPK Mini Mk2-25 key USB

It is available on Amazon for only RS: 34,750Akai MIDI keyboard is famous for its hardware. First Ableton push made by Akai. it is very useful for beginners. It is an amazing musical instrument for you. It is very easy to take it anywhere. Because it’s easy to put it in the laptop bag.


2: Novation Launch Key 25 MK2 USB keyboard Controller

It is available on Amazon for only 189.99$ launch key 25 MK2 MIDI keyboard designed by Novation. Many other products of novation available on market. The novation adds some keys and extra features. It is constructed by using high-quality material.


3: K-Board

It is available on Keith Mcmillen for only 96$.

K-Board MIDI keyboard has great features. It provides ultra-portable features in a non-traditional layout. It is not very good while playing in the car.


4: Oxygen 25 MK 4

It is available on M-Audio for only 119$. Oxygen 25 MK 4 MIDI keyboard provides 25 keys in full size. It is large. If you want to take it with you in a limited space, it’s not good for you.


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Best For Those Who Know Already Play Some Instrument

1: QUNexus

It is available on Keith Mcmillen for only 189$. The QUNexus MIDI keyboard is like the K-Board MIDI keyboard. The layout of QUNexus is similar to K-Board. But, it provides some additional buttons, ports, and internal functions.


2: MiniLab MK 2

It is available on Arturia for only 129$. Minilab MK 2 MIDI keyboard build with high-quality material. It comes with the most practical software in the industry. It consists of some extra features. It is made by the basic hybrid synth.


3: MiniLab MK 2

It is available on Native Instruments for only 139$. Komplete Kontrol M 32 MIDI keyboard consists of Traktor DJ Range, Machine range, and complete audio Range. If you want a high-quality MIDI keyboard then choose it.


4: Komplete Kontrol M 32

It is available on Amazon for only 134.99$. Launch key 39 MIDI keyboard provides a full fader section. It also has outstanding features. Launch key 39 is great for the studio and the stage. It has a perfect size that’s easily fit in the studio or live setup.


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Best For Professionals

Novation Launch Key 61 MK2 USB Keyboard

It is available on Amazon for only 134.99$. launch key 61 MIDI keyboard is closest to a full-size keyboard. It is very good. Because it consists of awesome features. If you like the novation style layout and its features. Then it is the best choice for you.


2: Keylab Essential 61

It is available on Arturia for only 259$. Keylab essential 61MIDI keyboard is the most unique in the market. It provides hybrid synth capabilities and also a functionality array. This MIDI musical instrument provides an Analog lab (6000+ sounds). 


3: Komplete Kontrol A25

It is available on Native Instruments for only 169$.

Komplete Kontrol A25 MIDI keyboard available in 3 different forms. It provides excellent features.


4: Seaboard Block

It is available on The verge for only 229$. I am very excited to tell you about this SeaBoard Block MIDI keyboard. It is a very weird and wonderful musical instrument. It provides experimental features with genuinely programmatic functions.


How Many keys Is Enough?

All of the MIDI keyboards come with an octave shift button. It means you need only 25 keys to access a full range of note pitches. If you advance piano player then select 4-octave and 5-octave keyboard. 

Where To Learn Electronic Music Production?

There are many platforms to learn electronic music production. I prefer Youtube as a free platform and Coursera as a paid platform.

Some Music Production Software

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From this article, I hope you will know all about the production keyboard. And also it will help you to choose the best one and tell you where to buy it. It will be helpful for an artist. When you choose the best one for you. It will provide you stunning music with a lovely rhythm. I hope this article is helpful for you and easy to understand. If you have any other problems or questions about this topic, please ask them in the comment section.


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