Top List Used Cell Phones Near Me

An ordinary second-hand phone is one that has previously belonged to someone else before being passed on to you. Refurbished and pre-owned phones may also be purchased for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new ones.

List of  Used Mobile Near Me


  1. Price28,000
  2. MakeInfinix
  3. ConditionUsed


  1. 8 is the smallest possible number.
  2. boxed set
  3. A ten-by-ten configuration
  4. chlorophyll-based
  5. Swap with a reputable mobile phone


  1. Price30,000
  2. MakeVivo
  3. ConditionNew


  1. Memory: 4+1 GB RAM, 128Gb HDD Only serious purchasers should make the call.


  1. Price30,000
  2. MakeOPPO
  3. ConditionUsed


  1. 8/128
  2. sim card with two numbers
  3. Pta authenticated
  4. original and complete charger
  5. almost 10 out of 10
  6. There is no culpability.


  1. Price 29,000
  2. MakeXiaomi
  3. ConditionUsed


  1. Box and bag included with the PTA-approved dual sim
  2. 8 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gb of storage
  3. Panel M line hain or rear crack H view the pictures baki everything is fine.


  1. Price 35,000
  2. MakeVivo
  3. ConditionUsed


The Vivo V20se comes with an 8 128-milliamp charger. well, that’s ok.

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What’s The Best Place to Buy a Used Cell Phone?

The money you get from the sale of your old electronics may be used to upgrade to a newer and better model with the help of Cashify. Many of the country’s best-known companies, including Apple, Samsung, and others have worked with it for both online and physical exchange offerings.

When Purchasing an old Phone, How Do You Know How Much To Pay? 

If you’re looking to save money, wait until the new version of the product you’re interested in comes out. Wait until the Galaxy S22 has been unveiled before purchasing a secondhand S21. Wait until it’s been on the shelf for a few weeks before making a purchase. The cost of a gadget decreases when it is no longer the newest model.

The Best Places to Buy Your Old Cell Phone

Here are the five most reputable places to buy an old phone online. Listed from top to lowest on Trustpilot, they are sorted alphabetically.

1: Swappa

Only gently-used technology is sold to customers on the Swappa user-to-user marketplace.

If you take out the middleman, you’ll be able to locate lower pricing.

With no selling fees and a minor cost tied to the sale price, consumers will have to pay for their purchases.

2: OCBuyBack.

Customer service with OCBuyBack is excellent. It’s possible that you won’t discover as many options for used mobile phones here as you would on other sites. A six-month warranty is included with every phone purchased with OCBuyBack. 

Product flaws or malfunctions that are not caused by your usage are covered under warranties. See the OCBuyBack website for more information on the guarantees. As long as the phone is not damaged, OCBuyBack offers a 30-day return period.

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3: Declutter.

If you’re looking to buy an old phone, Decluttr is the place to go. Decluttr’s used phone inventory is much less expensive than the cost of a new phone. However, Decluttr’s used phone prices are a touch more than eBay or Amazon’s used phone costs.

Free delivery on all technologies and 14-day refunds are included in Decluttr’s service.

In addition, you receive a 12-month limited warranty on technology, as well as certified refurbished quality gadgets.

4: SellCell 

Looking for a spot to compare all the sellers? For example, SellCell compares sites like Amazon and declutter. SellCell is well known as a way to sell your old phone, but you can also buy a phone from them.

A Trust Pilot or Better Business Bureau evaluation is also provided for each seller on SellCell. Financing is also available from this company.

5: BuybackWorld

Android and Apple smartphones are available for purchase at BuyBackWorld. An average, good or excellent condition is indicated on the online page for the phone.

Detailed descriptions of each phone’s features are supplied with each listing. Unlocked and locked phones may be found on the market.BuyBackWorld provides a 30-day return policy on Certified, Pre-owned products.

6: Amazon

It’s possible to buy a secondhand phone straight from the manufacturer or a local vendor via Amazon. Keep in mind that Amazon’s phones are protected by a 90-day guarantee and are certified.

There is an exchange policy in place if you discover that the product doesn’t meet your expectations or if it fails to perform as expected.

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7: Gazelle

There are several “reCommerce” sites out there, but Gazelle is one of the most popular. Used cellphones and tablets are purchased from vendors by the firm.

Afterward, they’re vetted, verified, and put on the market at a lower price point for customers.

There are no contracts or ties linked to products that have Gazelle accreditation.

Buyers may return any item within 30 days of purchasing it if they are not satisfied with it for any reason at all.

8: Walmart

Used phones may be found in all shapes and sizes at Walmart. All phones from Walmart come with a 30-day return policy. Unlocked and locked phones may be found on the market. Paying an extra cost, you may acquire Walmart’s Phone Protection Plan.

Many old mobile phones may be used for Affirm financing. Buying a used mobile phone from Walmart is convenient since they have a big selection of models to pick from.

9: Best Buy

Best Buy has a wide variety of secondhand Android and Apple smartphones. The majority of the devices are unlocked. Some have been recertified, while others have not. Buying a secondhand mobile phone from Best Buy comes with a 14-day return policy.

If you’d like to see all of the phones that meet your criteria in one place, you may use Best Buy’s “Compare” tool. You may buy a used phone from a Best Buy shop near you, or have it mailed to you. If your purchase is eligible, shipping may be on us.

10: eBay

The basic rules and valid reviews on eBay will help you make an informed purchase (or bid) with confidence. Verify that the vendor has submitted a real picture of the phone and has included a complete, accurate description in the listing.

Why You Should Buy a Used Smartphone

Purchasing a smartphone is getting more and more difficult due to the rising costs. As a result, finding a modern model at a reasonable price may be challenging. Fortunately, old cell phones provide you with more freedom. For a fraction of the money, you can acquire top-of-the-line equipment.

You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that your used phone has been thoroughly tested when you purchase it from a reliable retailer. As a result, you won’t have to be concerned about your phone’s functionality or appearance.

Buying a Refurbished Smartphone Comes With a Few Minor Drawbacks.

Even if purchasing a used smartphone is less expensive than purchasing a new one, it is still necessary to verify the provenance of the device you want to purchase. If you work with a recognized corporation, you can be certain that you’re dealing with a legitimate business. For used devices, be sure that the vendor is trustworthy and that the phone is in excellent working order before purchasing. You don’t want to get a mobile phone that is older than your current one.


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