9Anime Alternatives To Websites To Watching Anime And TV Shows

Anime is a great source of amusement at any moment. 9Anime is a well-known anime streaming service where you can watch anime online. It also allows the user to free download anime episodes. It offers a simple UI with a shortcut menu to pick the anime TV series and movies genres. You may also search for English subtitles and dubbed videos from its vast anime catalog.

Apart from that, it gives videos of good quality and lets the user select the download quality. It’s a free website with a large selection of anime. You may filter your results based on the most recent episodes and seasons. Apart from all of its features, you do not need to register to view the material on this website. On this website, you may view all of the most recent and popular anime TV series seasons. In comparison to any other website, it contains a fantastic assortment of anime stuff.

If you are unable to use 9Anime for streaming anime TV shows and movies due to any troubles or reasons, you may look through our list of top 29 alternatives to 9Anime, which includes all of the similar sites to 9Anime.

What is 9Anime

9Anime is a well-known anime streaming Anime online with DUB and SUB for FREE. The website is well-known among anime fans. You may use the service to watch any movie or anime program you want. 9Anime offers Anime movies and TV series in either English dubbed or English subtitled versions. While there are other websites for streaming anime on the internet, 9Anime is one of the most popular.

Is 9Anime Down or Still Working in 2023?

9Anime is down, and fans can’t view free anime stuff there. The platform’s in-house staff shut down its servers for everyone on December 21, 2022.

There are, however, various alternatives to the site that you may utilize to view both ongoing and completed anime. This page is a list of safe and functional alternatives to 9Anime.

Best Alternatives To 9Anime For Watching Anime Movies And TV Shows

In this article you can find out the best working 9Anime alternavies websites.

1. AnimeFreak

According to the firm, AnimeFreak, with hundreds of episodes of your preferred anime series in a range of genres, is yet another one-stop shop for all free anime streaming websites to watch online (fantasy, music, mystery, parody, adventure, etc.).

This website has the most recent OVA series, feature films, and other anime favourites. It also offers hundreds of manga that are updated as new chapters are published in Japan. The pop-up advertisements of AnimeFreak, on the other hand, may bother you. It is also a great 9Anime alternative to watch anime online for free.

2. KissAnime


KissAnime (a sibling site of 9Anime and KissAsian) was formerly one of the most popular anime websites, but it has since closed. However, this list has several fantastic 9Anime alternatives. Before it was taken down, the original kissanime.ru domain was right up there with torrent sites in terms of site traffic and popularity. It features hundreds of anime episodes categorised as “completed” if the series has concluded or “recent” if the series is still running as a result of the rights holders’ permanent shutdown of the original KissAnime.ru domain.

3. AnimePahe


Animepahe is a prominent anime fan website. They provide a large collection of free anime from many genres, such as drama, history, and more. Animepahe believes it will stand out among the numerous other anime websites available online. The beautiful user interface and highly engaging animation with dubs and English subtitles persuade us that this is the greatest software on the market. It is also the finest alternative to 9Anime.

4. Animedao


Animedao is popular among anime fans since it offers an endless number of animes for free. English dubbing is available for anime films and TV episodes, as well as English subtitles. Animedao’s biggest advantage is that it allows consumers to make selections without hesitation.

Among many other anime streaming sites, Animedao is unquestionably the most popular right now. Animedao is a website where you can find new anime and other information. Users can watch various anime movies in either 1080p or 240p quality, depending on their Internet connection speed.

5. WatchAnimeMovie


WatchAnimeMovie is another excellent choice for replacing 9Anime. The site contains an alphabetical list of free anime films and episodes to watch. The website is quite popular and includes a lot of important information. It will not, without a certainty, bore you. In addition, the user interface is fascinating. The best part of the site is how frequently it is updated.

As a result, you’ll always have access to the most up-to-date information. You may select from a variety of genres to find what you enjoy most. If you don’t know what to watch, click on the genres area and go through categories like Action, Comedy, Adventure, Thriller, and so on.

6. GoGoAnime


For people who do not want to pay to watch anime, GoGoAnime is a terrific top alternative website to watch anime online. Several episodes that are not accessible on any paid platform are also available on the site. This website offers both subtitled and dubbed series. This website also places a heavy focus on community building. This enables you to contact other anime fans and discuss your favourite series. Each video on the site has a live comment area where you may share your comments.

7. Fire Anime

Fire Anime

Unlike the other sites on this list, Fire Anime does not have a single streaming site, but it does aggregate high-quality anime connections from all around the Internet. Fire Anime: Extra Anime, Popular Anime, Latest Subbed Anime, New Seasons, All Anime, and Settings are the primary categories of Fire Anime. You’ll love Fire Anime if you have a streaming device like the Amazon Firestick!

8. MyAnimeList


MyAnimeList is a one-stop shop for anime reviews, news, forum debates, and promotional videos due to its diverse collection of information and reputation. MyAnimeList distinguishes itself from competitors by providing in-depth coverage of each anime series or film. Users can access the following types of information: description, background, additional titles, production data, characters, voice actors, opening and closing melodies, reviews, and statistics (score, rank, popularity, members, and favourites).

At only $2.99 a month, MyAnimeList provides one of the most affordable monthly subscriptions available, offering an ad-free experience, an extended Favorites section, a profile badge, and other perks. Keep in mind that if you are not logged in, you will see advertisements while viewing.

9. AnimeLab


Animelab is dedicated to bringing you the best new anime series available online. Although it is aimed at Australian and New Zealand visitors, this website is completely free to access. Our website receives visitors from all around the world. The application is also compatible with iPhones and Android smartphones.

In partnership with Japanese studios, it transmits a limited number of simulcasts. This enables consumers to watch anime for free without driving Japanese businesses out of business. The site is easy to use, and when you move your cursor over an anime picture, you can see short descriptions. It is one of the best alternatives to 9Anime .

10. KickAssAnime


KickAssAnime is just as it sounds: a fantastic website for watching your favourite anime. The site is not only simple to use, but it also looks nice. The Kickassanime website contains brief summaries, making it simple to discover new series. A countdown timer is used on a website to keep people informed about impending episodes. This little improvement is important for staying up to date on new broadcast series and is a good replacement for 9Anime . On the other hand, this site is just for subtitles and has no dubbed content.

11. Nickelodeon


Another great replacement for 9Anime. Nickelodeon, which debuted in 1977, is an American-based television network that concentrates on several shows for children and ranks as the network’s highest-rated system. The series was created by Canadian media and first aired on it. However, because it offers animation series, movies, short segments, teen series, 3D animation, and much more, it has become the most popular channel over time.

Nickelodeon also has a programme called Nick at Night, which features classic series for an older demographic. They publish their own magazines and have a production unit with its main office at Universal Studios.

12. ToonGet


Another alternative to 9Anime. ToonGet is a website that offers a variety of platforms for watching animated movies and dramas. This website provides a variety of services, including online cartoon viewing, anime series, anime episodes, cartoon series, and more. The most important thing is that these cartoon movies can be watched with English subtitles or voices in other languages.

Users of this programme are entertained by a variety of series, and the authors of this application routinely update it with new features, add new dramas and movies on a regular basis, and alert users of new incoming dramas and series. The process to download this app is very easy, and it works on all platforms and comes with clear instructions.

13. Netflix

The streaming colossus Anime’s popularity has skyrocketed on Netflix in recent years. The site has been updated to provide a more extensive selection of anime. This category includes anime that is both subtitled and dubbed. Several popular games, such as Vampire the Knight, support streaming. As of 2018, the streaming service had already begun creating anime. They’ve also developed a western version of the popular anime series Death Note. The site intends to continue promoting anime in the hopes of capitalising on its popularity. Without a doubt, this is one of the best anime websites and content suppliers on the Internet.

14. CartoonsOn


CartoonsOn is a service that allows everyone to view their favourite animation and cartoon series on any device. This platform allows viewers to watch new and old programmes from a variety of sources. Users may also access shows from previous generations or those included in the most recent generation packs through CartoonsOn. Users can watch shows from almost all of the major studios, including Walt Disney, Warner Bros., and Universal Pictures, which include Tom & Jerry Classic, Baby Looney Tunes, Ben 10: Omniverse, Courage the Cowardly Dog, The Flintstones TV Series, Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Bugs Bunny Show, and many more.

15. AnimeVibe


AnimeVibe’s goal is to broaden the anime fanbase by making easy-to-watch programmes available to the rest of the globe. This site presently hosts around 2,000 programmes. These series have both subtitles and dubs, ensuring that you can enjoy anime regardless of how you watch it. AnimeVibe is well-known for being overly reliant on advertising income. If you use an ad blocker, this is one of the best anime websites, like 9Anime. They also have a thriving community that is always open to newcomers.

16. AnimeBam


AnimeBam is a simple website with very little advertising. It is well-organized, despite having fewer shows than most other sites. Because they are free of superfluous materials, the movies load quickly and play smoothly.

17. Tubi TV

Tubi TV

Another 9Anime alternative. Tubi TV is one of the best free anime streaming services available today, with content ranging from Akira and You Hakusho to the most recent Boruto and Fairy Tail episodes. Keep up with your favourite shows by watching high-definition episodes and keeping an eye out for new releases.

18. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll is a prominent anime streaming service that every anime fan is familiar with. For a long time, this 9Anime alternative site has provided outstanding information to millions of users. The site is divided into shows, manga, news, and premium sections and has a straightforward user interface. As a consequence, if you want more features, you may subscribe to the premium plan. Any recent updates will be shown by a message at the top of this page. Naruto Shippuden, Radiant, Darling in FRANXX, and more titles are featured.

19. Anime-Planet


Anime-Planet has been available online since the millennium’s turn. This site includes some of the greatest anime available, with over 40,000 episodes. They even have a section for manga series. Although the site’s user interface requires some adjustment, the search function is flawless. The layouts of Crunchyroll and Anime-layout Planet are similar. This layout makes it easy to select which episodes of your show to watch. This video player employs the most recent version of Flash to play your movies. Advertisements are featured on this site, but they are not intrusive. It is the best 9Anime alternative to watching anime online.



Customers can access the most popular anime titles as well as a back library of series dating back to the mid-twentieth century through this Houston-based streaming service. The most recent Japanese simulcasts are televised in 1080p or HD definition.

Its selection of unusual titles and OVAs that may capture the curiosity of real anime lovers distinguishes it from other websites. To tailor your viewing experience, you may also alter the colour of the subtitles and use uncensored mode. In addition, HIDIVE’s content-finding engine is among the best in the industry.

21. Cartoon Crazy

Cartoon Crazy

Cartoon Crazy, like 9Anime, is the second most popular anime streaming service for online anime viewing. As the name implies, this website offers the greatest and most diverse selection of anime cartoons. Not only that, but you can also watch anime movies. Essentially, the site is a massive archive of anime stuff. You also get a variety of genres, which makes it easier to stream if you don’t know what to watch.

22. NarutoGet


Narutoget is yet another excellent anime website devoted to anime and related topics. It is the best free anime streaming website to watch online alternatives to 9Anime. This service allows you to watch anime movies and episodes as well as read manga. It features free anime from across the world as well as the English dub of Naruto Shippuden.

23. Ani.me


This is a wonderful site to visit if you want a clean presentation. Ani.me may have a strange name, but they make up for it with an excellent user experience and a wide range of free anime streaming websites to watch online. This also makes it much easier to navigate and select new anime series. Manga may be purchased as well. On the website, a countdown displays when new episodes will be released.

This might assist you in keeping up with the most current programmes and avoiding getting behind. Furthermore, the site contains an active news blog that keeps you up to date on industry developments. Despite being a tiny platform, it is without a doubt one of the top anime websites online.

24. Hulu

Hulu like 9Anime, is well-known for live streaming, movies, and original programming, but their anime catalogue matches that of other streaming services. With shows like Dragon Ball Z, Cowboy Bebop, Akira, and Studio Ghibli, Hulu is a great place for anime fans looking for high-definition entertainment.

25. Toonova

Another site like 9Anime. Toonova is an internet streaming service that provides consumers with a rapid stream that allows them to quickly access practically every cartoon series. Its main goal is to give people access to popular cartoon-based series, anime, short films, full-length movies, and other works.

This platform also provides content based on the most recent anime series and movies that have been dubbed in other languages. Toonova has an easy-to-use interface because it sorts lists by things like cartoon sequences, new episodes, up-to-date, cartoon movies, and much more. Users can use the filter tool to look for the list they want.

26. Masterani

Another popular anime streaming service for fans to watch online is Masterani. There is something for every anime enthusiast out there, with a wide collection that includes current simulcasts. The biggest disadvantage is that manoeuvring around the seat may be difficult. However, given the lack of invasive ads, this isn’t a huge concern.

27. VRV


VRV is another new streaming service with an anime station. This website is for people who choose to watch their shows rather than purchase a TV bundle. This service even has several free channels that aren’t linked to anime or cartoons. A one-month subscription to VRV currently costs $9.99. You may start with a free 30-day trial to get a feel for the service before committing fully. The service is organised into channels that are rather easy to explore.

28. Disney Junior

Disney Junior

Disney Junior, which is owned by the Walt Disney Company, was previously known as the Playhouse Disney TV channel network that operated internationally. They have a primary goal of entertaining children by containing a variety of media based on original first-run television programmes, home media-exclusive movies, theatrically-released films, and much more.

Disney Junior broadcasts its morning shows from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. on weekdays and from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. on weekends, allowing youngsters to watch all of the shows on the weekend. They also have a customised broadcast schedule during the summer vacation. Children can acquire small parts from Mickey Mouse’s residence that appear between episodes.

29. Anilinkz

Anilinkz anime is the next website on our list. This fantastic resource has a large library of anime shows and films. This site does not need registration or logging in. Simply visit the website and search for the material you wish to see. The sophisticated search option allows you to swiftly search the material. Alternatively, you may browse the different genre categories to get a diverse selection of anime. Overall, the website has a lot to offer users, and you should take advantage of it. Just go for it!

Frequently Asked Questions What Happened to 9Anime?

What Happened to 9Anime?

9Anime was shut down in 2022 because the in-house crew was too busy scraping any other site for the platform. The platform’s official website is no longer accessible.

Is 9Anime Legal?

Because it did not keep any copyrighted information on its server, 9Anime was a lawful site. The portal redirected visitors to a third-party website that housed anime material.

Is 9Anime Safe?

9Anime was a secure website where users could view anime material. However, the official website is no longer accessible because it has been decommissioned.

When Was 9Anime Created?

9Anime was established on February 3, 1991. However, there is no reliable source for this information.

Which Is The Real 9Anime?

Users may no longer access the official site 9Anime. There are, however, some mirror sites you may utilize to access the platform. The links are provided below.


Which VPN Service Should I Opt For 9Anime?

You may acquire access to 9Anime and other anime streaming sites by using NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

Is there a 9anime app?

There is currently no app version of 9anime; there is no 9anime iOS app or 9anime Android apk. Please be cautious of apps that pretend to be official 9anime.

Benefits of Use 9Anime

9anime is the place to go for an outstanding anime streaming experience. On this website, you may get all of the finest anime material for free. From the most recent episodes of ongoing programs to the most popular shows, this platform has it all. I’ll mention a few of the reasons why you should broadcast on this platform below. The following are some of 9anime standout features:

1. It is free to use.

It provides free and high-quality access to the most recent and well-known anime. It is commonly considered as the most wonderful platform for viewing anime from any location and at any time. There are numerous servers available for watching a single anime video without experiencing lag.

2. Quick Streaming

To play a single anime episode, many servers are deployed, resulting in lag-free and fast streaming. Furthermore, by decreasing the stream quality, it allows buffer-free streaming.

3. Content that is updated on a daily basis

The content on the 9anime platform is updated as frequently as possible. The animation is also available in high resolution.
4. Excellent features and layouts

The 9anime user interface is simple and black. Furthermore, the dark theme reduces eye strain.

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