List of Best Deck For Arena 6 in 2022

Having no counters for any other troops is the primary issue with this deck. This is due to the fact that it is sensitive to other units’ group cards and counters. It’s possible, though, to take down your opponent’s towers and withstand their onslaught if you play it right. In the beginning of a game, this deck can endure the onslaught and come out on top.

Arena 6’s best deck is a mix of offence and defence. As a general rule, the Hog Rider is a more defensive deck than an aggressive one. Air protection may be provided by Minions or Baby Dragons, while damaging spells like Fireball and Zap can be included into your deck. For those who want to win the game, this deck is ideal. All that matters is how you want to play and what your particular tastes are.

Deck With a Solid Golem.

  1. Goblins
  2. Goblins are slain using spears.
  3. Archers
  4. Wizard
  5. Minions in Arms
  6. Golem
  7. The Elixir Hunter
  8. Fireball

This deck has a high average Elixir cost, but it isn’t a dealbreaker. To avoid overspending and waiting for a long period to recharge, you may use the Elixir Collector to acquire extra Elixir every 10 seconds. Elixir Collector is very useful in the second half of a battle, when you have a significant advantage in charging Elixir over your opponent. That way you can play a Golem more quickly and take the offensive more often.

In this deck, the Golem is the primary emphasis. If you’re looking for a weapon that can take down practically any enemy unit and inflict tremendous damage on your towers, this is it. However, you must defend it against your opponent’s counters, such as Minion Hordes or other group cards like Barbarians or Goblins, in order to keep it in play. The Golem may be formidable, but it is not unbeatable.

Spear Goblins and Archers are excellent long-range attackers for Golems. Both the Wizard and the Minion Horde are good at dealing with large numbers of foes, although they are better suited to defending against single Golem attacks. The more counters you can play, the better off you will be if you have an Elixir Collector on your team.

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List of Best Deck for Arena 6

Arena 6 will unlock the cards in all of the decks mentioned below. If you can’t go into the Builder’s Workshop, you won’t be able to use certain cards.

1: Skeleton Tempo

  • Army of the Dead
  • Wizard
  • Balloon
  • Skeleton of a Giant
  • Tombstone
  • Tesla
  • Arrows
  • Freeze

In this deck, flowing with the flow of the game is the name of the game. In spite of being mostly defensive, there is a great deal of flexibility for experimentation and adaptability. Counters such as Freeze and Balloon may just as well be attacking moves as they can be defensive ones. Start more defensively until you have opportunities to take down your opponent if you are uncertain.

You may use cards like Tombstone and Skeleton Army to flood the field with troops. Early in the game, if you have a Tombstone, use it wisely. Skeletons produced by this process should have a function rather than be swiftly removed, but you still want them eliminated. When the odds are stacked in your favour, playing Wizard with a Giant Skeleton is a viable alternative.

You may use Tesla to keep your opponent at bay with this defensive card. Do not be too ready to give up your Tesla at the start of the match. Waiting until you have full Elixir before playing another card as a counter or diversion might be beneficial. When your opponent is advancing, Teslas and Tombstones may form a formidable defence.

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2: High and Low

  • Goblins
  • Goblins are slain using spears.
  • Ride the Hog
  • Prince
  • Minions in Arms
  • P.E.K.K.A.
  • Arrows
  • Freeze

As a general rule, this deck is a threat from the start until the end of the match. However, you should avoid playing PEKKA too early or you’ll lose a lot of Elixir to its counter. Your most costly card is PEKKA. For the most part, you’ll be using Goblins, Hog Riders, and Princes to launch an attack on your opponent throughout the game’s early and middle stages.

As the game’s finish draws near and you begin to amass more Elixir, you should feel free to mount an attack while playing PEKKA. You can make PEKKA even more effective if you have counters and diversions for the enemy’s troops. Late in a game, a PEKKA and Prince or Hog Rider may be devastating, particularly if your opponent is desperately countering the PEKKA as your Hog Rider races over to their Towers.

Your finest defences against large numbers of enemies are Arrows and Freeze, while your best offence is Minion Horde. As the game progresses and you get closer to the conclusion, Spear Goblins may be a terrific diversion. Make the most of them to keep your adversaries distracted while your power hitters inflict damage to hostile towers.

Best Arena 6 Decks: Builder’s Workshop

Clash Royale’s Arena 6 Decks (from the “Builder’s Workshop”) are on display this time.

This is the second instalment of the Arena Rush series of guides.. It’s geared on getting you through Builder’s Workshop, and I’ll provide you with some decks depending on the outcomes you choose. You may want to unlock all of the cards currently available before moving on to the next chapter.

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Choosing a Win Condition

The deck’s victory condition is the deck’s primary source of damage. Win conditions should be powerful enough to reach towers, deliver modest damage, and have a fair elixir cost if assaulting just structures is the preferred strategy.

At this point, there are a lot of options for winning. By including X-Bow, Balloon, Mortar, and Skeleton Barrel in your deck, you open up a slew of new offensive and defence-oriented possibilities.

For your Arena 6 decks, I recommend picking a victory condition from the following four cards since they are simple to play and don’t need a lot of assistance.

The Greatest Arena 6 Deck Doesn’t Include Legendary Cards.

  1. Splash Killer: Wizard.
  2. Attack/Defence: Valkyrie is a good choice.
  3. In order to win, you must be a Hog Rider.
  4. Defence is a snap with Zap.
  5. Arrows: This may be used to make arbitrary predictions about the future.
  6. Strike with a fireball to take out the Tower Troops.
  7. Cannon: Used in construction.
  8. Using Skeletons for Cycles


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