10 Best Automatic Mouse Mover Software For Windows Users

Continuous cursor movement is necessary to keep your system awake while you continue with other work. You also need to be near the system to keep from logging off. What if the software is in charge of this steady cursor movement? Some coders had the same problems and thought an automatic mouse mover would be helpful. As the number of people who work from home grows, it gets harder and harder for most people to balance their jobs and personal lives. Sitting in front of your system gets annoying when you don’t have any work but still need to be online.

An automatic mouse mover that keeps your system awake even when you’re not there can also fix this. With the automatic mouse mover software, you can leave your PC and still be logged in when you return. This guide will help you find the best automatic mouse movers. You can choose the best fit for your needs based on your requirements. Before we begin, let’s talk about the working of automatic mouse movers.

Automatic Mouse Mover Working In Windows 10, 11

These useful mouse mover tools tell our system’s CPU that the system is being used, which is what they do. There is regular movement of the cursor, which makes the system think that it is being used. It keeps the system from going to sleep when the user isn’t touching it. When a user doesn’t want to use a background or any apps to keep the system awake, this comes into play.

10 Best Automatic Mouse Mover Software For Windows Users

Please find below a list of automatic mouse movers that work with Windows.

1. Move Mouse

Automatic Mouse Mover

Users can teach the Move Mouse software the mouse movement within a predetermined period using the Move Mouse software. Tasks and pre-loaded actions that can be customized to meet user requirements are available. These tasks include cursor movement, keystrokes, PowerShell scripts, and other activities. The software’s place on the list of the best mouse mover software is helped by these extra tools. You used to have to buy third-party software to move the mouse, but now you can get one of the best mouse mover apps for free from the Microsoft Store.

2. WiggleMouse

Automatic Mouse Mover

WiggleMouse is an automatic mouse mover for Windows 10 and 11 devices, just like the other tools on this list. The mouse has a very simple interface. You only need to set the timer for the mouse to move. After being set, the mouse will move in the right way. It’s possible that WiggleMouse’s interface needs to be updated, but it works great.

3. Mouse Jiggle

Automatic Mouse Mover

The name of the software, Jiggle, alludes to how it works: move the mouse around to keep the operating system awake. This automatic mouse mover pretends to be an input to the CPU, which helps the system stay awake. Its simple user interface makes it compatible with both new and experienced users. It is compatible with all versions of Windows and is offered for free to its users.

4. MouseController

Automatic Mouse Mover

This feature records all mouse clicks, computer actions, repeated tasks, and how they were carried out. The record is saved on an HDD. This guarantees its place on the list of the best Windows software for an automatic mouse mover. The software can be used for tasks that are portable and not portable. To start, you can go to the official site and download the EXE file of the software. With this automatic mouse mover, you can stop recording mouse actions when you want to or when it’s required.

5. Auto Click Typer

Automatic Mouse Mover

Users can only perform mouse and keyboard actions with Auto Click Typer, an automatic mouse mover in the list. It saves all of your clicks and typing actions in a file, another Auto Click Typer feature. The file is built in AUTOCAD. This file can be used again, so tasks don’t have to be done again.

6. Mouse Machine

In a hassle-free way, this software enables the replication of the actions. It makes the procedure simple and painless. Users can make over 999 actions for the cursor’s movement with this automatic mouse mover software, and they can save them for later. Depending on the user’s requirements, these can also be customized by carrying out only a specific set of tasks. All versions of Windows are compatible with the software, which is offered for free download.

7. Mini Mouse Macro

For new and experienced users, the software’s fundamental working makes it one of the best automatic mouse mover programs. Mini Mouse Macro can record and play back actions with the keyboard or mouse. The required level of automation is possible for the process. The instructions that are put into it are very quick. The automatic mouse mover uses less memory and CPU than other software, which makes it better.

8. Mouse Mover

Mouse Mover is the next name on this list of the best automatic mouse mover software. Try this if you have a red/blue light-based mouse. This app uses black and white, moving lines to trick the mouse into thinking it’s the base. Since the lines are moving, the mouse’s sensors pick up on that and make it move, too. You can load this app on your Android device, place the mouse on it, and perform other required tasks.

9. TinyTask

That’s it for the list of the best automatic mouse mover software. This automatic mouse mover app logs screen actions and repeats them based on user input. The user can set up and control the app in a way that suits them. It controls the speed (Normal or Fast) and points the hotkeys in the right direction. It gives you the choice between portable and non-portable mouse mover apps. The user can choose which one to use based on their needs.

10. XuMouse

Xu Mouse comes in at the end on this list of the best automatic mouse mover software. With this software, you can keep the mouse pointer moving at all times with a very short list. You can download and use XuMouse for free. The interface of the Xu Mouse app is also very user-friendly. Because of this, the tool is thought to be one of the easiest for beginners. Windows 11, 10, and several older operating systems, down to Windows 95, can download and use the tool. However, the tool is only available in English, and the interface can only be used in that language.

Consider The Following:

The Bottom Line:

The software mentioned above fixes the issue of constant cursor movement to prevent your system from shutting down. This software offers a fluid setting to stop and resume working as the user requires, in addition to easy downloading and implementation. Of course, it saves you the trouble of repeatedly entering your password to keep your work sessions going. Not only that, but automatic mouse movers also have extra features that let you set them to do certain tasks and then record them for later use. Please let us know in the comments which one you’d choose.

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