Best Gaming Monitor Under 300$ in 2021

In this post, I will discuss the best Gaming Monitor for under 300$ dollar. If you are looking for a gaming monitor then you are in the right place because here I will explain the top 10 gaming monitors under 300$.
With the help of these monitors which I explain you can play every type of game. You can find games where you want to find and play on these monitors. Here you will find a portable monitor that is useful for you.

Best Gaming Monitor Under 300$

  • AOC C24G1 Frameless
  • Dell D2719HGF
  • Acer G257HU
  • Sceptre C248B Curved
  • Acer Nitro VG271

1: AOC C24G1 Frameless

In my list, the first number gaming monitor is AOC C24G1. The performance of the AOC C24G1 is excellent. This monitor supports the 27-inch screen with the result of HD. if it is your choice then you will use many other features of the AOC C241G1 monitor.
With this monitor, you can video edit, photo editing ng, and more a lot of work without any problem.
It provides a good color scheme for gaming. Using this gaming monitor you can play every type of game like a racer, shooter, etc.
If you are using a local monitor for gaming then you will face eye disturbance from the display but don’t worry about this, buy the AOC C24G1 monitor and solve this problem. It provides eye protection from the light problem. It can be used for professional used work. This monitor is also better for the YouTuber because here you can edit your video like a professional.


1 Screen size is 27 inch
2 Resolution of this monitor is 1920 x 1080 it is best
3 Response time is very high value is 0.5ms of it
4 The size of the display port 2xHDM 1.4 DVI-D
5 Available 5 way for the OSD Navigation Joystick
6 Full HD Display


249$ you can buy on the amazon

2. Dell D2719HGF

Dell company introduced the Dell D2910HGF monitor for gaming. Probably you know about the
Dell company. It is a multinational company and it is very famous. The product of Dell company is known as better in all over the world. Dell D2719GF is one of them.
This Dell monitor works excellently in the gaming field and can do many other works you perform using it. It has a huge display screen of almost 27 inch which provides you with a good looking display for playing different games. You feel comfortable using it.
Now I will tell you about the TN panel with the power of 144Hz refresh rate. It is an outstanding feature of this monitor. TN panel helps the displaying result of the screen like it works on the mixing color when the result shows on the screen in this monitor.
It provides the highest resolution for their client. You know a good resolution is needed for playing games on the android because some games consist of bad color so it can manage the game color for showing the result on the screen. The main advantage of this monitor is the price is reasonable for local clients.


  • The screen size of the Dell D2719HGF is 27 inch HD
  • The refresh rate of this monitor is outstanding 144Hz which provides high performance
  • Response time is a very important thing for the computer so the response time of this monitor is very quickly 2ms GTG
  • The PPI in this monitor for gaming is 81

3. Acer G257HU

Now I will discuss the Acer brand which is helpful for the playing game. These days play the game has become the trend and many gamers want to look for the best monitor for the game which provides them with extra features. So the Acer G257HU is best for this.
Acer company introduced the good product for gaming G257HU has a 25-inch screen with HD result so if you want to game using a computer then G257HU monitor for you. When you use it you will be impressed. The resolution power of this monitor is very well round bound 1440p it is enough for the gaming player.
The refresh rate of the Acer G257HU is 60hz. That is not of very high-level refresh rate but can be of help to you. The main advantage of this monitor is the color combination is amazing. It displays the result as you want. It can’t disturb your eyes when you are watching the screen when you are playing the game.


  • screen size is 25 inch on these monitors
  • Acer G257HU included the 60Hz refresh rate
  • Response time is 4ms GTG of this monitor
  • 8-bit color rating available here
  • PPI is 117 of this machine

Under 300$

4 Sceptre C248B Curved

If you are looking for a gaming monitor at a reasonable price then C248B Curved is best for you. This monitor includes the 24 Inch display screen HD. It belongs to the latest technology which provides outstanding performance and amazing features.
In this monitor, you will never face the resolution problem because it has a 1920 x 1080 resolution power. This is the best thing for you if you’re a regular gamer. More using this monitor you can play different types of games easily like a racer, and many other games
With the help of the VA panel, you have permission to reciprocate the image using some accurate tool. In every field response time effect a lot so the response time of this monitor is very good like 3ms. Mean you will not for the result when you perform any task in it.
The refresh rate is very high round bound 144Hz it will help you for the outstanding result. Its price is very low so my opinion is this is best for you. You can buy it from amazon with an easy process.


  • Support to the 24 inches full HD screen
  • response time is high 3ms
  • The refresh rate is 144Hz on this gaming monitor
  • Resolution power is 1920×1080 with HD result
  • Display port available here.


5 Acer Nitro VG271

Almost everyone knows about the Acer company. It introduces the best computer in every field. Its monitors are famous for gaming. Acer launched a Nitro VG271 for the gamer player who has an interest in playing the game on the monitor. You can find gamers anywhere and run it on this monitor easily.
The size of this monitor screen is 27 inch which provides HD results. If we talk about the resolution power of this monitor it provides outstanding performance because the resolution power is 1080p. It has a 144Hz refresh rate. If you want to get a monitor for you for playing games then it is best for you. Using this monitor you will never feel a disturbance.
The color cessation in this monitor is very good. It provides an 8-bit color rating. Response time is very quick and you will get in this monitor. It will return the result in minimum time when you perform any task here. In the end, I will recommend Nitro VG271 for you.
The price of this monitor is reasonable; you can buy it from any amazon store setting at home.
I hope you should purchase it after reading its complete features.


  • Screen size is 27 inch with HD result
  • The refresh rate is 144Hz in this system
  • Response time is 1ms VRB
  • color rating is 8 bit in it
  • PPI power is 81 use here

Under 300$


I explain all the best gaming monitors in this article. If you are looking for the best gaming monitor with the best features then this article is proven helpful for you. All these monitor prices are under 300$ that is reasonable for you if you have an interest in buying them.
All these above monitors are just not for gaming you can use them for other work like video editing, photo editing, and much other official work. After reading this article you will be able to choose the best monitor for the game. Leave the message in a comment about what you like or dislike in this article.

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