Best Meme Maker App For IOS and Android

While the great majority of online audiences like viewing memes shared by others, only a small percentage of us have actually attempted creating our own to share with the world. So here we will show you the best meme maker app.

All you need is a good meme creation program with many of different meme templates to choose from. It can be challenging to decide on the best meme maker out of the many options available on Google Play and the App Store.

To help you add some much-needed humor to your social contacts, we have created a list of the best meme-making apps.

Best Meme Maker App For IOS and Android

1. Meme Generator

Meme Generator has been downloaded over 10 million times, making it an Editor’s Choice app on Google Play. More than a thousand pre-made meme templates are included in the program, making it easy to quickly produce material for social networking and personal usage.

Similarly, you can use any image on your device to create a personalized meme.

Meme Generator is updated weekly, and it contains various humorous features. The software also includes a wide variety of editable stickers for use in your memes.

The app’s library of over 60 fonts makes it possible to make memes with a wide variety of captions, both new and old. It is one of the best meme maker app.

Additionally, the service facilitates the creation and dissemination of humorous memes. Its best advantage is that your finished memes will not be watermarked. Also, the app will never upload any of your memes to the internet without your consent, so you can feel safe sharing them with the world.

2. Meme Creator

Meme Creator is one of the best meme-making apps available in the Google Play store. Famous individuals, cartoons, animals, rage, and tips are just a few of the countless options.

To help you find the best memes for any situation, we’ve further categorized them under their respective umbrella terms.

With this program, you may make your own memes from pictures you already have, and you can even mix two different memes into one. The software provides you with access to over 600 distinct meme templates, all of which may be modified in terms of text size, font style, and border.

One big drawback is that the meme builder doesn’t allow for much customization, such as the addition of clip artwork or additional features.

3. Memes Maker and Generator

Meme Maker & Generator can help you create the most entertaining memes. This app provides you with access to the most recent GIFs and meme themes. Editing programs that work with a deep fryer allow for a wide variety of variations on a meme’s theme. The software allows you to adjust the speed at which the video memes play to suit your preferences.

The app’s freestyle typefaces and countless cool stickers allow you to totally express yourself and make original memes. This program allows you to create meme collages, quotes with closed captions, and backgrounds of any color you like. It is one of the best meme maker app.

So, you’re looking for a GIF of your favorite Rihanna or Drake song, or a Game of Thrones moment, to use as the basis for a meme. Then look no farther than Memes Maker & Generator, where you can pick and choose from over a million movable GIFs based on your favorite movies and TV shows.

4. Memasik

Memasik equips you with the means to put your own artistic twist on a well-known meme through the medium of sketching.

Easily add text, stickers, and even your own artwork to an image with one of the most user-friendly interfaces for generating memes. The app’s meme library is regularly updated to ensure that you have access to the latest and best meme examples available.

Using Memasik’s built-in rapid share feature, you may instantly publish a meme series made using thematic stickers on social media.

Meme coins can be spent on boosting a meme’s visibility within the app, and the app also hosts a sizable community where users can post and discuss their own meme creations.

5. Video and GIF Memes

Many users consider Zombodroid the best meme video and GIF maker available on Google Play. The software allows you to customize the look of the text by changing the font, color, and size, and it also allows you to add your own notes and pictures.

The video GIFs can have their frame rate, playback speed, repetition, and direction changed. It is one of the best meme maker app.

The program gives you access to a GIF library managed by Tenor, where you can look for any animated GIF you can imagine using a wide range of filters. If the GIF meets the user’s requirements, it can be turned into a meme. The tool allows you to customize the GIF in terms of quality, format, and subtitles. You can choose to undo the GIF’s effects or turn them off altogether.

6. Meme Faces

Meme Faces is the best app to use if you want to make your friends laugh with their images. It’s easy to turn your friend’s best shot into a viral meme by using the program to superimpose different meme faces onto regular images and adding text.

Meme Faces lets you insert comic text into your memes, allowing you to make an entire series. It is one of the best meme maker app.

In addition to flipping stickers and words, Meme Faces also lets you mix and match several fonts within a single meme. The photo filter within the app is also modifiable.

This software has over 200 different memes to choose from, split up into three different groups. The “My creation” section of the app is where you can access all the memes you’ve generated.

7. Memeto

When compared to its rivals, Memeto is light years ahead when it comes to the speed with which it produces memes. The software provides you with thousands of stickers, high-definition photos, and meme templates to let you simply create your own original memes.

Memes can be made from any of your stored images, whether they are serious or hilarious. One use of this program is to color in the words of a meme to make it more aesthetically appealing. It is one of the best meme maker app.

Memeto is a meme generator that also produces troll quotes, offensive statements, and inspiring quotes. Watermarks are unnecessary because Memeto is a free service. You will encounter a lot of adverts on your way to becoming a meme master, though.

To circumvent this, you can remove ads and obtain access to premium stickers by purchasing a subscription to the app.


So in the closure of Best  meme maker app I would say that the apps below have all been manually tested, so you know you can trust them. The apps we’ve already mentioned are the only ones on Google Play that have the functionality we’ve described.

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