Microsoft Office 2007 Free Download For Windows 7 [32 Bit]

Microsoft Office 2007 is the most famous and flexible version of Microsoft Office. It is a family of office suites and productivity software for windows. Microsoft Office 2007 is developed and published by Microsoft. This amazing version of Microsoft Office was released on November 3, 2006. Microsoft Office 2007 was subsequently made available to volume license customers on November 30, 2006. Available for retail on January 30, 2007. The release date of Microsoft Office 2007 for windows vista is the same. Microsoft Office 2007 is preceded by Office 2003. And succeeded by Microsoft Office 2010. 

Microsoft Office 2007 helps you to manage your overall business environment. This featured product provides you with user-friendly business software. Like Microsoft Office Professional plus 2007, Groove 2007, and OneNote 2007. 

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List Of All Microsoft Office 2007 Applications

1. Microsoft Office Excel 2007

Microsoft Office Excel 2007 is used to analyze your business information. It helps you to create spreadsheets, track time, cost, resources, and people in one place.

2. Microsoft Office Word 2007

Microsoft Office Word 2007 is used to create, manage, save, and edit your important documents.

3. Microsoft Office Publisher 2007

Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 is used for business activities. It helps managers to manage customers, contacts, and sales.

4. Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 is used to create dynamic sales presentations.

5. Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2007

Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2007 is used to save your valuable time. It helps you to online organizeto organize your business online. With the help of the accounting features. That is best for small businesses.

6. Microsoft Office Access 2007

Microsoft Office Access 2007 is used to create the database. These databases can helps you to manage, filter, sort, graph, and visualize business information.

7. Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007

Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 is used to reduce business costs. It helps you to execute business transactions and processes. With advanced electronics forms technologies.

8. Microsoft Office Communicator 2007

Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 is used to communicate with each other. It allows you to communicate easily with colleagues and clients in different locations. It has different communication techniques including instant messaging, voice, and video. Which free you from the bondage of time.

9. Microsoft Office Groove 2007

Microsoft Office Groove 2007 is used to collaborate with others. It helps you to dynamically collaborate in a single workspace. That put all team members, tools, documents, and information together.

10. Microsoft Office OneNote 2007

Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 is used to gather and organize handwritten notes. You can also manage audio and video recording. Also, you can store web researches, screen clippings, drawings, pictures, and many other things. Here the great point is that. You can get all these features in a single location. 

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Minimum System Requirements For Microsoft Office 2007

  • Processor: 500 MHz or Higher
  • RAM: 256 MB or Higher
  • Hard Disk: 1.5 GB or Higher
  • Display: 1024*768 or High-Resolution Monitor
  • Operating System: Windows XP or any updated windows version

How To Download And Install Microsoft Office 2007?

  • First of all, open your favorite browser.
  • And Search ‘Microsoft Office 2007 Free Download’
  • Then click on the download button
  • Now, you need to wait for the completion of downloading process. It carries a few minutes or hours. Depending on your internet speed.
  • Right-click on the downloaded file
  • Then, click on the ‘Extract Microsoft Office 2007’ button.
  • This process may assume a few seconds or minutes. Depending on your system speed
  • Now open the ‘Microsoft Office 2007’ folder.
  • And then double-click on the ‘setup.exe’ file to run the setup.
  • It will ask you to enter a Microsoft Office 2007 serial key.
  • You need to go back to your Microsoft Office 2007 folder. And open the serial.txt file.
  • Copy the serial key from this file and paste it on Microsoft Office 2007 setup prompt.
  • Then click on the Next button
  • After that click on the Install button
  • And start waiting for installing. It will also take some minutes or hours. The speed of installing process depends on your system.
  • When the installation process is finished. You can enjoy the full version of Microsoft Office 2007 with its latest features. 

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Main Key Features Of Microsoft Office 2007

I describe all the basic points of Microsoft Office 2007. But here the time is to discuss the key features of Microsoft Office 2007. That you will experience after using Microsoft Office 2007.

  1. Microsoft Office 2007 is the best office utility suite.
  2. It can provide you all the necessary tools for your business.
  3. It offers you a smooth-looking ribbon-like interface.
  4. In this Microsoft Office version, the old gray drop-down menu bar is replaced.
  5. It allows you to apply 3D effects to your images and charts.
  6. It gives you an amazing featured office button. That can provide you a list of important tasks in one place.
  7. It can provide you live preview features. That can help you to select document text. And move the mouse cursor at any formatting button. And see its effect on selected text.
  8. The quick access toolbar allows you to access the basic and important buttons on the top of the window. That can allow you to work fast and very efficiently. You can also add or remove tools from the quick access bar.

List Of All Microsoft Office Versions

  1. Microsoft Office 95
  2. Microsoft Office 97
  3. Microsoft Office 2000
  4. Microsoft Office XP
  5. Microsoft Office 2003
  6. Microsoft Office 2007
  7. Microsoft Office 2010
  8. Microsoft Office 2013
  9. Microsoft Office 2016

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I hope you will understand what is Microsoft Office 2007. And also you will understand how to free download Microsoft Office 2007. I provide you a brief introduction to Microsoft Office 2007. After that, I provide you a list of features. That can help you to choose Microsoft Office 2007. I recognize you want to know about the system requirement for Microsoft Office 2007. That’s why I listed the minimum system requirement for Microsoft Office 2007. I believe my article about Microsoft Office 2007 is helpful for you and easy to understand. If you have any questions about this Microsoft Office 2007 topic, please ask them in the comment section.


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