9 Apps Which Are More Like Google Maps

Because of its popularity, “Google Maps” is often used as a synonym for “location-based mapping service.” Their sudden climb to fame can be partially attributed to the availability of useful services like speed limit checkers. Which make it easier to find your way to unfamiliar locations. In this post we will show you the apps which are more like google maps.

Where should I go for vegetarian food in this unfamiliar city? It’s okay to rely on Google Maps for guidance. Seeking the most crowded areas of the tourist destination you’ve chosen to explore? Google Maps is a great resource for this.

Android’s default mapping service, Google Maps, is a pleasure to use. In spite of Google Maps’ usefulness, there remains a significant downside. Because it keeps track of users’ surfing histories, Google has a poor reputation and makes people nervous about sharing sensitive information with the company. You should immediately cease using Google Maps and switch to an other navigation app if you value your privacy.

If you’re concerned about your personal information, you might want to try a different mapping service. These alternatives to Google Maps aren’t perfect duplicates. But they do help to address some of the shortcomings of the original.

In spite of the fact that Google Maps may be used without an internet connection. The offline maps it provides aren’t as comprehensive as those offered by some of Google’s competitors. In addition to providing useful information like driving statistics and other map categories. Traffic warnings and updates, and more, these apps also give additional data.

For these and other reasons, it’s preferable to replace Google Maps with a more feature-rich alternative. Here is a selection of location-based services that may serve as a suitable substitute for Google Maps.

9 Apps Which Are More Like Google Maps

1. Waze

Waze is a free and community-supported alternative to Google Maps that can be used on PCs, Android, and iOS devices. The system is straightforward and easy to use. And it also allows you to warn other drivers of impending dangers including traffic changes, speed traps, and jams. As a result of its massive success. Google decided to buy Waze in 2013 and develop it into its own product, separate from Google Map.

Waze users regularly update data such as gas prices, road work, accidents, speed traps, and police stations. And the current position of users can be tracked in real-time (if they permit).

The Live map allows you to do all of this and more, from researching your destination to planning your route to adding new destinations, discovering hidden gems, and uploading camera-shots. Use the Waze Map Editor to design your own custom maps.

2. Apple Maps

If you’re concerned about how Google Maps might use your personal information, you might want to switch to Apple Maps. Since its beginnings, Apple Maps has come a long way, making it unnecessary for iPhone users to download and utilize alternative navigational software. The Apple has gone above and beyond to protect the privacy of its built-in online mapping services, and the corporation has also addressed the accuracy and bug problems that plagued the device at launch.

Apple Maps lacks some features that are standard in Google Maps, and the latter also has less user reviews of local businesses. Learn where the stop signs are and which lanes to utilize before hitting the road in the USA, for instance.

3. MapQuest

If you have to rely on public transportation to get to where you need to go, MapQuest is an excellent alternative to Google Maps. You can find the best local transportation service along your route with the help of MapQuest, a web-based mapping service and app available for Android and iOS smartphones. And you will also receive real-time updates on local public transportation options.

When you choose to walk instead of drive, MapQuest will also tell you how many calories you’ll burn. Also, there’s a great extra towards the end.

MapQuest offers more than just traditional mapping features; users may additionally take advantage of automatic re-routing, live traffic updates, video and incident alerts, the ability to share their current location with others, and even weather forecasts. Both Google Maps and MapQuest include conventional navigation features including turn-by-turn directions, saved favorites, quickest or shortest route, satellite view of the landscape, and the ability to locate nearby areas of interest.

4. Bing Maps

Prior to the advent of Google Maps, there was Microsoft’s MapPoint web mapping service. In order to better connect with the target audience, Bing Maps was renamed. It swiftly overtook Google Maps as the industry standard because to ground-breaking innovations including a traffic overlay and 3D views. When it comes to city planning in the United Kingdom, Bing Maps’ vast ordinance survey map is just as useful as its conventional street and terrain data.

It uses Google Maps to get you to where you need to go quickly and efficiently, while Bing Apps are known for their lightning-fast search results. Bing Maps is worth a try because it has cutting-edge features like 3D views, OS maps, and Street View, and a sleek and user-friendly design. Similarly to Google Maps, Bing Maps has road, aerial, and streetside layers. Separate walking and driving directions are provided by Bing Maps, and the service also allows you to add destinations to your itinerary and print them.

5. Here WeGo

Here WeGo, formerly known as Here Maps, is currently the default navigation app for high-end automobiles from Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and BMW.  And Here WeGo has been used by millions of people who aren’t necessarily automobile owners because of its user-friendly interface. You can get Here WeGo maps and turn-by-turn directions in more than 200 countries to get you where you need to go.

It calculates everything for you and provides the most recent data on public transportation options and prices in your area. Access the locations of various types of speed traps, red light cameras, police checkpoints, and active construction zones. The program also provides information on quicker modes of transportation, such as public transportation, taxis, and ridesharing. In addition to providing offline directions and maps, Here WeGo also allows you to download an entire continent’s worth of maps for offline usage.

6. Maps.Me

A high-quality mapping service, Maps.Me is available as both an app and a website, and it includes features like traffic updates, public transit options, and bicycle routes. It’s a lot like Google Maps in that you can download maps to use while you’re offline or in an area with poor reception. This is a fantastic amenity to have when traveling to a different nation or city.

Travelers and nomads who frequently visit unfamiliar cities will find invaluable. The best restaurants and tourist attractions are highlighted. An ever-expanding database of hiking trails worldwide will be at your disposal.

You can remember these places and suggest them to a friend while making trip arrangements. Maps.web-base In this version of Me, there are many more categories and subcategories to choose from.

7. OsmAnd 

OsmAnd, a free alternative to Google Maps, has witness a big rise in usage due to its offline usability. You can use these maps to go about even if you don’t have access to the internet.

Unlike Google Maps, this cutting-edge, open-source alternative may be use without an internet connection thanks to its offline maps. The level of detail in these maps is comparable to that of the Ordnance Survey’s. Since these maps are regularly update, you can rest confident that you have the most recent information at your fingertips.

Although the user interface isn’t exactly eye candy, it is highly adaptable thanks to the filters that allow you to view only the areas of interest. You can choose from a variety of routes depending on factors like cost, visibility, road surface, and traffic. In the free demo version of the program, you can only download 7 maps. The only way to get the expand functionality is to purchase the premium version.

8. CityMapper

Despite being narrower in scope than Google Maps, CityMapper is unrival in its ability to accomplish its intend function. This map is useful for those who rely on public transportation to navigate around the world’s busiest cities. The app’s multi-modal route finder displays potential journeys that may be taken by a wide range of public transportation modes, including but not limited to buses, metro, subways, trains, ferries, Uber, and trams.

CityMapper maintains an up-to-date database of public routes in all of the world’s major cities and provides real-time updates on traffic, detours, and weather. Frequently use routes can be save as favorites.

With the Go Assistant feature turn on, you’ll receive timely navigating advice and recommendations. The CityMapper app also has the ability to call an Uber. It finds the fastest and cheapest routes to your location and displays them to you.

9. OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMap is a free and user-friendly online mapping tool that provides all the functionality you’d expect from a web mapping service. The multicolor maps show each level in depth, make it easy to organize trips, and include cycling and walking paths.

If you give the map your origin and destination coordinates, it will show you the shortest route between the two. You can download the map to your device when you’ve finish using it to find anything. In order to view these maps without an internet connection, you can save them and then load them at a later time.

OpenStreetMap is better than GoogleMap for infrequent users because it does not track their position or invade their privacy. Crowdfund and open-source, the mapping service allows for the addition of new places by any interest party.


Online mapping programs like those list above make precise location monitoring and route planning possible. Those who need help navigating a new city may download an app that helps them use the public transportation system. Due of their useful features, these apps can take the place of Google Maps.

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