Squares All Around Us The Properties Of Square

Simply put through, a Square is a figure which has four equal sides with four right angles. If you want to find a square just look around. Probably the wall clock is a formation of the square, or the photo frame of your beloved is in a square, you in fact may be sitting in a square-based tile room! So, we see, the square is a very common structure that can be easily spotted. The basic feature of the square is its side length should match with all its side length, simple enough!

Here we will list some other distinct properties of square which will make our understanding clearer. Thus, the basic properties of the square are as follows:

  1. A square is a structure that is actually a quadrilateral.
  2. The structure has four sides.
  3. Square hasfour vertices as well.
  4. The sides which are opposite to each other in a square run parallelly to each other.
  5. 90 degreesis formed at each interior angle.
  6. While, the sum of all the interior angles in a square in 360 degrees (90 X 4 = 360, as a square have 4 sides)
  7. The diagonals of the square meet or bisect each other forming an angle of 90 degrees.
  8. The diagonals drawn by a square arealways equal.
  9. The diagonal length with the sides has a formula of – √2 × p (in this case ‘p’ is the side of the square)
  10. A Square can also be called a parallelogram as the sides of a square are parallel to each other.
  11. The diagonals of the square are always greater than the sides.
  12. The diagonal makes a division of the square and form two congruent triangles.

Discussion On the Area And Perimeter Of A Square

While you learn any geometrical shapes, the main fundamental is grasped when you know about the calculation of its area and perimeter. Similarly, in the case of squares, we need to learn about the perimeter and area of the figure. In this section, we are going to do that exactly.

First, we will learn about the Area of the Square.

The Area of a figure is nothing but the measurement of the region which is covered by the figure. Thus, the area of a square is the region that is covered by the 2D figure of the square. The square can be measured in square units. The formula for calculating the Area of a Square is – Area = Side x Side (per square unit). Suppose if ‘L’ is the length of the sides of the square then, L X L = Area of the square (per square unit). Visit Cuemath for more interesting knowledge of maths.

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Next, We Will Understand Perimeter.

The perimeter of the square is the sum of all four sides of the square. The unit which will represent the perimeter of the square will be per square unit.

The formula for Perimeter of Square will be (Suppose ‘a’ is the length of the side of the square)

Perimeter of the Square = a + a + a + a = 4 side

In short, Perimeter = 4a unit (measuring unit)

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Math Worksheets Related To Squares

This section will basically serve as a Maths worksheet for the students so that they practice whatever they learned from the above.

Question: Meera ordered a book for her child which is in a square shape and the side of the book measures 8 inches. Find the area of the book.

Solution: As the book is in the shape of a square, this means we need to find out the area of the square. As we know the area of the square is a x a (a being the length of the side), the area of the photo frame is 64 square inches.

Question: The length of the square-shaped field is 200 yards, now find the perimeter.

Solution: The perimeter of the square-shaped field is (4 x 200) = 800 yards.


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