7 Best Online Way To Scan File For Viruses

To infect a computer or mobile device, viruses and worms typically use the network connection to the Internet. Malware is the most common type of online threat, and it poses the greatest risk to computers that are online. Because of this, many anti-malware tools, such as online file virus scanners, have been create. So in this post we will show you the Best Online Way To Scan File For Viruses.

What safeguards exist to ensure that files download from unfamiliar websites or include in unsolicited email are virus-free and will not execute. Typically, you would rely on the antivirus software that was pre-install on your PC to provide you with information about its security. There is no such thing as a 100% virus-free environment, and antivirus software isn’t the answer.

Due to the fact that each antivirus program is different, it would be impractical to use another antivirus software to check a suspicious file or folder download from a potentially dangerous website. However, it is not recommend to install multiple antivirus programs on a single PC, as doing so can cause incompatibilities and performance issues. Fortunately, this problem can be avoid in any way you like by making use of the best available online virus scanner.

What do you mean by an Online Virus Scanner?

The most basic definition of an online antivirus scanner is a web-base service that allows users to upload files for simultaneous scanning by multiple antivirus programs. Visit the site, select the file you want to upload, click a button to start the process, and then wait for the outcome.

The results are display on your web browser in a matter of seconds or minutes. Depending on the server load and speed, and you can then decide whether or not your browser has been compromise.

Let’s say you suspect a virus infection on your device but haven’t yet spent money on a commercial anti-malware solution. There’s no need to go out of your way and install extra security software when a free online virus scanner is readily available and readily accessible.

The processing for these online virus scanners is handle by remote servers, so they won’t slow down your device. In addition, the processing power of these servers is beyond anything you’ve seen on your personal computers. As a result, everyone would benefit most from using online virus scanners.

Online Virus Scanner Vs. Offline Antivirus Software

It’s common knowledge that antivirus programs were first introduce as standalone apps that couldn’t be use while online. After years of research and development, online scanners were release to the public in the hopes of appealing to a new demographic that places a premium on minimalist cloud computing practices.

Internet-base scanning tools have many advantages over conventional antivirus programs. Take a look at the rationales given below.

No installation required

If you choose to use antivirus software that runs offline, you’ll need to install it on your machine beforehand. A substantial amount of space is need for this. Offline virus scanners, in contrast to online ones, need storage space of their own. Online virus scanners are always accessible via a web browser.

Free Basic Scanning

Anti-virus software that is accessible via the internet is distinguish primarily by its low cost. No extra cost is involve when using a virus scanner that is accessible via the internet. This filtering is provide at no cost to the user, but it is understood that the user will not receive the full checking suite available in the offline version.

More frequent updates

The primary benefit of using an online virus scanner is that it is constantly efficient and powerful due to regular updates. Open-source software receives regular updates from the hundreds of programmers who work on them and share their code on the internet. In this way, a customer can take advantage of cutting-edge web-base programming that solves problems that haven’t been tackle before.

Live threat check

You can get the most out of your online virus scanner if it performs real-time scanning of all the sites you go to. There’s also a chance it’ll pick up on potentially malicious SQL queries to a user’s database.

Speedy and Efficient

These online virus scanners, as was previously mention, run their checks on lightning-fast cloud servers. A personal computer just cannot keep up with such a fast server. It may take your computer 20 minutes to scan a single 18 GB file using offline antivirus software. But less than 5 minutes with an online scanner.

Let’s have a look at the best virus scanners available online now.

7 Best Online Way To Scan File For Viruses

1. VirusTotal

VirusTotal’s database can be search with a single file, a URL, an IP address, a domain name, or a hash of a file. VirusTotal also has one of the largest databases of harmful files and file signatures from other users. And it has the largest assortment of tools.

In addition, Google purchase it in September of 2012. VirusTotal is head-and-shoulders above the competition since it is both lightning fast (thanks to Google’s backing) and equip with the antivirus scanning engines of the vast majority of apps. It is one of the Best Online Way To Scan File For Viruses.

Free and open API, URL filtering, user voting with comments, multiple language support, extend file study details.  And many means of sending files to VirusTotal are also include (web, email, program expansions, work area programs, versatile applications).

2. Internxt

scan file for viruses

You can trust your computer to Internxt, since it is one of the most efficient and user-friendly online virus scanners available today. Visit their site and use the dialogue box there to upload any files you suspect might be malicious, or just put them in there. Then, Internxt’s top-tier system will analyze your file to see if it’s damage.

One of the best aspects of the website is that it allows users to upload files up to 1 GB in size. Over a million people have put their trust in Internxt to keep their data safe. And thirty notable organizations have recognize them for their work with awards and accolades.

It is a virus scanner, but it also has cloud storage and a secure place to keep your images so they won’t get lost or stolen. Prices start at € 0.99 per month for 20 GB of storage and go up to € 9.99 per month for 2 TB of storage.  Which might be beneficial for large businesses. It is one of the Best Online Way To Scan File For Viruses.

3. Opentip

scan file for viruses

The renown anti-virus company Kaspersky has release a new online malware scanner called Opentip. Utilizing our online scanner makes scanning files a breeze. As a first step, please submit your work for review by uploading it to the appropriate section. Next, it will check its results against the massive virus and malware database Kaspersky has amass with the help of its many satisfy customers.

Input files up to 256 MB in size can be scan and view online. You can also use IP addresses, hashes, or URLs to zero in on certain files. The service is straightforward, however it could be useful if you use Kaspersky anti-virus software and want to check your files with it without first downloading and installing the program.

4. Jotti

Jotti’s user interface and design are date in comparison to modern online virus scanner services. Nonetheless, it is fully capable of carrying out its responsibilities. The code is freely available, so anyone can use it.

There’s a 250 MB cap per upload slot, however you can send at most five files at once. Despite its apparent lack of complexity, this scanner is important for checking the safety of sensitive documents before they are install on your device. This is especially true with installers from untrust sources and executable files and programs. It is one of the Best Online Way To Scan File For Viruses.

It then uses a total of fourteen different antivirus programs to analyze the vulnerability report for your file. Several popular antivirus programs are include into Jotti’s Malware Scan. These include Avast, K-7, Bit Defender, and many more. The latest versions of the aforementioned scanners are constantly use, and the tool itself is often update. Please keep in mind that it will share any and all of your files with its antivirus scanning partners in order to ensure the highest level of security.

5. Dr. Web

scan file for viruses

A quick glance at the results shows that Dr. Web is one of the least thorough scanners here. Although this may not be the most exciting choice, it could be the greatest one if simplicity is your priority. A single file up to 10 MB in size is all it can handle. It is necessary to zip up all of the documents you want to review at once and then submit the archive.

After your file has been upload, you’ll need to hit the send button. After that, a window will pop up with the scan results, as depict in the preceding image. If your file was wrongly flag as carrying a virus, you can report the incident as a False Positive on their website. Moreover, it provides an API that can be use to integrate their service into your own website at no cost. It is one of the Best Online Way To Scan File For Viruses.

6. MetaDefender

When it comes to internet-base programs that filter and analyze IP addresses, hashes, and documents, MetaDefender is one of the more user-friendly options. Similar to Jotti’s Malware Scan and VirusTotal. In order to do a scan, you just only send over a file or give out an IP address.

Its analysis of suspicious emails is a service that sets it apart. [email protected] is where you should send any questionable emails for review. It will return information that can help you decide whether or not to open the email. It is one of the Best Online Way To Scan File For Viruses.

OPSWAT, the business behind MetaDefender, oddly enough, also publishes reports on the most recent happenings in the world of security. You get access to reports and data statistics about malware outbreaks that are not available to the general public. The website will run over 20 different antivirus applications, including well-known names like Avira, McAfee, and BitDefender, on the file you upload.

7. Hybrid Analysis

The free and powerful internet software Hybrid Analysis can filter out specific risks and is highly recommend. It is recommend that you save this page in your browser and use it before opening any newly download antivirus software.

Files up to 100 MB in size can be upload, or their whole path can be type into the main window. You can simply copy and paste a link to a software from your browser and run it (to check without downloading it to your PC). It is now possible to check if a file may be download safely. To finish, select “Analyze.”

This technique for detecting malware in a digital environment is made better by Hybrid Analysis. Most of the online scanners I’ve include here will scan your file with any antivirus software, be it Avira, McAfee, Avast!, or something else entirely. It is one of the Best Online Way To Scan File For Viruses.

Instead, Hybrid Analysis uses multiple, more reliable web-base virus scanners like VirusTotal and MetaDefender. Moreover, Hybrid Analysis can also scan IPs, domains, and hashes.


Even if the best antivirus software may be download, it will require a significant time commitment and storage space to install. An online virus scanner is preferable than installing software on your computer if you only need to scan a small portion of the data store there. The safety of your computer can be improve by checking all of its files for viruses and other forms of malware.

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