Best Devices To Track My Dog To Monitor your Pet

Even the most well-behaved pet might wander too far from home on a walk or out of pure curiosity. There is nothing more terrifying than worrying about your pet when you can’t be sure it is secure at home. I’m happy that modern technology makes tracking a missing child or pet simpler than ever. In today’s world, you need to take a few measures to ensure their security without stifling their independence. In this article, we’ll go through a few of the best Track My Dog devices on the market today, with the hope that they’ll help you keep your furry friend where they belong.

Best Devices To Track My Dog To Monitor your Pet

1. Tractive

track my dog

A GPS tracker, such as Tractive, allows you to track your pet whenever and anywhere you wish. Wonderful collar, to be worn around the neck of your pet. Then, to find out precisely where they are, you can install the tracking program on your mobile device or web browser.

The app is easily accessible via the iTunes and Google Play stores. Incorporating state-of-the-art technology into the product’s design allowed us to make it exceptionally friendly to users.

With a Tractive GPS tracker, you’ll never have to worry about your pet’s whereabouts again. This isn’t exclusive to your garden but applies everywhere.

This aid can be used by both cats and dogs. This means that no matter what kind of pet you have, you can be assured that Tractive will be there to keep an eye on things and ensure their safety.

Your app also lets you set up a limited area based on physical location. If your pet wanders too far from the designated area, the app will notify you. Being able to rely on you to return it to its secure region decreases the possibility of it wandering off aimlessly.

2. Pawscout

track my dog

Pawscout is another top-notch multi-featured pet tracker that gives pet owners peace of mind. With features including a world map, walk tracking, location history, and more, the Pawscout app is available for both Android and iOS users.

Using the Pawscout app, you can find local businesses that welcome pets and plan fun outings for you and your pet. Pet Social Network is a great way to meet up with other people in your area who have pets.

The Pawscout tracker also provides continuous, real-time monitoring of your pet. It is one of the best method to track my dog.

While the basic Pawscout tracker is free, upgrading to the premium Pro edition grants access to a wealth of additional features, such as priority support, a location history, and more. With Pawscout’s Priority support, you can rest assured that you’ll get the help you need without ever having to wait.

If you upgrade to the Pro plan, Pawscout will replace your tracker’s batteries for free for a complete year. Given the potential loss in cost from using the hail without the free battery, the sale is all but done.

3. WhistleWhistle

Whistle has made it easier to pinpoint the precise location of mobile devices. The features of this Bluetooth tracker go above and beyond those of similar devices. However, the issue is more complex than that. The original Whistle could only pinpoint your pet within 50 feet, but the new Whistle 3 can do so from up to 3,000 miles away! That seems like a pretty sizable chasm, no?

Additionally, you can select the method through which you are alerted when your pet disappears. There is a lot of leeway in that regard. If they go over a certain predetermined digital border, you can be notified in a variety of ways. It is one of the best method to track my dog.

These examples are just a taste of what’s possible. This isn’t the end of it, either. When you buy the tracker and disclose it on your own, you and your pet will have peace of mind for good.

4. Petcube Bites

The Petcube Bites isn’t made for the great outdoors, but it may still help you keep an eye on your pets while you’re away. This gadget has a high-definition video camera with night vision, 4x digital zoom, and a wide-angle lens that captures a full 160 degrees of action.

Having two-way audio means you can have chats with your pet pals. It is one of the best method to track my dog.

One additional feature that stands out is the automated treat dispenser. You can use your phone as a treat tossing mechanism. The system may be set on autoplay if it won’t interfere with your hectic schedule and the amount and distance can be adjusted to suit your needs.

In addition, you may use it to:

  • Get real-time updates on any impending danger.
  • Capturing your pet in action or simply enjoying themselves on camera is a great way to create some lovely home videos.
  • Optimize operations by implementing Amazon’s Alexa.

If you’re a pet owner, you need the Petcube Bites 2 because it’s durable enough to withstand drops.

5. Garmin T5

track my dog

The range of the Garmin T5 GPS Dog Collar is up to 9 miles, and the collar can stay powered for up to 40 hours. Extra features like a rechargeable battery, LED beacon lights, and a rescue mode give you more say over your dog’s safety.

The straps can withstand your dog’s rigorous activity and accompany him anywhere. Also, you have the option of altering the’s hue. Considering Garmin’s reputation for producing high-quality products, you may rest assured that this is also of excellent quality.

6. Girafus

Here we have a formidable arsenal.

You may track the whereabouts of up to four animals at once using this app. This resource is also available in a form suitable for use with both dogs and cats.

Using safe 2.4GHz RF technology, the Girafus won’t interfere with your other wireless devices. Because of this, you can trust it to work reliably with as many devices as you choose. It is one of the best method to track my dog.

Girafus is protected from water and has a smart sleep mode that extends battery life. It’s also easy to set up. All you need to do to use the device is insert batteries and switch them on. Now you’re at your destination. I can start using it right away because it is completely ready.

7. Kippy

If you’re looking for alternatives, Kippy is another feasible solution. Similarly to the aforementioned gadgets, this fantastic GPS tracker can be put to use in the ways described. Kippy gives you peace of mind by tracking your pet in real-time and providing access to its location history. It is one of the best method to track my dog.

You can get advice on how to improve its longevity and quality of life with the help of this device. Then you can start doing things with your pet that are good for its health over the long term.

The Kippy app is available for download on all major platforms, so you may use it on whatever device—phone, tablet, or computer—will provide you the greatest insight into your pet’s daily routine.

8. Weenect

Weenect is an excellent option if your dog has a habit of wandering the area excessively. You may worry that they get lost if they don’t return home by a specific time, which increases your concern for their well-being and safety.

You can rest easy knowing your pet is safe and sound at all times with the help of Weenect. It is one of the best method to track my dog.

In addition, Weenect has added a training vibrator to the device. Allowing the collar-mounted device to vibrate is a simple way to alert your dog that it’s time for a meal or a stroll.

9. PawTrack

As the name suggests, this is a paw tracker that allows you to locate your cute feline companion at any time. To put it simply, this device is meant to provide constant peace of mind for cat owners.

Wireless cat locator that can be worn around the neck and watched from a computer screen anywhere in the world thanks to its built-in WiFi and WiFi beacon. It is one of the best method to track my dog.

You can do without the television. Any device with a display, be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, will do. The strap may be adjusted so that it works with cats of any age.

10.  Fi Smart Dog Collar

The Fi Smart Dog Collar makes it simple to keep track of your pet’s location and confine them to predetermined areas. Dog tracking software also allows you to keep an eye on Fido while you’re away. It is one of the best method to track my dog.

If you want to keep your dogs in shape, you can make them run or play fetch for a certain number of minutes every day. Finding and chatting with other Fi-dog owners is a great time saver and convenience. What a great way to get your dog acquainted with new people!

11. GetFindster

track my dog

The GetFindster pet tracking device will definitely capture your heart. Amazon, Yahoo, Techcrunch, and even have all proclaimed this item the best-selling pet location and activity tracker, and it’s available at no cost to customers.

There is no subscription fee or other recurring expense to use this tracker and app. The fact that you can still monitor their activity even without an internet connection is a major plus.

If your pet happens to get the belt wet, don’t worry; you’ll still be able to keep tabs on them through the accompanying screen. It is one of the best method to track my dog.

If you think your pet is closer to another member’s location, you can share its location with them through Getfindster.

12.  Link

The Link can serve as your pet’s first mobile device. In the same way that we feel more secure when we have our phones on us, you can trust that your dog is protected when it has this incredible gadget.

Given the peace of mind you may get for your dog, the around $20 price of Linkakc is well worth it. This little, light, and chic collar comes in two different variations.

To customize it to your taste, select either the brown leather or the black nylon strap. It is one of the best method to track my dog.

And you can record the wonderful adventures, tranquil strolls, and tender moments you share with your pet.

13.  Safer Pet

When huge trackers are fastened to the collars of animals, it is not uncommon for the animals to become agitated. Safer Pet’s tiny tracker solves the problem of larger, more obvious trackers that restrict pets’ mobility and playtime. Safer Pet’s small size makes it possible to attach it to any pet collar without causing discomfort to your dogs.

The tracker may only weigh 23 grams, but don’t let that deceive you; it offers all the features you’ll ever need. While in Europe, Safer Pet’s GPS and WiFi capabilities allow you to locate your pet to within 10 meters.

Your pet’s location and activity may be monitored in real-time thanks to the tiny tracker that transmits data directly to the Safer Pet app. When you take your pet for a walk, you may log the entire path you follow and then analyze and modify it as necessary.

The tracker’s case is watertight, making it ideal for non-professional use. Plus, Safer Pet has an incredible three days of battery life on a single charge, so you won’t have to worry about constantly charging the tracker.

Also, the speaker can be used to activate a sound beacon via the corresponding smartphone app, so you can find your lost pet in no time. It is one of the best method to track my dog.

Using Safer Pet as your primary monitoring solution is as simple as visiting their website, choosing a membership plan, and downloading the mobile app to start tracking your pet. Safer Pet works on both iOS and Android and can keep tabs on up to three animals at once.


These are just a few of the pet trackers available to make sure your best companion is always in a secure location. All of the aforementioned products are limited in their usefulness without constant access to the internet.

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