Complete and Detailed Guide on Among us Vent

One such game was Among Us, which had the potential to win the hearts of gamers everywhere. The core aspects of the game that keep players interested for long periods are the topic of this essay. We will tell you about the among us vent.

Complete and Detailed Guide on Among us Vent

The sci-fi/sociological murder mystery game Among Us was created by Innersloth and may be played online. It uses the Unity game engine. It was released on June 15, 2018, for Google Android and iOS and on August 18, 2018, for Steam.

It was announce that the Nintendo Switch would be released between December 12-15, 2020. You may find it in the eShop for Nintendo systems.

The game’s settings include an airship with a Henry Stickmin theme. And the surface of Earth, the planet’s foundation, and a spaceship. The mission of up to three dummy crew members is to destroy the ship/base and wipe out the force.

Crew members are expect to complete their duties, report the deaths of other crew members, and call for emergency meetings if they witness criminal or suspicious behavior on the part of another player.

Initially, Among Us took place in space, and players took the form of miniature cartoon characters. Each player will play either a regular crew member or an imposter.

As they do their work, the cremates keep an eye out for and eliminate any imposters among them. On the other hand, the impostors assassinate crew members or cause a disaster to derail the mission.

Innersloth expected Among Us to be complete by 2020. On June 11, 2020, SEGNO HQ and Polus Maps were released for free for Windows, Android, iOS, and iPadOS users to use as game servers.

The game’s popularity soared as more and more streamers and vloggers featured it on their platforms. As a result, the game gained a lot of attention in the year 2020.

The Explosive Popularity of Among Us

This game has downloads of more than 100 million users worldwide. Incredibly, in the middle of September 2021, the number of users spiked by over a million, making it the most it has ever been. This is evidence of the game’s increasing fame and obsession. Five countries have been primarily responsible for this significant shift: South Korea, Brazil, Indonesia, India, and Mexico.

Compared to other popular games like League of Legends and Fortnite, Among Us comes in at #3 worldwide.

Weekends see 29% more live streaming of Among Us than weekdays, per data from Twitchtracker. And there’s a 6% rise in viewers as a result.

Additionally, Among Us memes have been popular on several social networking sites. The emergence of contemporary users has undoubtedly boosted the circulation and generation of such memes.

SuperData, a market trends firm owned by Nielsen, found that the exclusive player count for ‘Among Us’ in 2020 was more significant than one billion. About 500 million people were using the game every month as of November. The game’s creators managed to build such a large fan base with such a small team is even more impressive.

What are Among Us Vent?

You’ve probably heard nonstop talk about the Among Us vents from your love ones. They’ve help and make it easier for fraudsters to stay under the radar, and they’re widely used. Let’s learn more about these vents Among Us users are having.

Only live or impostors use venting as a means of movement and concealment in Among Us.

The vent button will appear on the screen if the imposter is close to a vent. As soon as you click, the impostor will leap into the vent.

Unseen players can watch the duct lower and raise at regular intervals on The Skeld and MIRA HQ. They try to track down the offending player but have been unsuccessful. Arrows indicating the direction of the vents will show whenever you enter one. The imposter’s kill gradually cools as they hide within the vents and is eventually released.

Fakes can go through ports too. They have a limit amount of time in the Among Us vent before they have to return to the lobby to reclaim the capacity and time to enter another vent, and this time limit is determined by the lobby options they choose. It is impossible to perish when within a vent. If you turn on “Comms Sabotaged,” you won’t be able to go through any air ducts.

Any imposter who tries to enter through a vent is stop by a crewmember hiding inside the vent. Until the players have finish the task, they cannot access the Among Us vents. If an Impostor uses a port leading to a current vent occupied by a crew member, the arrow pointing in that direction will become an X.


It is commonly referrs to as “venting” to describe how players make use of vents. This expression appears in the official Impostors literature.

The only place on any map where impostors can get to a vent that is not already interconnected is MIRA HQ, where all Among Us vents are already interconnect.

The sizes of the various vents vary. A few of them are noticeably bigger or smaller than the rest. One of the tiniest vents is located on the balcony of MIRA’s main building.

The Polus vents, which can be seen as dug-out holes, are divide into four independent systems.

Why do impostors leave a room?

Before finishing all of their tasks, the impostors must eliminate enough crew members so that the remaining crew members are precisely equal to the number of impostors.

The impostors are given a false duty list to blend in with the crew and avoid detection. In addition, impostors can sabotage to trick crew members into killing their friends.

They could cause so much strife that members start killing each other. Furthermore, impostors may draw attention away from dead bodies to avoid further investigation. The impostors have two routes to victory once they leave the room:

Constant turnover and attrition among the personnel due to death, dismissal, and relocation. Continue doing this until most of the crew members cannot cast a vote.

A victory is declare for the impostors if Critical Sabotage is not neutralize within the specified time.

The impostors get rid of the crewmates by either assassinating them or fooling the other players into thinking they did it. Quitting, disconnection, and banishment all count as progress toward this objective.

List of maps and vents on each map

There are four maps: Skeld, Mira Headquarters, Poulos, and Airship. Each map has its specific details, objectives, and pathways. The following parts break down each topic into its core elements:

1. Skeld

Skeld had four different clusters of vents location in the following areas:

  • While the reactor’s upper and lower engines are link.
  • Security, MedBay, and Electric are all clustered together in a circular area.
  • The cafeteria has three vents, an oxygen bar, and a corridor.
  • Vents on shields and weapons can be linked to the nav system for better control.

among us vent

Rooms inside the Skeld Map

  • Electrical
  • Cafeteria
  • Storage
  • Admin
  • Shields
  • Communications
  • Weapons
  • Reactor
  • Power Plant’s Top Stack
  • Tweak the Engine
  • Security
  • Monday
  • Navigation

2. Mira HQ

The network of ducts within Mira’s headquarters is remarkably complex. There is a vent in every room, and you can go through any of them wherever you like.

among us vent

Mira HQ only has one visually-oriented duty, Submit Scan, which is only available during MedBay. Cleaning out the trash, removing asteroids, and priming shields are all examples of non-optical tasks that can be perform in Mira HQ. Oxygen, the reactor, communications, lights, and doors at Mira’s headquarters are all disable.

The Mira HQ map pack is unique in that it has two different PIN entry points. There is only one pane of glass supporting the window in the lab. There is no way to observe the exterior from within.

Mira HQ Rooms

  • Launchpad
  • Greenhouse
  • Office
  • Admin
  • Reactor
  • Laboratory
  • Cafeteria
  • Change Room
  • Communications
  • Storage
  • Balcony
  • Decontamination


A total of four separate vent structures may be found on the Polus map. The following are the known locations of these vents:

  • Connected cyclically are the elements of oxygen, electricity, and dependability.
  • There is a correlation between specific vents and the directions northwest and northeast.
  • The South Corridor can be accessed via a port from the Administration and Research laboratory.

On the right side of the screen, Polus includes a virtual indication machine that shows the current condition of each player: green if they are alive, blue if they have to die in previous rounds, and red if they have been killed since the last meeting.

An individual key position will be assign to each team member, allowing for the impostor to be identified without disrupting normal operations.

among us vent

Polus Rooms

  • Laboratory
  • Location: The Specimen Room
  • Admin
  • Office
  • Storage
  • Weapons
  • Communications
  • lectrical
  • Security

4. The Airship

Newer maps show a pattern consistent with the Skeld and Polus rifts. The following are the known locations of these vents:

  • The Cockpit, the Vault, and the Observation Deck are all linked by two vents.
  • A ring of ports is in the middle of the ship, between the Kitchen and the Engine Room.
  • A ring connects the main hall to the gap room’s two entrances.
  • This completes the connection ports required to play recordings or take a bath.

among us vent

Seeing-eye work is now unavailable in the Airship’s vicinity. If two persons need to enter the same code into two different interfaces to use Communications, Lights, Doors, or Avert Crash Course, the Airship will prevent this from happening.

The Airship Rooms

  • Communications
  • Armory
  • Platform for Observation
  • Kitchen
  • Lounge
  • Stowage Area
  • Medical
  • Cockpit
  • Vault
  • Brig
  • Space for a Meeting
  • Separation Space
  • Location of the Engine
  • Electrical
  • Records
  • Showers
  • Common Area
  • Security

It would be helpful if you were now able to quickly move about the Among Us maps. You’ll need to learn the ropes, switch vents, eliminate crew members, stay under the radar, and figure out how to prevail.

Tips to help you excel at your venting game

  • Talk to the tour guide about the security cameras. Blinking red light means that surveillance footage is being watched. This may suggest that vent entrances and exits are not as private as you might like.
  • Be cautious about leaving a room from which no one saw you enter. Doing so would quickly reveal you to be a fraud.
  • Vents offer a constant hiding place. Sabotage and Kill button cooldowns are temporarily suspended while in vents. This means that you can’t just lurk in ducts for the entire game, as the cooldown will refresh before you can get another kill.
  • Keep the door closed, and the air vent constantly opens so your fellow crew members can’t tell who you are.
  • Don’t walk through any vents. If you do this, people will likely realize that you’re trying to pull a fast one on them.
  • Venting from rooms you’ve been spotted entering is best avoided. Assuming this, you should gaslight your crewmate or murder the observer and pray that the other incinerators buy your justification.

You need to show some brains if you get caught ranting. Convince your adversaries that you were not expressing frustration. In order to persuade them that you are not a phony, you should appeal to their sense of curiosity.

Second, you can eliminate the crew member who saw you before he told anyone. If a crew member sees you enter a vent and you want to remain anonymous, you should stop him from telling others.


One such game that does this successfully is Among Us, which can be play on any mobile device. It’s a role-playing game where players may either participate as actual crew members or as spies out to destroy the real ones.

If you’re a crew member, you have to help get rid of the impostors and get your work done, and if you’re an impostor, you have to murder or distract everyone else so they can’t do their jobs. There are unique aspects to the game that make it fun to play.

You have the freedom to roam from room to room, eliminate fellow crew members, hide their corpses, and entice new players. The game is fun, and you’ll find yourself staring at the screen for hours. The game must be download and played by you and your loved ones.

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