List of Best Decks For Arena 5 in 2022

Since defeats didn’t count in the previous three venues, things are much more serious now.You’re out of the competition if you lose three times in an arena round. If you’d like, you may attempt it again for 10 Gems. The alternative is to use Pass Royale, which allows unlimited re-entry.

The Best Decks for Arena 5

  1. In A3, the giant witch is finally brought to justice.
  2. Beatdown of the retro Giant Hog Musk.
  3. This is the Hog Musk Barrel bait.
  4. Arena 2: The Giant Tombstone.
  5. In A2, there aren’t any epics.
  6. This is an image of a little dragon, A2.
  7. Arena 1: A massive thrashing.
  8. Skarmy is the second letter of the alphabet.

Arena 5’s decks are mostly unchanged, however Princess and Hog Rider bring a few new features to the table. You may expect to see a lot of Valkyrie in your opponents’ decks.

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List of The Greatest Decks for Arena 5

Some of the greatest Spell Valley decks constructed using Arena 5 cards may be seen here, along with explanations of how they work. In order to use any of the decks mentioned, you must first achieve Arena 5. If you are unable to enter the Spell Valley, certain cards may be unavailable to you.

Efficiency with Elixir

  1. Skeleton
  2. Goblins
  3. Goblins are slain using spears.
  4. Archers
  5. Tombstone
  6. Zap
  7. Mirror
  8. Arrows

When it comes to Elixir management, you have a lot of leeway. In order to keep the field crowded and the cost of playing cards low, this deck concentrates on the latter. Aside from the Archers, all of the Goblin Cards can form a horde and overwhelm even the strongest of foes. Although Skeleton is a poor unit, the 1 Elixir cost makes it an excellent choice for quickly expanding your field of battle. Try to maintain the average Elixir cost in line with the rest of your deck by replacing this card with anything else of your choosing.

Tombstone and Mirror is a strong combo move that allows you to put two Tombstones on the field at the same time, resulting in a lot of units over time. In order to overrun and destroy your opponent’s towers, you’ll need a lot of Skeletons and cards. The effectiveness of cards like Zap and Arrows depends on how successfully you respond and counter your adversary in a given situation.

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Three of The Best Arena 5 Decks to Play in Arena 7

We’ve had a lot of requests about the finest Arena 5 decks to use in Arena 7, so we’ve put together a list of them. We looked at various noteworthy assaults, particularly those on TV Royale, and decided to compile our findings in one place. Even if you’ve got a solid plan, it’s very rare for a player to go through Arena 6 and reach Arena 7.

The Best Decks from Arena 5 for Pushing in Arena 7

Let us know what you think of the decks we’ve analysed in the following decks’ analysis section.

1.Hog Rider + Freeze / Barbarians + Wizard

With the Hog Rider and the Freeze Spell, you may depend on the knowledge that all of your enemy’s defence and counter attacks are frozen, allowing the Hog Rider to do immense damage. Many Arena levels employ this approach, and it is even used in Arena 8.

Don’t give your adversary too much time to catch up to you by switching between this combination and Barbarians + Wizard. Barbarians need the usage of Valkyrie, but a Giant may step in to take her place. The goblins are used to draw the attention of the opponent and distract them from the centre. Please go here for the Hog Rider + Freeze Guide if you’d want to go further.

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2.Balloon + Freeze + Rocket

Let’s take a look at a combo that is often used by even the most experienced hackers: Balloon + Freeze. Balloon as the Hog Rider has precedence over enemy structures, which, combined with the huge destructive power of the Freeze Spell, makes it a very lethal weapon.

The sole drawback is the troop’s sluggish movement, although this may be remedied by using the potion.

When Freeze is used to clear off Balloon’s most feared counter card, Minions Horde, Arrows must also be utilised as a support for Freeze. When all else fails, utilise Rocket as your go-to weapon and make sure it’s the newest version you can get your hands on. It’s your only hope of defeating your foe.

3.Giant + Wizard and ranged attacks

Golem will be replaced by the Giant, a much more affordable and powerful tank, in this third deck of Arena 5 cards that will be used to reach Arena 7. To prevent the Giant from being overrun by enemy soldiers with low health, the Wizard will guard the rear with a single shot. We also recommend the Giant Skeleton as a Giant option, however the Golem should be avoided at all costs, even when you reach Arena 6, owing to its high effort and the fact that it can be used exclusively with the Elixir Pump.


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