Does Naruto Die In Boruto Manga

Boruto Manga is the next-generation Japanese manga series. It is written by Ukyo Kodachi and Masashi Kishimoto. And illustrated by Mikio Ikemoto. Boruto is a spin-off and a sequel to Kishimoto’s Naruto movies. Which can follow the exploits of Naruto Uzumaki’s son, Boruto Uzumaki, and his Ninja team. 

Boruto Manga is coming into serialization in Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump in June 2016. This is a war series that can explain the story of Naruto’s sons during academy days. This special series can follow the character development of Boruto. And also the looming evil. That can face challenges the fate of him and his loved ones.

Who Is Naruto Uzumaki In Boruto Manga?

Naruto Uzumaki is the fictional character in the Boruto Manga series. He is a young and best ninja from the very fictional village of Konohagakure. The villagers can make fun of Naruto Uzumaki. Because of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox. This is an evil creature. Who can attack Konohagakure? But it can be sealed away in Naruto’s Body. Regardless of all things, he wants to become a leader of the Konohagakure village. Because he wants to get the approval of all the village persons. 

He is very Careless, optimistic, and boisterous personality. Konohagakure peoples like this type of Naruto personality. This thing enables him to befriend Konohagakure ninja and other ninjas. 

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Does Naruto Eventually Die In Boruto?

Before knowing about the death of Naruto. You need to look back at the Naruto and Boruto franchise. Our beloved hero Naruto never died. But there are some shonen manga movies are available. Who can kill the main characters and reviving them at a different time? In this movie, the scenario is the same. Naruto is escaped because of the massive chakra of Kurama. He is inside of Kurama to give the last push. Naruto is a very noble and the best character in Boruto. He can prove himself worthy of the Hokage title. 

The bruit of Naruto’s death can be with the new release of Boruto manga. There are many speculated who can point out the death of Naruto. And also they think, it is the destruction of Konoha at their big fight. Because Boruto is the only one who can face Kawaki’s threat. Currently, the Kawaki is an ally. But when Kawaki was there, Naruto can be lost Kurama. If any other extraterrestrial threat comes on Konoha. There are not many chances to save Naruto.

Top Reason Who Can Confirm Naruto Death In Boruto Manga

  1. Borute and not Naruto is the Main Character
  2. Naruto Death is unavoidable Because Anime Runs on Our Emotions
  3. Naruto Getting Old With a Deadly Disease
  4. Naruto Death Will Help Boruto. To become a Reason to be a Ninja
  5. Naruto is Not Immortal
  6. Boruto Manga Has All the Answers
  7. Naruto Will Definitely Leave the Plot for Boruto
  8. For the Plot

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How Will Naruto Die?

1. Disastrous Results Of The New Mode

Naruto is a very kind-hearted person. He loves their family and village. That’s why, he sacrifices himself to save his son, village, and world. He realizes he can failing their powers. Kurama discovered that he had a hidden form that could help him succeed. Suddenly, Naruto’s great powers came with a great cost. Kurama can provide the clarity of the Naruto death. He said that the Hokage dies after using this new power. Every Naruto fan is in wondering. He hopes any miracle or plot armor came to help his aid.

But here are the major point is that. Naruto is not die in the Boruto Mange. Especially not by Isshiki’s hands. In the first season of Boruto. Naruto was heavily implied. In which Kawaki defeat Hokage. This means at the fight time Naruto has not come yet. He is not dead at this time. That can increase the chance of Naruto surviving. Moreover, Naruto is the best survivor and quite tenacious. He never weakened. He always handles any power-up situation. And also he can defeat their opponent to assure their survival. In the last scene of this movie, he fought against Isshiki. But they face some difficulties for their winning. That’s why once again he escaped from death.

2. Naruto VS The God, Isshiki

First of all, I want to make sure Naruto cannot die in Borute Manga. Because Borute and Kawaki can become a team to rescue the Seventh Hokage. He saves him from a sealed container that is set by Isshiki to trap Naruto. But this fight can badly damage the power and health of Naruto. So, Naruto recovers and avoids death once again. At the time of visiting Hidden Leag Village to retrieve Kawaki. He can successfully encounter Naruto the Seventh Hokage. 

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Naruto Is Helpless To Stop Boruto From Becoming Isshiki’s Target

Naruto is already afraid when Isshiki tells him. He can go after Boruto. Bortue has the Karna Mark Isshiki placed on Kawaki. These franchises are more ideal than Jigen. Naruto is very embarrassed. Because his son is an easy target for Isshiki. Especially when the tyrant wants to savor every moment in Hokage’s trap. This is also terrible for Kawaki. Because Isshiki will possess the boy Jigen engineered. This boy could lead to the evil Kawaki. This scene you can see at the beginning of this series fighting an older Boruto.

Sasuke wants to find aliens. So, he uses his space-time ocular abilities to find the dimensions of aligns. But he fails and he lost their powers. And turned into a spectator. He observes their family as being the hunter. And also all the ninjas in the village. 


I hope you will understand what is  Boruto Manga. And also understand what is Naruto In Boruto Manga. I explain the role of this Naruto briefly. And also I explain the death of Naruto. He is a great person and the hero of this movie. That’s why he never died. He just hides himself to get more power. Which can help him to defeat their enemies. I believe my article about Naruto Die In Boruto Manga is helpful for you and easy to understand. If you have any questions about this Naruto Die In Boruto Manga topic, please ask them in the comment section.


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