13 Best Free Burner Phone Number Apps To Try

It must be very annoying to deal with two cell phones simultaneously while juggling your personal and professional lives. But in this case, having two cell phone lines on one device can be helpful. Do not worry! The best free burner phone number apps can make it easy to keep your personal and professional lives separate.

Well, with these free burner phone number apps, you can sign up for many services without risking your privacy. Additionally, adding burner phone numbers is a “must-have” for trips abroad because they frequently lower mobile costs. Due to how they are presented in movies and TV shows, online burner phone numbers may have a bad image, but they have numerous useful functions. Here are the best free burner phone number apps to keep you safe and stop spam from calling you.

13 Best Free Burner Phone Number Apps To Try

This post lists the best free burner phone number apps to help you add a second line to your phone. The following list of the best free burner phone number apps contains useful features to make your experience fun.

1. Burner

Free Burner Phone Number Apps

Burner is the most well-known and best free burner phone number app because it offers a second line for calling and texting without paying your service for another link. In addition, it gives you a temporary VOIP number (with a local area code) that you can use for shopping, online dating, selling things on Craigslist, and avoiding sellers. You don’t need a second phone because the app lets you text, call, and list your contacts. On top of that, you can make as many secret burner phone numbers as you want. Burner can be downloaded for free and has a trial period of 7 days.

To protect your privacy and hide your main phone number, the app picks up incoming calls and sends them to your phone. Connecting with other apps and services like Evernote, Dropbox, SoundCloud, and Slack allows you to save text messages and add voicemails. Calls made with this app appear between Burner and the numbers on your phone bill. You cannot see their phone number when using Burner to call someone. With an in-app subscription, you can add more numbers, but calls will still come from your free Burner phone number.

2. Sideline

Free Burner Phone Number Apps

Sideline is the last app on our list of the best free burner phone number apps. You can do many things with this app, like make endless calls and texts, use VoIP calling, and more. You can also choose your carrier or WiFi for calling Sideline, which lets you port numbers from and to other services. There are also many features designed to help businesses, like auto-replies, message themes, sharing numbers, foreign calls, meeting alerts, and more.

3. Hushed

Free Burner Phone Number Apps

People often use the free burner phone number app Hushed to keep extra phone numbers. Burner phone numbers are provided for forty countries, but they function similarly. You can also get local phone numbers from more than 300 UK, Canada, and US area codes. You can use this free burner phone number app to make and take calls and send and receive SMS messages on your Hushed phone number. Your behavior is kept separate from your number from your carrier.

Additionally, the app will let you handle numerous lines, add additional numbers, and receive a second phone number. Hushed offers prepaid, pay-as-you-go, long- or short-term subscriptions starting at $1.99 monthly. You can call your free burner number anywhere with a WiFi or data link. Local calling is possible on all of the free burner phone numbers. MMS and SMS are accessible in several countries.

4. Dingtone

Free Burner Phone Number Apps

One of the best free burner phone number apps is Dingtone, which lets you use a second phone number to make free calls and SMS. But it stays free because it uses a credit system that is based on games. This helps Dingtone in a few different ways. To get credit scores, users have to play games. With these scores, users can make free calls and text messages. The app’s fascinating concept, however, keeps users interested. But a lot of customers may need help understanding. One way is to not keep up with your credit score. Another is to lose the Dingtone number you were given.

5. Cloud SIM

Free Burner Phone Number Apps

It’s one of the best free burner phone number apps that lets you make and add lots of phone numbers to your phone. Up to four free burner phone numbers are from the US, France, Canada, the UK, Poland, and the UK. Additionally, Cloud SIM lets you call landlines, mobiles, and other devices in other countries. With this free burner phone number app, you can set up calls using a GSM network or the internet, which lets you choose your link type. This makes sure that calls always hang up, and coverage is good.

Cloud SIM has many great features, such as changing your profile to fit your needs and setting up unique voicemails for each profile. With the “Do-not-disturb” option, you can also choose when you are not available or when you are. Overall, it’s one of the best free burner phone number apps, whether you’re meeting new people or signing up for a dating or online selling service. You can also set up a foreign phone number when moving or communicating with friends abroad.

6. TalkU

Free Burner Phone Number Apps

TalkU is among the best free burner phone number apps for local and foreign use. Additionally, you can easily share your movies, music files, and pictures using the free burner phone number you receive from this app. To make the app free, of course, some conditions must be met. You can get credit scores that you can use to make free calls and texts by watching video ads, getting into the app every day, completing paid offers, and so on.

7. 2ndLine

The 2ndLine free burner phone number app adds a free burner phone number to your phone number. Additionally, it offers a free local calling and texting number backed by ads; however, the paid version also includes premium text services and removes the ads. To make and receive endless calls and texts immediately, open the 2ndLine app, choose a phone number, and then start using an extra line on your phone.

This free burner phone number app is accessible in the US and Canada delivers free local speaking and texting, and has affordable overseas calling rates. The iOS version of 2ndLine has yet to be released, but most of the other best free burner phone number apps on the list are. 2ndLine is a VoIP service that uses your internet or WiFi link instead of your cell phone network to add an extra line. Because of this, calls and texts from 2ndLine should be shown on your normal phone bill. You can also save your SMS chats as audio files through the service.

8. CoverMe

CoverMe is among the best free burner phone number apps because it offers disappearing texts, secure messaging, secret SMS, and other features that set it apart from competitors. With the shake-to-lock tool, you can hide personal friends, text messages, and secret call logs. When you shake the phone, your secret texts are locked and can’t be seen by anyone else. CoverMe says that everything is encrypted from end to end. CoverMe Private Messenger lets you hide your main phone number to make calls and/or send texts without being tracked. You can use a US or Canadian number instead.

Additionally, this free burner phone number app offers additional phone number services with different area codes, which are great for business, online dating, and other situations requiring greater secrecy. Finally, it lets you make private, secure phone calls to the US, Canada, and China over the internet using a brief second phone line (VoIP). The best part is that your call logs will not show on your phone bill. Since you can change the fake phone number whenever you want, this is one of this list’s best free burner phone number apps.

9. Line2

Line2 is different from the other best free burner phone number apps because it is a service for companies and gives business users more features. Other benefits include toll-free numbers for foreign clients, group calls, and auto-attendants. This free burner phone number app offers free phone number burner, unlimited VoIP calls, and SMS within North America. Line2 users can also send and receive free text messages and calls. Using an auto-attendant feature, users can be directed to the proper call queues, such as sales and support.

The cross-platform free burner phone number app works on both computers and phones. Additionally, it offers pre-recorded call messages and sounds for the waiting period. Without purchasing new gear, users can add numerous business lines to their present phones and get the features they need for business. Further, you can add, modify, or remove a business phone line by speaking with the support staff. Users can also screen and block calls individually by call options. You can separate your personal and professional talks using Line2, one of the best free burner phone number apps. This phone also eliminates the need to buy and carry a second one.

10. Flyp

These are the best free burner phone number apps for iOS and Android. It offers five additional Free Burner Phone Numbers on your present phone. Every free burner number can have any area code, and you can always get local numbers. The burner phone number offers unrestricted talk, text, and photo messages. You can text and make calls to people in more than 15 major countries with Flyp. You can also choose who can call you by placing a “Do Not Disturb mode” for each phone number.

Flyp also adds custom audio greetings and endless calls and texts to each burner phone number. The first Flyp phone number is free for seven days. After that, each number costs $79.99 a year or $7.99 a month. Flyp also lets you view all your calls, texts, and voicemails in one place, so you don’t have to switch between apps to keep track of your friends’ communication. It also improves stability by only letting you join through your carrier’s wireless network. However, it deducts from your call allowance under your cell phone plan and adds to your monthly bill.

11. Grasshopper

The best free burner phone number app is Grasshopper, which transforms your phone into a business phone line. Grasshopper, one of the biggest names in the business virtual phone market, usually works with small businesses. This free burner phone number app has common features that make companies look more professional and make more money, like custom automatic welcomes, Caller ID, and different extensions.

For a good price, Grasshopper users can get a full virtual setup. In many US towns, the app offers fake numbers, normal area phone numbers, and toll-free numbers. For free, you can also move a valid business or virtual number to Grasshopper. Accessing your message transcripts, call records, call transfers, on-hold sounds, and other capabilities is crucial. Also, the app offers a free 7-day trial to test it before purchasing.

12. Google Voice

It’s the first free burner phone number app in the ten years it has been around. Google Voice is a virtual phone service that lets you send and receive voicemail, SMS, and voice notes. It functions on PCs and cell phones and is synced with other devices. Since Google Voice numbers work with mobile devices and the internet, you can make and/or receive calls from anywhere.

In addition to call routing, message transcripts, AI-powered spam protection, and more, this free burner phone number app offers a variety of benefits. Advanced message transcriptions can be viewed in the app, or you can use Google Voice to ask for them to be sent to your email. The service also allows you to call abroad at reasonable rates without paying a premium. However, you can use your carrier’s cell network to make calls over a Google Voice access number if you have Google Voice for Android. It consequently deducts from your voice score as well.

13. MightyCall

MightyCall, mostly used by businesses, is the best free burner phone number app that makes second phone numbers. It says it is the best alternative to Grasshopper, and a quick look at its features shows why. Like the previous Free Burner Phone Number App, the MightyCall Burner phone number app offers fake, toll-free, and regular area numbers. You also receive other features you would expect in this field, such as premium (EV) SSL certificates with 256-bit encryption, custom automatic welcomes, and support for different extensions for each burner phone number.

It is a VoIP and CRM option for small businesses, and its prices are lower than Grasshopper’s. Prices start at $29.99 a month, which includes taxes. For $49.99, you can get five virtual phone numbers (toll-free or local) and endless users. MightyCall also offers a free 7-day trial of the service before you decide to buy. This free burner phone number app also has call waiting, conference calling, message transcription, web calling, soft calling, desk calling help, international calling, and more call capabilities.

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The Bottom Line:

There are numerous benefits to using the best free burner phone number apps. The above-mentioned free burner phone number apps will give you a real phone number that you can use as your burner phone number for any reason. Using that free burner phone number, you can forward calls, stop calls you don’t want to receive, and find the person.

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