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How to Create Winning Visuals for Your Facebook Ads

Facebook is the biggest platform to kickstart your business on social media channels. With over 2.93 billion active users a month, it’s too big to miss while planning a digital marketing campaign.

Therefore, Facebook has become a favourite destination for businesses lately to advertise and promote their products and services. It allows them to target new markets and customer segments.

However, with millions of businesses trying to capture a pie of this huge marketing platform, the competition has also skyrocketed. So, to maintain sustainable returns on investment, you need a strategy that makes your ad campaign different from the crowd.

How to create winning visuals for Facebook video ads?

We will explain in the following sections. But, before going further with “How’, let us go through a brief note on the purpose of visually appealing Facebook ads.

  • Visual ads are comparatively more appealing than text, audio and images.
  • It brings better returns on investment than other ad media.
  • It attracts an audience to the landing page, encourages them to explore and increases the average time spent on the website.
  • With relevant and catchy content, visual ads are the perfect way to attract and convert customers. It also helps in getting new and qualified leads.
  • Overall visual ads with the right content, editing, and strategies help in brand building, brand positioning, and recall.

Ad Options on Facebook

  • Basic Display Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Dynamic Ads
  • Canvas Ads
  • Video Ads, etc.

Steps to Create Stunning Visuals for Facebook Ads

Showcase Product and Services in the Right Way

Visit e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc., and observe their images and video of products. They cover all angles of products with a clear background, sufficient lights, and videos taken with high-definition cameras for the best appearance.

Your product should be visible at its best angle and surroundings. Take care of nearby objects for contrasting effects. It enhances the overall look of your brand for videos and images.

Why do you need so many arrangements for Facebook video ads?

With 5G technology around and the smartphone generation, you have a couple of seconds to impress your desired audience. Therefore, your brand message needs to be short, to the point, and with clear visuals. Your video for ads should communicate its intended message instantly with relevant content and editing.

Things to Do for an Impressive Visual

  • HD quality images of products instead of applying generic stock photos
  • Complement high-quality product photos with top-quality short & crisp content
  • Use Carousel Ads for showcasing multiple products. You can display up to ten products in one Carousel Facebook ad.
  • With Carousel Ads, you can target different segments of the customer with a range of products & services
  • Keep your visuals and video interactive and engaging.

Product photography works best for physical products such as clothes, shoes, accessories, books, etc. Whereas for Services or a Virtual product like eBooks, you can display the cover or first page of the book.

For events, wedding planners, IT Services, Fintech, and any other service business, you can shortlist the core business practices and best moments of events/business to make a video ad to post on Facebook.

The crux of the point is to focus on the quality of visuals and content for an impressive Facebook Ad campaign.

Icons and Illustration

Add icons and illustrations to enhance the look and appeal of the video ads. Illustrations are customized and unique, and the target audience can relate better. In addition, you can include creativity, personalized graphics, and humour. With the right amount of personal touch, video ads can grab significant attention and customer engagement.

In addition, with illustrations, incorporate icons into your Facebook video ads. Use video editing tools and customize the design to make it consistent with the color pattern.

For video ads with multiple visuals and icons, ensure a consistent icon style. Irregular patterns and different styles tarnish aesthetic appeal and reduce brand position.

Select the Right Colour Pattern

Colour combination and contrast that complements your brand story are vital. In addition, consider the colour scheme of Facebook before jumping on the ad-designing train. It is advisable to apply bright or dark colours since Facebook Feed is Blue and White for most parts.

Scrollers on Facebook might miss your Facebook Video Ad if your ad colour scheme matches the platform’s colour pattern. There will be no contrast and more probability to jump over the next post without notice.

Things to Consider

  • Use the light colour font for a dark background. This colour contrast highlights the text and makes it easier to read and understandable.
  • The Colour scheme should not overlap the brand image.
  • Colours have meanings, and people relate them differently, such as Blue for boys, royalty, ocean etc.

Express a Visual Brand Story

Videos can be described as the visual representation of the brand story. There should be a defined purpose for the video and build a storyline. Start with thinking purpose of the Facebook video ad. Showcase advantages, value addition for customers, highlight USPs of products & services, and most importantly, make it engaging and relatable for the end-users.

Optimise Facebook Videos for Your Advantage

Did you know video ads on Facebook convert 1.81 per cent more people than static ads on FB? Optimising videos for the ad campaign on Facebook will provide maximum reach, leads, and conversion. 

List of Tips for the Best outcome from Facebook Advertisement

  • The recommended ad duration for Facebook is 15 seconds. Content and visuals should be optimised to grab the viewer’s attention during an initial couple of seconds. If they relate to and understand your intended brand message, it will increase the website & landing page.
  • Include subtitles and localise according to the regional market you target, such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, etc.
  • Use online video editing tools and apply themes, colour, and other settings to enhance the look and feel of the video. Always use high-quality images, as mentioned above.

Concluding Remarks

There are no second thoughts about the significance of visuals and videos for the Facebook Ads campaign. Still, for a comprehensive solution, you need to consider several other factors. You must complement winning visuals with high-quality ad copy, CTA, Ad Placement, Customer Targeting with filters, etc.


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