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How To Laptop Screen Repair [Step By Step]

Even if you take great care of your computer, you may still encounter problems like a cracked or shattered screen. However, just because your laptop’s display is malfunctioning doesn’t imply it’s beyond repair.

It’s also worth noting that fixing a laptop’s screen isn’t always an easy task, and you may end up voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. Before you begin the process of changing your screen, you should be confident in your abilities and determine whether you want to take it to a skilled repair shop. Depending on the computer, even folks who have never changed a screen before may be able to do it. To make things even more difficult, make sure you don’t use a laptop with a touch screen!

What Causes A Broken Laptop Screen?

When a laptop screen is physically shattered (such as a cracked screen), it’s typically due to physical damage. You may have dropped the laptop or spilled anything on it. A laptop screen may even crack if there is anything as tiny as a piece of sand between it and the keyboard.

Some of the additional factors that might cause a laptop screen to fail or look damaged include:

  • Stuck pixels
  • Screen burn
  • Malfunctioning backlight
  • Cable and connector difficulties
  • Outdated driver

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How To Fix A Laptop Screen

A shattered or cracked laptop screen might render your laptop useless, which can be annoying if you need your computer to write a paper or finish a project. Fixing a laptop screen may be done with a few tools and techniques, saving you money on pricey repairs from a computer shop. Start by pulling the laptop apart and replacing the screen appropriately. Once the replacement screen has been installed, test it to make sure it works correctly before using your repaired laptop to text or browse the web.

Steps To Replace A Laptop Screen That’s Broken

A broken display may put you out of commission, whether it’s cracked or has too many blown pixels. However, you can repair a broken LCD with the correct equipment, a little technical know-how, and some patience. This article explains how to replace a laptop’s screen. In the event that your laptop’s warranty covers accidental damage, don’t attempt to remedy this problem yourself. Make use of the seller’s warranty to have the laptop fixed.

Restarting the computer may resolve any conflicts or operating system issues that are causing the screen to not operate. Restart your laptop after closing it. Take a look at your keyboard and monitor and properly clean them. If your laptop has a latch that can be seen, be sure to clean the mechanism. It’s important to carefully shut the laptop and then open it back up again. You may have a faulty lid sensor if the screen sometimes turns on and sometimes doesn’t.

1. Connect An External Display Device.

Try connecting an external monitor if your screen is completely dark. Whether your laptop doesn’t display anything on the external monitor, check to see if it’s turned on or if it’s in sleep or hibernation mode.

2. Improve The Performance 

Improve the performance of your video card by installing the most recent version of its drivers.There are times when the screen isn’t entirely dark, but visual faults are still visible. If this happens, consider upgrading your video drivers. It’s possible that you’re dealing with a buggy or broken driver.

3. Try To Remove The Pixels That Have Been Trapped

You can utilise an app if you’re dealing with one or more stuck pixels. A dead or stuck pixel may be restarted by quickly cycling through colours or by generating digital snow.

4. Burn-in Should Be Fixed.

Try a white screen saver or one of a few other possible remedies if the burn-in seems more like ghosts of past pictures trapped on your screen.

Verify the connections between your screen and backlight. Disassembling a laptop is easy if you are familiar with laptop disassembly techniques such as removing the bezel surrounding the screen, hinge covers, or other case components. Make sure the wires aren’t crimped or damaged and that everything is in place.

5. Replacement Of The Display Screen

Replacement of the display screen is required. You may need to get a new screen if you can’t get any other solution to work. Black or colourful bars, black holes, and colours that seem to run across screens are usually beyond repair. Another sign that the screen needs to be replaced is if it is cracked.

6. Laptop Display Replacement

When you need a new LCD, you don’t have to pay the outrageous rates that LCD manufacturers routinely ask.You’ll be able to locate a wide range of screens for as little as Rs 2500 to Rs 6500. Other numbers from the laptop label or literature may help if you’re unable to discover what you’re searching for. It’s possible that the model number provided by a vendor is one of many sets of identifying numbers available to you.

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Tools That Need To Fix A Cracked Laptop Display

  • Table or other flat working area: If you want to use your laptop while sitting, you’ll need a place to put it. A tidy dining room table or workstation offers you a cause to get rid of the clutter in your living space.
  • Not quite as compact as an eyeglass repair kit’s micro Phillips screwdriver, but we’d say it’s somewhere between that and a medium-sized screwdriver. If you don’t have a screwdriver with a magnetic head, you may use a large magnet to make one.
  • A needle or a safety pin.
  • This is for removing the stickers that cover the screws on the bezel of your laptop.
  • A plastic putty knife or similarly thin instrument may be used.
  • To assist with separating the screen bezel from the casing, you may use this tool.
  • It might also be a little bowl or other container.
  • The little screws may be safely stored here, away from nosy cats and toddlers.

Step Of Recover And Replace Broken Laptop Screen 

Remove the AC adapter from the laptop. 

  • Use a magnifying glass to locate the screws lurking in the screen bezel, which surrounds the display. When the screen is open, you’ll find these stickers at the screen hinges at the bottom of the bezel. There should be two, one on each side of the monitor. 
  • Make use of an open safety pin or needle to assist you remove the cover stickers safely. Pry the sticker away from the edge of the cover and bezel after placing it there.
  • Remove the exposed screws using a screwdriver. As the saying goes, “right-tight” means “left-loose.” Some screws come out easily, while others are very difficult to remove. However, if the screen is moved into the appropriate position, the screws are generally exposed enough to be removed.
  • Pull the screen bezel from the screen casing by gently peeling it apart from the rear. Using a thin prying device, pry apart the screen’s perimeter with a fingernail or other thin item.

Laptop Screen Repair Costs How Much?

There is no need to worry about the expense of repairing a laptop screen that has been shattered. The average cost of a professional repair is $300 . In most cases, new screens can be purchased online for as little as $50 to $100, and the process may be completed in less than an hour or two, depending on the model of laptop.

By taking the risk and doing it yourself, you may wind up saving money on a computer that you otherwise would have had to replace. In order to correctly replace or repair your damaged computer screen, follow these five procedures.

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