Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key & How To Activate Window 7 Using Ultimate Product Key

Windows 7 ultimate product key is a type of operating system (OP) that is introduced by Microsoft Company. It was released on July 22, 2009, and became accessible on October 22, 2009. It consists of some amazing extra features.

Window 7 ultimate is a combination of all other windows editions (Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, and Enterprise). So, we get all features of window 7 in one pack. Window 7 ultimate is best for IT professionals. It is available in two versions (32 bits & 64 bits). It is more expensive than other editions because of its extra features.

What is the windows 7 ultimate product key & why do we use the windows 7 ultimate product key?

Window 7 Ultimate Product key / Serial key is a 25 character code. It is used to activate the operating system (OS). After activating windows 7 ultimate, it provides excellent features and improved performance. And also provide support to the developer of the software.

System requirements for installing windows 7 ultimate

There are two versions (32 bit & 64 bit) of windows 7 ultimate. Therefore, different specifications are required for installing window 7 ultimate. Different specification according to its version describe below:

  • Minimum 1GB RAM required for a 32-bit operating system & 2GB RAM required for a 64-bit operating system.
  • Minimum 16GB free Hard disk space required for 32-bit operating system & 20GB hard disk space required for the 64-bit operating system.
  • 1GHz processor/CPU required for both (32 bits & 64 bit) versions.
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6310 or NVIDIA for 32 bits & 64-bit versions
  • DirectX version 9 is required for installing both versions of window 7 ultimate.
  • Screen Resolution: Minimum 800*600 required for installation.
  • If you want to upgrade or activate the window during the installation process you need a broadband internet connection.
  • Operating System (OS): Must Window Vista for 32 bit & 64 bit.

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 Some Extra Features of windows 7 ultimate

Window 7 ultimate is made for business or IT peoples to provide them the best experience. Most of the features of windows 7 ultimate are based on IT professionals. Some features of window 7 ultimate are described below:

  • Window 7 ultimate has its audio and video player with good features.
  • Window 7 ultimate provides an image viewer & paint that is helpful for photo editing and cropping.
  • Set different themes as desktop backgrounds.
  • It is a fully supported touch screen system.
  • It supports different gadgets to make it attractive for users.
  • It has its locker known as BIT locker. BIT locker uses full disk encryption.
  • Window 7 ultimate provides a user-friendly interface. Therefore, it is easy to use.
  • It keeps the ability to switch 35 languages immediately.
  • App locker ability is used to block software from running on the system.
  • Window 7 ultimately provides the ability to boot a computer by using a VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) file with or without using the host operating system.

How to Check/Know if this copy of windows is genuine or not?

It must be activated to use all features of windows 7 ultimate. Before activating window 7 ultimately you just need to know your window genuine or not. So, there are two approaches to check if this copy of the window is genuine or not. These two methods described below.

1. If you cannot activate window 7 ultimately within 60 days your desktop screen background turns black and also you see a message at the bottom of the right corner desktop screen ‘window 7 This copy of windows is not genuine’.

2. Right-click on the computer icon. You see the pop-up menu. Click on the properties icon a new window appears. At the bottom of this window, you see the window activation heading. After the heading a message displays ‘activate window now’.

By using these two methods you will easily check your window is activated or not.

 Where to buy the windows 7 ultimate product key?

To activate window 7 ultimate, you must need a product key / serial key. There are five methods to buy Windows 7 ultimate product key.

Method 01: Purchase product key by using Microsoft store

Method 02: Purchase product key by using Best Buy

Method 03: Purchase product key by using Amazon

Method 04: Purchase product key by using eBay

Method 05: Purchase Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key from OEM Keys

But, I briefly describe method no. 1 to buy the product key / serial key. For buying the product key from the Microsoft store you must need a Microsoft account.

Step 01: Open Google chrome software.

Step 02: Write ‘Microsoft store’ in the search bar.

Step 03: Click on ‘Software & Apps’. Pop-up menus appear.

Step 04: Now, click on ‘Windows’.

Step 05: Some new menus occur. Click on ‘window 7 ultimate’.

Step 06: Now, it shows some description and price of window 7 ultimate product key. Click ‘Add to cart’.

Step 07: Pay the price of the window 7 ultimate product key.

After the process is completed you can download Windows 7 ultimate or windows product key / Serial key.

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Windows 7 Product Key 32 Bit

  • PQL19-DN4BD-G6HIZ7-XM358-W9SKZ
  • 56452-EWDSX-ZCAFQ-R1436-RYVHG
  • V3Y2W-CMF9W-PGT9C-777KD-32W74
  • 83K3W-QH8JT-T7KBY-9FQB6-V9R8H
  • C23T3-9F2T2-FPWBM-XYMW2-272J9
  • 3743C-T6892-B4PHM-JHFKY-4BB7W
  • 8YDX9-B7MMG-82XD9-V88G9-MR92T
  • XH7KY-9YP9X-G9M34-JJH66-HXK9C
  • 4HDB9-DQHDQ-6D82P-PRPPK-67T78
  • PQL19-DN4BD-G6HIZ7-XM358-W9SKZ
  • 56452-EWDSX-ZCAFQ-R1436-RYVHG

Windows 7 product keys for 64

  • M9N8B-7V6C5-X4Z32-SDA4D-EF5GH
  • 49PB6-6BJ6Y-KHGCQ-7DDY6-TF7C3E
  • 342DG-6YJR8-X92GV-V7DCV-P4K27

Conditions for activating windows 7 ultimate by using cracked product key/ Serial key

 before activating window 7 ultimate by using a cracked product key you need to disable the Windows update feature. Any crack or free keys will not work if the window update feature is enabled. Your entered key can be considered or detected as a duplicate product key / serial key and verification may be failed.

Follow these steps given below to disable automatic Windows updates.

Step 01: Click on the window icon that is displayed on the keyboard and windows desktop.

Step 02: Click on the search bar.

Step 03: Write ‘Control Panel’ in the search bar.

Step 04: Control panel icon will be displayed. Click on the control panel icon. After click on the control panel icon, new windows appear.

Step 05: Find the option ‘System and Security’ and click on it.

Step 06: After clicking on ‘System and Security’ new icons display. Find the option ‘check for update’ and click on it.

Step 07: Now, find the option ‘Change Setting’ and click on it (Option must be in the left sidebar).

Step 08: Click on ‘Never check for updates’ from the given options.

After following these steps you can easily disable the ‘check for updates’ setting. Now, follow the steps that are given below for activating window 7 ultimate on your computer successfully.

How to activate windows 7 ultimate by using the product key?

It is very easy to activate window 7 ultimate. The right or correct product key/ Serial key can be easily set on your copy of window 7 ultimate. These steps are simplified needed for activating window 7 ultimately.

Step 01: Open Microsoft window 7 ultimate Serial key.

Step 02: On the desktop right-click on the ‘My Computer’ icon.

Step 03: Scrolled down until you see the option ‘Activate windows’. When you see it clicks on it.

Step 04: Enter your window 7 ultimate product key/ serial key that contains 25 character codes. After entering the serial key/ product key clink on ‘Validate’.

 Step 05: It will take some time to activate window 7 ultimate depending on your internet connection speed.

After following these steps you can easily activate your window 7 ultimate without any problem. If your product key / serial key is accurate or right no issue occurs.

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From this article, I hope you will know about the introduction and features of window 7 ultimate. And also you will understand what is window 7 ultimate product key and how to buy it. After buying or cracking the window’s ultimate serial key you easily activate your window and enjoy the excellent features. It is the best window for any type of IT professionals.


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