The Winds Of Winter Release Date

The Winds of Winter is an amazing sixth-planned novel. This sixth novel is planned in the epic fantasy series. An amazing Ice and Fire song is written by American George R.R.  Martin. Martin hopes the last two-volume of this series will over 3000 manuscript pages. But the Martin is not confirmed about the completed date of the novel. That’s why it is difficult to estimates the final release date of the novel.

Winds Of Winter Release Data Update

As I discuss above George Martin is the best writer of epic fantasy series. That’s why people love its novels. He successfully completes the five novels. But the sixth novel Winds of Winter is not completed yet. That’s why there is no confirmed date for its release. But George Martin revealed the releasing date of Winds of Winter. He says this book will release in 2021. But the actual month and date do not mention. 

According to GRRM’s blogs, the release date of Winds of Winter is July 16, 2021. This is not an official date. But this date is GRRM’s write this date in his blog. Because of its great experience. After publishing his blog he can paraphrase a poem by Robert Forest.  

“The Woods were lovely, dark, and deep, but I have promises to keep and books to write before I sleep.” This is the best poem line. And hint for fans who are waiting for Winds and Winter. GRRM explains this line for you. He said while he enjoys the trip and watching the great nature things. He still needs to fulfill their promises. And also George said “I wish I might be able to write such book. Who will be able to stay ahead of the Game of Thrones series.” 

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How Many Pages Of The Winds Of Winter Book Has George R.R. Martin Completed So For?

In 2010 dancing with Dragons, Martin claimed he was moving five chapters. That is originally planned for The Winds of Winter book.  After that in 2011, before dance he hit bookstores. He reports about moving an additional four-chapter over. He also tells the chapter fourth and fifth of the book is consist of 15 pages. That’s why Martin starts Winds of Winter with 100-150 pages of cut material.

Martin declared he planned to start Winds of Winter writing with new material in 2012. After spending some time, he reports finishing 200 manuscript pages. And also 200 rough pages. In one of his interviews, GRRM told “The Winds of Winter books is done in a fast way. That means this book consists of 350-450 pages.” But in 2015 he said, he is in the middle of the book. So there is no exact number of pages tell by George. Every update about The Winds of Winter increases the number of pages. Maybe this book finished 750-1000 manuscript pages. But this is not the final limit. The number of pages increases according to the chapters. But the exact number of chapters is not mentioned in 2020 updates. 

Why Are The Winds Of Winter Taking So Long To Write?

There is the penalty of reasons for delaying Winds of Winder’s releasing. But there are only two major reasons for the wait.

The first reason is that Martin describes himself as approaching writing as a ‘gardener’. Rather than an “architect”. George R.R. Martin explains these words briefly. “Don’t write outlines; I hate outlines. any points and events from the books, the culminate for each book, but I don’t need to know each twist and turn along the way. That’s something I find in the course of writing and that’s what makes writing gratifying. I think if I outlined extensively and stuck to the outline the actual writing would be dull.” It is obvious if any writer does not plan about his story at a time. It takes too much time.

The second reason is that Martin slows down in his willingness to rewrite things.  In 2017 a question was asked from Martin. If you go back and rewrite things significantly after you discover a plot of the hole. Martin replied, all the time. This answer tells how complex his story has become. But there is a lot of opportunities for holes to appear. 

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Why Would Not George Let George Finish Winds Of Winter?

  1. May He Has Trouble Saying No.
  2. Maybe He is Awful at Estimating How Much Work He Has Left
  3. Maybe Winds is Not Actually His Top Priority
  4. Maybe He is Hopelessly Stuck 
  5. Maybe He is Responding Rationally to Economic Incentives

Could A Cabin Be What It Takes For The Winds Winter To Come To Our Shelves?

As years passed, the Wind of Winter update can get more and more fans. I hope you will understand. Why George Martin takes too long to finish writing it. As everyone knows fans never be able to foretell a few months earlier. That’s why George R.R. Martin tells them. He was spending quarantine in the cabin. All the time that he spends in the cabin is thought about this book story. Sometimes the good ideas about books come. But now he is not able to spend too much time in the cabin. Because he is the 71-year-old author. He must need to follow his routine and try to stay healthy. 

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I hope you will understand what is The Winds of Winter. And also understand the releasing date of Winds of Winter. I explain all the points that can become a reason for delaying Winds of Winter’s book. But I have good news for you. George Martin tells in his last update about Winds of Winter. The Winds of Winter book is released in 2021. Exactly date any month not know. But most people think. It is July. I believe my article about Winds of Winter Release Date is helpful for you and easy to understand. If you have any questions about this Winds of Winter Release Date topic, please ask them in the comment section.


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