What exactly is xResolver? And its Alternatives

IP addresses of online gamers are stored in the xResolver database. xResolver uses the gamer names to determine their IP addresses. For those who own an Xbox, the X in the name of this online database stands for your gaming system. Still, it works with a wide range of consoles. The term “resolver” has now been adopted by the PlayStation and Xbox platforms accordingly.

Let’s learn all there is to know about xResolver.

What exactly is xResolver?

xResolver is a website that logs the Gamertags and IP addresses of players that use Xbox, Playstation, and personal computers accordingly. xResolver was made to prevent hackers from stealing usernames and Gamertags. The primary goal of xResolver is to resolve usernames and Gamertags to their respective IP addresses.


Basically The scraping bots used by xResolver’s Xbox resolver make this kind of work possible. The IP address, Internet service provider (ISP), and Xbox user name are all included here.

What does xResolver Do?

Its function is to keep track of links between IP addresses and Gamertags in a publicly accessible database. It’s important to note that the public has access to this type of information.

Putting it on a website that anyone can access is not technically a crime.

The problem. Though, is that the person trying to do so might not have the best intentions. A hacker may target your PS4, PC, or Xbox profile if they have your IP address.

With xResolver, you can disclose personal details to anyone who shows interest. This private data is the bridge between your actual network connection and your digital identity. Once they get your details.

They can use them against you in several different ways. That could involve DDoS attacks or other forms of network congestion (DDOS).

Features of xResolver:

There are many exciting options provided by xResolver. So, Let’s examine a few illustrations afterward.

1. Identification of Geo Location


With xResolver, you can pinpoint your adversary’s exact location. You can do it with the help of its IP lookup tool.

A player’s IP address is quite important, and this is an essential piece of data because it’s so fascinating that it has this quality.

2. IP Logger Picture


xResolver simplifies creating inbound links to your site. You can get people’s IP addresses if you send them these links all in all.

The use of these shortened URLs aids in obtaining information about the user’s browser and geographic location. The IP logger extends the capabilities of xResolver and helps identify Incognito mode.

3. Both Gamertag Resolver and PSN username


xResolver has a wide variety of options for gamers that use Xbox or PlayStation. Data linked to IP addresses is readily accessible using the existing technologies. Finding online bots is unnecessary for researching Gamertags and usernames.

The AI features significantly reduce complexity and increase efficiency.

4. User-Friendly Interface and Functioning

Another key point Easy to understand, xResolver’s operation is straightforward. Your time spent tracking down your opponent’s IP address will be minimal. So, Just as finding a Gamertag is a breeze, so too is using one.

5. Blacklisting of Personal IP Address

The ability to blocklist hosts is a crucial extra for xResolver as can be seen. By activating this feature, you can avoid having your IP address and other personal details made public to your adversaries. And, No matter how smart they are with computers, they will be unable to access your private data.

Alternatives of xresolver

Above all were the features of xresolver now lets jump to its alternative additionally.

1. Lanc Remastered PCPS

Remastered PCPS from Lanc is a free Gamertag IP grabber in addition to resolving PSN and Xbox IDs. It can retrieve IP addresses from PlayStation Network and Xbox Live gaming sessions. The process of mapping opponent Gamertags to IP addresses is facilitated as well.

It’s a simple and fast resolver that doesn’t cost a dime. Compatible with Xbox, PC, PlayStation, and every other gaming system, Lanc Remastered PCPS represents the future of gaming compatibility. It’s software that runs on your computer after you download it. The databank can be accessed over the web. It’s a top-tier xResolver alternative.

2. OctoSniff

Improve your online gaming connection with the help of the IP sniffer OctoSniff. Easy setup, a wealth of helpful guides, and round-the-clock support are just a few of its many other selling points. It’s easy to pick up and operate because of its intuitive design. There is no virus in this resolution in any way.


OctoSniff enables packets to be automatically identify. Xbox chats and packets from game servers can be distinguished. The only other program that can generate a username for a PlayStation 4 is this one. Using this feature, you may determine who is responsible for sending packets.

3. Xbox Booter Picture

Users of the Xbox console may rely on Xbox Booter for the most fantastic IP grabber, IP booter, and IP puller available.

Its IP Booter is a sturdy 4-and-7-layer system that launches attacks on players to force them offline. With its built-in IP extractor, you can easily snoop on and retrieve the IP addresses of Xbox consoles. Using a program design for network monitoring or logging, IP addresses can be retrieved using the IP grabber.

4. Console Sniffer

Console Sniffer is an all-consoles-friendly network research and monitoring utility. You can see your opponent’s IP address and username in-game. There is no need to perform a jailbreak. If you have a Wifi or wireless connection, it will work.

Console Sniffer is easy to set up and doesn’t call for any cables. It works with VPNs (virtual private networks) (VPNs). The product is available for instant download and usage following payment. It’s incompatible with anything but a Windows computer, including game consoles.

5. Psycho Coding

The Xbox tools LANC and PCPS, as well as additional resources, are all accessible through the Xbox database known as Psycho Coding.

In addition to granting access to your Xbox’s game log, it also offers seven different locations from which to connect to a virtual private network. Places like Canada, France, London, Sydney, Hillsboro, Germany, and Eygelshoven are on that list.

6. Cakes

The Xbox XUID grabber offered by Cakes can be used to obtain an opponent’s XUID by entering their Gamertag. This resolver does not store Gamertags and XUIDs.

To use this, enter the player’s Gamertag when prompt. You can either use hexadecimal notation or the standard decimal system. Also, the XUID associated with the Gamertag will be shown once you click the Resolve button.


This means that various alternates to xResolver can be test. Before using them, you need to figure out how much protection they offer. You can lessen your exposure to these resolvers’ drawbacks by taking precautions.

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