Avast Premier License key & Activation Code [2021 Free]

Information About Avast Premier Antivirus

Avast Premier License key is the best choice for high online and offline security. It offers a trial mode for some days to check its awesome features. Any company can’t survive with free services. So, you need to purchase it after the free trial.

You can use all premier features with your package limit.  When you buy it. It provides you malware scanners, web protection, and cybersecurity. Avast Premier Antivirus provides you all features of avast security.

Avast Premier Antivirus helps you to work in safe mode. Because, it blocks all spyware, viruses, webcam-hacking, and malware. It provides a vast excellent feature to save your computer, mobile. You can easily install it on the Mac, iPhone, PC, iPad, and Android devices.

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  • Best Malware Scanner
  • Website shield
  • Real-time Protection
  • Work on Windows, Mac, and Android
  • Provide Sandbox features


  • It is very heavy software, so it is working slow.
  • VPN Excluded
  • Expensive Antivirus
  • Website protection ineffective

Free Avast Premier Antivirus v/s Paid Avast Premier Antivirus

Avast Premier Antivirus is available in many features. But most of the features were added to the paid version. Because they want to grow their business. Therefore, if you want complete security then you need to pay for it. So, I describe the difference between the paid and free versions.

Free Avast Premier Antivirus Paid Avast Premier Antivirus
  • You can use all features of Avast Premier Antivirus in just 30 days. 
  • You can use all features of paid Avast Premier Antivirus according to your package limit.
  • No regular update for advanced ransomware protection.
  • The regular update for advanced ransomware protection.
  • No any web protection
  • Web protected
  • Firewall shield absent
  • A firewall shield protects your computer.
  • Wifi inspector not available
  • Wifi inspector protects your network.
  • Missing sandbox
  • Sandbox breaks any suspicious encoded file.
  • No data shredder
  • Data shredder permanently any suspicious file that can harm your computer.

How does the license Key 2021 Work?

Any Premier key/ license key is used to activate the software. Some software provides free versions. And some provide paid versions. It depends on company policy. But, some companies provide free or paid both versions. So, you can use it with free trials to check its features.

The free trial is used to check the capabilities and features of the software. After the free trial is over you can’t use its great features. If you want to use these features you need to activate them. Same in the Avast Premier Antivirus case. It provides a free version. When the trial is over you need to buy it to get the license key. License key gives you access to use all features of Avast Premier Antivirus.

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Steps to purchase Avast Premier Antivirus license file 2021

If you want to activate your favorite Avast Premier Antivirus. You need to buy its license key. Differen websites are providing their license key. Every website charges differently. ut, I m going to discuss Avast Premier’s official website. I will teach you how to purchase Avast Premier Antivirus by using the Avast website.

You need to follow the steps that describe below to buy the license key.

Step 01: Open Google chrome

Step 02: Write the avast website in the search bar.

Step 03: New window appears then scroll down.

Step 04: Click on Avast premium security. It will appear in the new window.

Step 05: Now, Select the device for whom you want to buy Avast.

Step 06: Click on buy.

Step 07: After that, it will ask you for some information. Write this information and pay for it.

Step 08: After payment is done, you will receive an email from the avast website. It regards the information on your purchase. This email also provides you your preferred Avast Premier license key.

This license key helps you to activate Avast Premier Antivirus. It is a very easy process. I hope you easily understand this method and it helps you to buy a license.

How to get Avast Premier Antivirus free license key?

Avast Premier Antivirus is top-grade antivirus. This antivirus is popular for its advanced offline and online security. But, it is a paid antivirus. If you want to get access to its all features you need to activate it.

As you know it’s a paid best-selling software. So, it is very expensive. Therefore some websites provide their free license key. If you want a free key then visit the ‘free license keys’ website.

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How to activate Avast Premier Antivirus by using a free/paid license key?

You need to install Avast Premier License Key for advanced system security. After installing avast. It will provide you a free trial version for 30-days. After that, you need to activate it to get its complete features.

I will describe step for activate Avast Premier Antivirus

Step 01: Run Avast Premier Antivirus on your computer/ laptop. 

Step 02: you see different options like scanning. Click on ‘My License’.

Step 03: After that, a new popup appears with different options.

Step 04: Now, use the option ‘Active by using license key’.

Step 05: Then enter the free/ paid license key. If you use the free key then you need to switch off the internet            connection. If you don’t do that maybe avast detects your license key. Sometimes it will block it or show a message ‘Fake key’.

Step 06: After entering the Avast Premier Antivirus license key click on the ‘Activation’ button. 

After following these steps, it will activate your Avast Premier Antivirus. If you face any problem then ask in the comment section.

Avast Premier Activation Code 






Avast Premier Serial Key/premier key














Avast Premier License File till 2050








Avast Free Antivirus 2021














Powerful Features of Avast Premier Antivirus

  • A firewall is responsible to protect your computer from internet viruses. It checks all the websites on the internet. Then decides which ones to open and which ones to block.
  • It protects your computer from hackers. Who tries to hijack your computer’s DNS setting. And they try to access your computer and your personal information.
  • WIFI inspector checks the detection of your WIFI faults and solves them. It also protects your WIFI from hacking.
  • It scans your computer completely. And tell you about defective files and settings. And also helps you to remove it.
  • Check to update the software. If any software is not updated it automatically updates it. Because it improves your protection. 
  • Cyber capture feature sends different files in the cloud. To find out if it is a virus. Then make add protection in antivirus for it.
  • This shield spot and block strange behavior for zero-second security. 
  • This shield blocks ransomware and untrusted software from changing in your computer.
  • It provides a safe environment by testing various files. It blocks any file that makes the reason for destruction in your computer.
  • It protects and locks your account with one secured password.
  • You can delete sensitive files by using a data shredder. Once you delete any file. Then you can’t get it back.
  • It protects your webcam and every time asks you who uses it. So, you can easily know who can see you.
  • Browser cleanup clears your browser of toolbars that install without your knowledge.
  • If you want to use another antivirus. Then, put it in quiet mode. It will always be available when you want. 
  • Whenever you play movies, songs, and in full-screen mode. It blocks all notifications that will disturb you.
  • Avast account helps you to protect tools near the place. 
  • Whenever you face any problem with Avast Premier Antivirus. You don’t need to go anywhere just click on the online help center. Avast support team always available for your help.

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What’s new in Avast Premier Antivirus in the 2021 version?

  • Most advanced detector
  • Block viruses, threads, and malware.
  • Create a firewall to block viruses.
  • Provide a new elegant design interface
  • It offers outstanding protection for viruses and malware.
  • Best software to block website malware.
  • Advanced virus detection for USB drive

System Requirements:

  • 2GB RAM
  • 4GHz Processor
  • 2GB Free Disk
  • Window XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10 in 32-bit or 64-bit
  • Resolution 1024*768 pixels required
  • Active internet connection for different purposes.

Guidelines for installing Avast Premier Antivirus

  • Clear all previous versions of antivirus
  • Then, restart your computer/ laptop
  • After restart run blockhosts.bat file as administrator. 
  • Open and install avast premier software
  • After that use the license key to activate your avast premier software.

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In this post I explain the Avast premier license key in full detail after reading this post you will be able the downloading Avast software for free. As you know without a license key you can’t download the avast software. So here I discuss the license key of the avast 2021.

Avast software is the best and amazing antivirus which provides you with amazing software. If you are looking for any information related to the avast software then you are at the right place and read this post carefully. After reading this post, give me a suggestion in the comment section thank you.


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