15 Best Bass Booster Software For Windows Users

Music is made cheerful and energetic by bass, which adds life to it. It’s only interesting to listen to music with bass. Bass Booster software for PC can help you get the most out of your music and audio experience. Windows 10 has a built-in tool for changing boost settings, but if you want better results, you can also pick a specialized bass booster software. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best PC bass boosters that are perfect for your needs.

15 Best Bass Booster Software For Windows Users

These below-listed bass boosting apps will help you adjust and alter the bass setting to your liking, whether playing your favorite music, playing games, or watching movies online.

1. All Player

Bass Booster Software

The first Bass Booster software is All Player. To enhance both video and audio files, use the Bass Booster. Use the File Explorer software given by the tool to examine media files. Drag and drop the files you want to play into the Bass Booster to begin. You can boost your audio files with themes like Classical, Dance, Flat, Treble, and more.

2. Boom 3D

Bass Booster Software

Boom 3D is the next on our list of the best PC bass boosters. You can get very specific answers by using the software. The software has won awards and functions perfectly on iOS and Windows platforms.

3. Bass Treble Booster

Bass Booster Software

Next on our list of bass booster software for PCs is this amazing tool that works like no other tool. To enhance the sound quality and adjust the frequency to the desired level, use it to alter and apply different settings.

4. FX Sound

Bass Booster Software

Are you looking for a high-end piece of music software for your PC? FX might be the best thing for you. Get it today to enhance the audio output of music players like iTunes, Spotify, and others in real-time.

5. Bongiovi DPS

Bass Booster Software

Try Bongiovi DPS if you want good bass booster software to enhance your audio experience. Make the songs you listen to feel more like you and change how they sound.

6. Audacity

Bass Booster Software

Audacity is an open-source and feature-rich tool for boosting bass that you can pick up. You can enhance the audio sound of your device with the help of this free tool, which has many changing options for audio files. For a better audio experience, Audacity allows you to adjust the ideal bass level and the echo, pitch, speed, and treble.

7. Equalizer APO

Bass Booster Software

Pick the Equalizer APO software to meet your requirements if the previously mentioned bass booster software needs to be revised. The tool offers simple editing options to enhance song performance and is easy to use. When you use the Equalizer APO, it is essential to restart your device after download. You should also make sure that the EQ APO is turned on for your playing device.

8. SM Player

SM Player, the best bass booster software, supports the best audio and video files. It offers many advanced features like an audio filter, video filter, video mixer, change of playing speed, etc., and has several built-in codecs. It’s simple to install and operate this video player. SM Player is one of the best free bass boosters you can get today. It can do a lot of different things.

9. Clementine Music Player

You can easily use and adjust all the levels of Clementine Music Player, a great bass booster software. You can easily play music from cloud storage platforms using this software. The software’s design is very easy to use, so it’s quick and easy to find and add new audio files. The software makes it easy to boost bass from any level. You can see all the files you’ve just added on the home screen.

10. ViPER4Windows

One of the best bass booster apps available is this one. We kept this software because it works with our system and offers a stronger bass boost. If you use third-party software or the software that comes with your computer, the software can boost up to 18.06dB. The best thing about this software is that it’s without cost. The best way to listen to music is to download and install this software. It offers a variety of sound effects, including VIPER X Bass, 3D Surround, Compressor, Equalizer, and more.

11. POT Player

The POT player is the next piece of software on our list of the best bass boosters. You can use this free video/audio tool to boost the bass. You can add and change the file to your requirements because it primarily supports all audio and video types. It also offers viewing, subtitles, and a lot of other features. Here is a list of some of the most important features of this software. You can click on them to learn more.

12. GOM Player

You can use Windows PCs with GOM Player, a fantastic bass booster software. This software is free to use and offers functions comparable to professional apps. The software makes it easy to change and boost the bass to suit your needs. In addition, it offers features like support for VR videos, a GOM remote, a video player, a subtitle finder, and more.

13. Windows Media Player

If you have a Windows PC, Windows Media Player is one of the best music player apps that comes with it. The music player can play audio and video in various forms, including WMV, ASF, WMA, AAC, AVI, and more. It is also an effective app for boosting the bass levels of audio & video files. The app can be a great option for users who could be more tech-savvy because it is so easy to use. It also doesn’t freeze or crash, making the layout easy for beginners.

14. Moo0 Audio Effect

Moo0 Audio Effect is the next pick in the software category, with many features for boosting bass. The tool is free, and it has an easy-to-use layout. It works well and lets you adjust the volume, pitch, and singing of your audio piece in addition to the bass.

15. VLC

For the Windows platform, VLC Video Player is a powerful and innovative video player. It is open-source media player software that plays audio and videos from many different types of files on a Windows PC. The app can also be used to add different video and audio effects to the audio or video file that is currently playing. In addition, the filter and effects menu makes it easy for users to find a 10-band mixer that they can use to boost the bass of video and audio files.

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For any audio piece, a clear, clean sound is essential. The bass booster software that comes with Windows doesn’t work very well. It would be best if you had software specifically made for boosting bass. This software should let you make changes in real-time, add more bass to your audio, and enhance your overall experience. We suggest using the bass boosters mentioned in this post to make your music more cheerful and energetic.

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