15 Best Discord Music Bots You Need To Try

After Groovy and Rhythm’s shutdown, the fun shouldn’t end. Because of this, this article tells you about the best Discord music bots that can be used instead of these bots. Many Discord users were shocked when they heard that the two most famous music bots, Rhythm and Groovy, had their services shut down. Someone who likes to chat on Discord and listen to music may have heard of or used these bots. But the fun doesn’t stop with the shutdown of these highly-scored bots. Several other Discord music bots still work. We’ll introduce you to some of the best Discord music bots to keep the fun going. Let’s get right to reading them.

15 Best Discord Music Bots You Need To Try

After the shutdown of Groovy and Rhythm, here are the best Discord music bots you can use.

1. Uzox Discord Bot

Discord Music Bots

Uzox is one of the best Discord music bots. If you’re looking for a high-quality music bot for Discord that’s also completely free to use, Uzox is the best option. YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Twitch live streams are just a few of the most well-known music and video streaming platforms that Uzox is compatible with. The button on the screen can be useful if you want to quickly look at the song’s words while it’s playing. Professional DJs can control music playing and mix and match content according to their needs with Uzox’s DJ Compatibility mode. Last but not least, Uzox lets you play some fun little games, like 8Ball, Memes, Facts, and Riddles.

2. Hydra Bot

Discord Music Bots

First, let’s look at Hydra Bot. Due to its plethora of customization options, support for multiple languages, command list, and many other features, it has always been a strong competitor to Rhythm and Groovy. Regarding features, Hydra Bot is one of the best Discord music bots.

3. Jockie Music

Discord Music Bots

Let me now introduce you to Jockie Music. It is one of the best Discord music bots that continues to work for various reasons. It lets you play songs from Spotify, YouTube, Apple songs, Soundcloud, and many other platforms.

4. Mee6

Discord Music Bots

Mee6 is the next best Discord music bot on this list. Many servers like Mee6 because it has useful features like response jobs, custom orders, monitoring, and more. Over 14 million servers use it.

5. Fredboat

Discord Music Bots

Let’s talk about Fredboat next. Fredboat can play music from platforms like Bandcamp, Twitch, Soundcloud, YouTube, and more, just like Jockie Music. One thing that makes this bot unique is that you can set a playlist so that songs play even if you don’t set a new song between songs. The Fredboat also has features that make it one of the best music apps for Discord.

6. Chip

Discord Music Bots

Well, Chip is the next name on our list of the best Discord music bots. You can easily stop and start music with this bot. You can also check the song queue and skip or stop music you don’t want to hear. On top of that, Chip’s features make it one of the best Discord music bots you can get.

7. Zandercraft

Discord Music Bots

If you want something different from Rhythm or Groovy, Zandercraft might be a good pick. You can play Hi-Fi and XHD (extra HD) songs with this Discord music bot.

8. Vexera

In this list of the best Discord music bots that still work, Vexera is in the next position. Vexera gives users a fast and lag-free experience because it gets its songs from YouTube.

9. ProBot

Now, let’s look at ProBot. It serves a variety of other uses in addition to being one of the best Discord music bots. ProBot looks for music on YouTube and provides many useful instructions for controlling playing.

10. Aiode

Aiode occupies the next position on this list. It is among the best Discord music bots for many reasons, including the smooth streaming of Spotify songs.

11. ChillBot

Do you like low-fidelity music? If so, ChillBot is sure to be fun for you. It always plays low-fidelity, chill music. The features also make you want to use ChillBot, one of the best Discord music bots.

12. BMO Discord Bot

BMO Bot is the next Discord tool on this top Discord music bots list. The BMO bot is useful for people who like sharing music with other users and streamers. You can talk to this bot, and it’s fun to use.

13. Rythm

As one of the best Discord music bots, let’s look at the next option. Rhythm is a good option if you also want to share the song with other people. This tool has a simple three-step process that makes it easy to get the most out of the bot.

14. Octave

The next of the best Discord music bots is Octave, which used to be called Gnar. This bot has been offering music streaming from all popular platforms, including Spotify, YouTube, and Soundcloud, for almost four years.

15. Chip Bot

The next best Discord music bot on this list is Chip bot. You can easily get to the music bot features with the help of the tool. The tool allows for high-quality audio streaming and list viewing.

The Bottom Line:

These are our picks for the best Discord music bots. You can choose any of these bots based on your needs. You can share a better Discord music bot in the comments if you know of one. You can also leave your questions, worries, or ideas in the box below, and we’ll get to them.

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