Top 6 Best Sleep Cycle Tracking Apps For Android And iPhone

Sleep Cycle Tracking Apps For Android And iPhone: Getting enough sleep is important for maintaining general health and well-being, but getting enough sleep can help your health. Many people of all ages have trouble sleeping, losing sleep, or not getting good quality sleep. This can cause several mental and physical health problems. The major reasons are a sedentary lifestyle, worry at work, and several personal issues. Even though the length of your sleep is important, you should remember to look at the quality of your sleep to see if the time you spent sleeping was worthwhile. A person’s sleep cycle is made up of the various stages of sleep that they go through while they are asleep. Let’s try to understand it better.

What Is Sleep Cycle?

The four stages of sleep are not all the same length, so sleep occurs in cycles that move smoothly from one to the next. With each stage, you can keep your mind and body at ease and feel refreshed all day. Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and non-REM (NREM) sleep are the two main groups of the four stages of sleep. These four stages show different brain processes during sleep, and we’ll discuss them below.

Dozing Off

Stage 1 (N1) generally lasts five to ten minutes, called the “dozing-off” stage. In this case, the body isn’t totally calm, but work in the body and brain slows down. In this stage, an individual is easily woken up. If not, they will move on to stage 2 right away.

Light Sleep

Stage 2 (N2) is marked by a drop in body temperature and the relaxing of muscles. As the body goes into a quiet stage with no eye movements, breathing and heart rate slowly slow. Stage 2 can last anywhere from 10 to 25 minutes. Brain activity slows down during this time, and it can last even longer at night.

Deep Sleep

Stage 3 (N3) is deep sleep; waking someone up during this stage is even more difficult. The muscles rest even more at this stage, and the heart and breathing rates slow down even more. A well-known delta wave pattern can be seen in the brain activity. The body heals and grows during this stage, and the defense system strengthens.

REM Sleep

In the REM Sleep stage, brain activity speeds up, and atonia happens, in which all of the body’s muscles are paralyzed except for the breathing muscles and eyes. During this stage, the brain’s thinking skills get stronger, which helps with things like learning, remembering, and imagination.

Interesting, right? Monitoring sleep is difficult. Fortunately, several reliable sleep trackers are available that can assist you in monitoring your sleep habits and help ensure you’re getting enough quality sleep. These statistics help us figure out why these problems happen. Let us know if you need any medical help. To improve your lifestyle and increase your work, we searched for the most effective sleep tracking apps and compiled a list of the best ones. With these Sleep Cycle Tracking Apps, you can get a clear picture of the quality of your sleep by listening to sounds you make while you sleep, watching your body move, and noticing other things you do while you sleep. We’ll look at Sleep Cycle Tracking Apps one by one this time.

Top 6 Best Sleep Cycle Tracking Apps For Android And iPhone

1. ShutEye

Sleep Cycle Tracking Apps

ShutEye is an app for people who have trouble falling asleep, don’t get enough sleep, or have sleep apnea. The app accurately tracks your sleep cycle and gives you honest advice on improving your sleeping habits and getting the best sleep possible. The app is available for download on Android and iPhone and features several tools that assist you in falling asleep quickly and in the best way possible. It also monitors your sleep cycles to provide useful information. In addition, ShutEye has a sleep recording tool that unconsciously records your sleep, chatting, snoring, and other activities while sleeping. ShutEye’s sleep tracker has the following features to improve your sleep quality.

  • A sleep tracker can help you understand how your sleep cycles work from a science point of view.
  • A smart alarm will help you wake up feeling refreshed.
  • Check your snoring level at night with a snore monitor.
  • A lot of soothing music and sleep sounds to help you fall asleep after a long day of stress.
  • Get a general sleep grade from CBTI Sleep Coaching to learn more about how well you sleep.

2. SleepScore

Sleep Cycle Tracking Apps

SleepScore, written in the New York Times, is undoubtedly the best sleep tracking app for your sleep cycles. Get professional tips on improving your sleep quality. If you want to improve your sleeping habits, SleepScore gives you personalized information about your sleep cycles that you can use to change your lifestyle. SleepScore uses sonar technology to give exact data on iPhones and Android phones. SleepScore’s most important features are listed below.

  • Get a daily sleep ranking that tells you useful things.
  • There are 4 phases of sleep: light, deep, REM, and sudden awakenings.
  • A smart alarm clock that will wake you up slowly at the best time for you in your sleep pattern.
  • Improve the four sleeping stages with these simple tips.
  • Find out about your sleeping habits from the best sleep experts in the world based on scientific evidence.
  • Comparison of sleeping habits with those of people the same age and gender.

3. Sleep As Android

Sleep Cycle Tracking Apps

People consider Sleep As Android a Swiss Army knife for managing and keeping track of your sleeping routine. It is one of the best sleep cycle tracking apps, and if you have an Android phone, you can’t miss it. Supports the newest Android phones and wearable tech, like Wear OS, Galaxy/Gear (Tizen), Garmin (ConnectIQ), Mi Band + Amazfit (with partner apps), FitBit (Ionic, Sense, Versa), Polar (H10, OH10, Senes), PineTime, Pebble, and Sleep As Android gives you these features.

  • Smart tracking of your wake-up and sleep cycles, with an alarm with lots of features and weekly and shift work plans.
  • Sonar, a new contactless sound sleep tracking tool that works even if you don’t put the phone on the bed, is used.
  • It has features like Sleep Score, which is a full assessment of the quality of your sleep based on things like snoring, heart rate variability (HRV), regularity, efficiency, sleep phases, and oxygenation (SPO2).
  • Advanced and dependable AI-powered sound classification system for snoring, sickness, and sleep talk recording.
  • Sleep breathing research is used to look at the low breath rate warning.
  • You can achieve a regular sleeping plan with built-in bedtime prompts and odd sleep tracking features.

4. Sleep Cycle

Use Sleep Cycle, a clever app that helps you track your sleep pattern and has a built-in wake-up clock. It will help you relax, sleep better, and keep track of your sleep schedule. You will also receive a thorough study of your sleep cycle to monitor your sleeping routine from when you go to bed until you wake up. This information can be used to improve your sleeping habits in the future. The sleep tracking app is available for both Android and iOS, and it only wakes you up when you are in the light sleep phase so that you don’t feel bad all day. For the following reasons, Sleep Cycle may be the best sleep tracker.

  • It wakes you up slowly with a natural sound.
  • Rest calmly, and keep track of your sleep to learn your unique routines with in-depth analysis.
  • For sleep monitoring, the phone doesn’t have to be under the pillow; it can be put on the table or the floor instead.
  • With unique sound technology or an accelerometer, you can get honest information about light sleep, deep sleep, and general health.
  • You can pick your alarm sounds.
  • Compare the sleeping statistics of other people with your own.

5. Sleep Monitor

Sleep Monitor is an app that you can use to monitor your sleeping cycles and get in-depth studies of sleeping trends. It is packed with powerful features. This helpful app, available for Android and iOS users, has nice alarms that ensure you get to bed on time and wake up in the most peaceful way possible in the morning. You can read about some of its great features below.

  • Improve sleep quality by following sleep-related trends and weekly and monthly data stats.
  • You can listen to the sounds of your snoring and grinding while sleeping.
  • Look at what you eat, drink, work out, and any other physical or mental problems and show how they affect your sleep.
  • To understand your sleeping stages, the app uses the microphone and accelerator sensors to record body moves and changes in noise levels.
  • More than 20 languages can be used.
  • Sleep scores, sleep cycle images, sleep statistics, and sleep noise audio are important information it gives.
  • Music that will help you fall asleep is good quality and will calm your mind.

6. Sleepzy

Don’t forget Sleepzy, a sleep monitoring app for Android and iOS, has a fresh design to keep track of your sleeping habits and improve its quality over time. The built-in alarm clock recognizes snoring, wakes you up at the ideal time, and gives you everyday sleep statistics. Sleepzy looks at your sleep cycle or routine and lets you know if you’re short on sleep so you can start good habits that will help you stay healthy. Sleepzy is an important app for everyone, whether you are a morning person or like to stay up late.

  • Ensure you wake up at the best time to stay fresh all day.
  • Set sleep goals and monitor sleeping bills to ensure you get enough rest.
  • To improve your sleeping quality, make changes to your daily routine.
  • Get personalized tips on sleep based on the statistics from your week and compare them to the statistics from around the world.
  • Sync the information about your sleep with the Apple Health app.
  • Advanced statistics will give you more information, and you can keep track of your daily progress.

Consider The Following:

The Bottom Line:

Getting enough restful sleep is important for good health, so waking up feeling tired or sleepy is something that needs attention. The above-mentioned Sleep Cycle Tracking Apps can keep track of your sleep cycle and give you detailed information about your sleeping habits that will help you figure out how well you sleep. In addition to helping individuals track their sleep quality by attempting to achieve their sleeping goals, sleep tracking reports are helpful for medical reasons.

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