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These shops are largely situated in the United States, while franchisees also exist in Canada and the Caribbean Islands. They are most generally recognized for mending all types of home devices. In August 2019, uBreakiFix was bought by Asurion, LLC, an insurance firm. 


uBreakiFix was launched in Orlando, Florida as a single store. It then swiftly grew by giving franchise possibilities.Their business concept relies upon maintaining devices such as cellphones, gaming consoles, tablets, and PCs. In 2016, Google named them the sole approved walk-in repair service for the Pixel and Pixel XL, supplying the firm with OEM (original equipment manufacturer) components for repairs.

 Industry publications claimed that this option was made in order for Google to compete with the Apple Genius Bar, which provides in-person iPhone repairs. Samsung forged a similar arrangement with uBreakiFix in 2018, identifying them as an approved in-warranty Samsung repair shop and giving retailers with access to OEM components.

The uBreakiFix franchise was rated eighteenth on Entrepreneur’s 2018 Franchise 500 list.  The firm was also listed in the Orlando Business Journal as one of 2019’s “Fast 50,” a designation of the top 50 fastest growing private companies in Orlando. Growth for this list is determined by recording percentage growth over a two year time frame, and firms must exhibit steady growth over a three-year period.

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UBreakiFix Employee Reviews About “portal”


  • Work atmosphere is pretty laid back (jeans and sweatshirt) (jeans and hoodie)
  • Work pace is relatively casual
  • I worked in a really odd location that had little traffic, couldn’t promote, and couldn’t legally sell accessories, so sales were out of my hands. As so, much of the time was spent playing video games.
  • “Software and components for excellent repairs” (in 26 reviews) (in 26 reviews)
  • “The work atmosphere offer you a big scene of achievement particularly after a very hectic day”.
  • Use ripped iFixit articles to learn how to fix electrical equipment.
  • To help you choose a favourite (it’s a Samsung), you had to experience all popular gadgets at their worst.
  • User-friendly: Custom point of sale systems are easy to use.
  • For some reason, numerous large insurance companies, such as Asurion, Assurant, and many more that begin with “assure,” are accepted as in-warranty with Samsung and Google.
  • FANTASTIC month-to-month sales incentive (400 dollars if you meet your target each month)
  • Get to drive to UPS to pick up mail on occasion.
  • a small group of people


  • Despite the fact that most consumers expressed their gratitude, a few were irrational.
  • The official training articles have been taken verbatim from the iFixit website (including with product promotions).
  • A low starting salary in the sector.
  • Creating a low-cost portal point of sale was a priority for the company’s internal design team. Client-side visibility of all site scripts is strange and unsafe. There are occasions when bugs invalidate people’s warranties or erase repair orders. It’s a little strange.
  • a small group (when people get sick, you get stuck)
  • Insufferable corporate egotists
  • Working with insurance providers is a hassle.
  • “Very poor pay while inside corporate” (in 31 reviews) (in 31 reviews)
  • “And the transition into Asurion has been a touch hard” (in 16 reviews) (in 16 reviews)
  • Reviews about “portal”
  • Return to all Reviews
  • Former Employee, less than 1 year
  • Decent repair job
  • Feb 17, 2019 – Electronics Repair Technician in The Colony, TX
  • Recommend
  • CEO Approval
  • Business Outlook

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Advice to Management

To get back on track, franchising was a good option. Because the repair market is getting more and more BER, you should reduce your overhead as much as possible. The taller you are, the better. New Frontier Marketing (NFM) wasn’t designed for a small business. Keep doing what you’re doing in terms of local management; everything works when it works.

Login to The Ubreakifix Web Portal.

The following is a link to the Ubreakifix Portal’s login page. In addition, there are pages relating to ubreakifix portal login.

This is how to do it:

  • Enter your username and password on the ubreakifix portal’s login screen.
  • Upon successfully logging in, a login page opens.
  • Check out these troubleshooting methods if you still can’t log in to your hsbc credit card account.

Portal Ubreakifix May be Found in The List of Results Below:

  • uBreakiFix | Login
  • trademarks of Apple, Inc. include iPhone, iPod/iPad/Mac. This service firm is not linked in any way with Apple Inc. If…
  • uBreakiFix – Contact Us
  • We’d be happy to provide a hand. As soon as you get in touch with the uBreakiFix support staff, someone will get back to you.
  • 4. uBreakiFix Blog: Tech Spotlight Archives
  • Developing new features for Portal and the website with the help of other developers. Monitoring logs and problem reports to make sure we’re doing all we can to keep things running smoothly
  • Ratings and reviews of the “portal” on
  • Glassdoor User Reviews for uBreakiFix “portal”
  • There have been 161 reviews written about uBreakiFix. Free access to business ratings and salary provided anonymously by workers at the workplace.
  • UBreakiFix Portal – Dark backgrounds, Portal with lights
  • Apr 24, 2017 — Enrique Narvaez found this Pin and shared it with the world. 
  • Hexi, Light grey, Chart – uBreakiFix Portal
  • Enrique Narvaez spotted this Pin on April 24, 2017. Your own Pins on Pinterest are waiting for you.
  • 9. uBreakiFix – Wikimedia Commons
  • Repairing your Pixel or Galaxy at home with uBreakiFix is now a reality!
  • The internet site uBreakiFix allows you to schedule a We Come To You appointment if you so want. Purchase Additional Samsung Galaxy S20s. The Samsung Galaxy S20,….
  • a third-party application called Trello
  • Trello is a tool for team collaboration that enables them to see their tasks from a different viewpoint. All of your projects may benefit from Trello’s collaboration, communication, and coordination features.
  • Working at uBreakiFix as a Repair Technician: 52 Customer Reviews

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Why Does UBreakiFix Ask for my Password?

In order to patch my cracked screen, ubreakifix, Google’s screen repair partner, requested my phone’s password. After the screen has been replaced, they claim they’ll need it to do diagnostics.

Is Asurion The Owner of UBreakiFix?

When uBreakiFix joined Asurion in 2019, they brought with them the same goal of making consumers’ lives simpler via the use of cutting-edge technological solutions. A subsidiary of Asurion, Asurion Tech Repair & Solutions, will continue to operate out of its Orlando headquarters.

What Components Does UBreakiFix Use?

Many of the components we use originate from suppliers in China who are identical to them. As a result, even though we can’t say our components are “from Apple,” they are made to the same exacting OEM standards, and we frequently have no way of knowing the difference.

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