Dragon Age Inquisition not Launching How to Fix it

In this post I will discuss the Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch. Dragon Age is the best action role-playing game that was grant by many publications was launched worldwide in 2014. Dragon age inquisition is a follow-up to Dragon Age origin and Dragon Age II. The public Windows 10 users are facing a problem that Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch on their platform.

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Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch In Windows 10

If you are one of the Windows 10 users facing the Dragon Age Inquisition not set up a problem, then don’t worry. There are many reasons due to which the Dragon Age inquisition won’t launch properly. Some of the most common reasons after the error is:

Other Services Running In The Background:

Often third-party ads or Windows services ade in the background interferes with the functions of the game. Consequently, Dragon Age Inquisition is uneasy from launching on Windows 10.

1.Certain Game File Missing:

For any application to work properly, all the needed game files need to be present, and they should be up to date. If one of the game files of the Dragon Age study is missing or corrupted, this may stop the game from launching.

2.DirectX/VC Redist:

Direct X and VC Redist usually come within the game installation folder, Often the type of these two agree with each other forcing the game not to launch on the Windows platform.

3.Administrative Privileges:

Many games require a grant for sure administrative privileges. If the allow is not provided, these game does not function properly.

4.Full-Screen Mode:

Playing the game in full-screen mode may intercede in the proper functioning of the game.


There may be an issue of compatibility with the Dragon Age inquisition, which checks it on launching Windows 10. How to Fix Dragon Age study Won’t Launch in Windows 10.

Now you are aware of the root which interferes with the launching of Dragon Age Inquisition on the Windows 10 platform.

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Solution 1 Give Administrative Privileges

Grant to administrative benefit is required to run certain games smoothly. If you didn’t grant the administrative benefit, you might be facing the issue due to this.

Step:1 At first, open the game installation folder. Then right-snap on the game executable.

Step:2 Next, select the Properties option and then go down the Compatibility.

Step:3 Then, check the Run as Administrator. Finally, run the game to notice whether the game launch properly.

Solution 2 Run A Clean Boot

A clean boot helps you stop the background program to interfere with your game. To run a clean boot, you slide follow the given procedure:

Step:1 Firstly, sign in to your computer like an administrator. Then, cross to the taskbar and type misconfig in the search bar, then select system configuration.

Step:2 On selecting system configuration, you will down various tabs. Between these, choose the service tab and select hide all misconfig services.

Step:3 Now, select Disable all, and this will damage all the third-party services running in the background.

Step:4 Then, go to the Startup tab and select Disable. Next to that, close the task manager.

Step:5 Now, go to system configuration and select OK on the startup tab.

Step:6 Finally, restart your computer, run the game to check if the problem manages.

Most of the time, rebooting resolves the Dragon Age inquisition won’t launch matter.

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Solution 3 Verifying Game Files

If rebooting does not resolve, the matter does not fix. You canister apply for other solutions. For a game to run properly, you need to have all the game files ready and up to date. If one of the game files is missing or corrupted, you may meet a problem.

Step:1 First of all, go to the Control Panel and select programs and features inside the programs.

Step:2 Secondly, right-click on the Dragon Age inquisition. Following that, choose the repair game.

Step:3 Now, verify the game files. All your missing files will be downloaded automatically, and all the altered files will be replaced.

Step:4 At last, run the game to check if the game runs flat.

Solution 4 Reinstalling The DirectX And VC Redist

As discussed more than, Direct X and VC redist provided within the game installation folder, and there is a possibility that the versions of Direct X and VC redist may agree with each other causing trouble in the launch of the game.

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  Solution 5 Disable Full-Screen Optimization

This problem can be solved by the damage the full-screen optimization by using the following simple steps:

Step:1 Firstly, open the game installation folder. Then, choose the game executable by right click.

Step:2 Secondly, go to Properties and click on the Compatibility tab.

 Step:3 Following that, check the “Disable Full-Screen Optimizations” box in the properties tab. Then, apply your settings.

Step:4 At last, start the game and follow if the Dragon Age inquisition won’t launch fixed or not.

 Solution 6 Troubleshoot Compatibility

Many apps and programs have compatibility matter with Windows 10, which causes the problem in their smooth functioning.

Following is a simple procedure to control a suitable operating system version:

Step:1 Firstly, open the Game Installation folder. Then, right-click on the game executable, then select properties.

Step:2 Secondly, click on the “Compatibility” tab and click on the “Run Compatibility Troubleshooter.”

Step:3 Following that, click on “Try Recommended Settings” and select “Test.”

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In conclusion, these were few best-known solutions which may help you to overcome the upset issue. I hope you will enjoy your game without any stalling.


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