12 Best Drinking Game Apps For Android And iPhone

You can make your party night more exciting with fun drinking game apps. Sitting with friends and having fun drinking games can’t get any more fun than that. But since COVID-19, things have changed in almost everyone’s daily life. It’s becoming challenging to plan a get-together. Because of the government’s limits, it is challenging and dangerous for everyone. But thanks to the companies that make gaming apps, we can liven up our lives again via entertainment.

To make your house party as fun as possible, you can find a lot of drinking game apps. Drinking games are not new. Since ancient times in China and Greece, people have played them. This time, the change is that these were mapped digitally and are shown to you on computers and tablets. You can find many kinds of drinking games. The best drinking game apps for iPhone and Android will be covered in this piece.

12 Best Drinking Game Apps For Android And iPhone

1. Drink and Tell

Drinking Game Apps

Drink and Tell is a drinking game app that is still pretty new, but it already has a lot of fans. Once more, the rules are easy. Six of the categories of questions are free, and the other seven can be bought inside the app. The show Drink and Tell is so cute! Regarding content, its questions outperform all other drinking game apps. They are both simple and detailed in this app. It’s also clear that the app is helpful: it looks good and is simple. Taking everything into account, you should pay attention to this one!

2. Never Have I Ever

Drinking Game Apps

A Marco Studios drinking party game called Never Have I Ever. It lets you find out what your family and friends think. This game consists of 100 questions about various topics at the top of the page. Also, you can get this app for Android and iOS. Your game can have as many players as you want. Normal, Teens, Couples, and Adults are the game’s four gaming modes. Playing this game in normal gaming mode would be best to enjoy it with your family.

3. King of Booze

Drinking Game Apps

Day Games’ King of Booze drinking game lets you host a wild party. This extremely small game consists of hundreds of challenges and questions. It features eight distinct categories. King of Booze lets you enjoy hours of fun and entertainment with your friends and family. There must be at least two players, and a maximum of fourteen players can be present simultaneously. It is also good for lovers. You can get this game on iOS. This game has no video ads, which is the best thing about it.

4. Circle of Death

Drinking Game Apps

A traditional drinking game based on playing cards is called Circle of Death. You and your friends can play this game by sitting in a circle with full glasses. Along with several extra cards, it consists of about 52 game cards. The group of rules for the Circle of Death is predetermined. It also lets you change these rules. Therefore, it is simple to personalize the game. Download this game from both Android and iOS to enjoy it.

5. Picolo

Drinking Game Apps

Picolo is a great drinking party game from Marmelapp. This fun app will make you laugh out loud and have a great time. Picolo can add entertainment to your get-together, whether you’re at the bar or having a night out with your friends. This game can be downloaded for free on both Android and iOS. Depending on your group, you can choose from the various gaming styles. It lets you add rules of your own. To enjoy more features with a paid version it consists of in-app payments.

6. Do or Drink

Drinking Game Apps

Easter Egg is the developer of this great drinking party game, Do or Drink. This game would be fun at a house party, a bar, or a Christmas party. For two or more players, this card-based drinking game is intended. Also, it lets you add a maximum of 2328 players simultaneously, which is a lot. Depending on the dynamics of your game group, you can choose the card. New cards and decks are always added to this Do or Drink game. It lets you add your card too. This game can be downloaded on both Android and iOS.

7. Drunk Potato

Drunk Potato is another interesting drinking party game that comes with a lot of challenges. This drinking game lets you get drunk quickly and enjoy your party night to the best. You can download Drunk Potato, a free gaming app, for both Android and iPhone from specialized app shops.

8. iPuke

One crazy party drinking game from Mint Mobile is called iPuke. It can help you have a crazy and fun night with your friends. In this iPuke game, you have to draw cards with two challenges: a dare and a set number of shots. You must choose one of these to move forward in the game. There are some points to be earned in both of these challenges. The player who gets to the set number of points wins the game. There are more than 300 different types of dares here. For Android and iOS, you can download and enjoy iPuke.

9. Drinkie

Mixing your favorite drinking games into one great party game, Drinkie makes for the best party entertainment ever. You can pick from a variety of gaming styles in this game. They are Tipsy, Sexy, Stupid, and Masculine. Any mode you choose will work for the group you are planning the party for. Drinkie lets you design your own rules and personalize your gaming experience. You can also get this game by downloading it on Android and iOS.

10. Charades!

Charades! is a party game with many activities that let you and your friends have a crazy time. It consists of various challenges, including singing, dancing, drawing, and playing. In this game, you have to guess the word on the card that is put on top of your head. Based on what your friend told you, you need to do this. You have a certain amount of time to do this. There are more than 45 themed decks to choose from in Charades! This game can also be downloaded on both Android and iPhone.

11. 5 Second Rule

The 5 Second Rule is the best funny drinking party game. People who can do great work even when they’re under a lot of stress will love this game. You have 5 seconds to answer these easy questions in the 5 Second Rule game. There are three answers to each question. If you can’t answer, you have to get something to drink. The Google Play Store offers 5 Second Rule for free download. On iOS, you can get a similar app from a different developer.

12. Heads Up!

Heads Up! is a fun game you and your friends can enjoy together. Celebrity names, singing, and accents are all part of this guessing game. It can make your house party enjoyable and exciting. Also, you can get this app for Android and iOS. There are more than 75 fun and different categories to choose from. Use the information your friend gives you to guess the card. Heads Up! can be played simultaneously by hundreds of friends and family.

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The Bottom Line:

It would be best if you undoubtedly had entertainment to make your party fun, interesting, and enjoyable. Additionally, these suggested drinking game apps can improve your party guests’ mood by providing top-notch entertainment. So, check out these drinking game apps and choose the best one for your next house party.

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