Free Sims 3 Registration Code[100% Working]

What Is Sims 3?

Sims 3 is a real-life simulation online video game developed by It is published by Electronic Arts. It was released on June 2, 2009. Sims 3 video game is played on OS X, Microsoft Windows, and smartphone versions.

It is designed to replicate the real-world happening. It is one of the versions of the most successful sim. It consists of real-world activities like fishing, sleeping, and driving. It also consists of other house activities. Sims 3 is a very interesting game for every age person. 

Sims 3 Registration Code/ Serial Code

Sims 3 registration code is a key that is used to play sims 3. If you want to play successfully this best real-life game you must need to activate it. By using its registration code you activate or play this game. This code gives you complete control of the sims 3 video game. It is necessary to play games. After activating sims 3 by using this serial key you play and enjoy this game.

How To Install Sims 3 On Laptop/ Computer?

There are different ways to install sims 3 video games on your computer/ laptop. If you have a DVD installation disk. You can use the original distributor program. It allows you to download all files of the sims 3 video game. We are going to discuss three ways to install sims 3 online video games.

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Use DVD To Install Sims 3

Step 01: Insert video game DVD into DVD’s drive. You need to ensure you’re using a good DVD drive not a CD drive. If you use the CD drive it is difficult to read the installation disc.

Step 02: Your sims 3 installers will automatically start when you enter the video game DVD. if it does not start automatically you need to start it. 

Steps to start sims 3 installers manually

  • Double click on the My Computer icon that displays on the desktop.
  • Now, double click one sims 3 DVD disk.

After that, the sims 3 video game installation starts.

Step 03: If you are using the Mac operating system. You need to start the installer manually

  • Double click on your Computer sims 3 disks. 
  • Double click on an installer that will appear in the new window.

Step 04: After that, the installer will start. Now, you need to select your sims 3 languages.

Step 05: After selecting the sims 3 languages you need to check the installation key that you find in the sims 3 cases.

Step 06: When you find the registration code you need to enter it on sims 3 installed. If you don’t have a serial key installation would not complete.

Step 07: If your key is valid then choose the “Typical” installation.

Now, the installation of the sims 3 video game has started. Its installation speed depends on your computer speed. You need to wait until sims 3 is installed in the default directory.

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Use Origin

Step 01: Download origin.

Step 02: After downloading install the origin

Step 03: Create an origin account to use origin.

Step 04: After successfully creating the origin account. You can easily buy sims 3 and get the code. After getting the code you don’t need any disk.

Step 05: When you add sims 3 into the origin. It will automatically start downloading.

Its downloading speed is based on your internet speed. After downloading you need to install it. When the installation is completed you will be able to play the best sims 3 games.

Use Stream

Step 01: Steam is a digital distribution service that is used to find EA games. Download and install steam. 

Step 02: Create an account on steam.

Step 03: Buy sims 3 from the steam online store.

Step 04: After buying the sims 3 downloads and install it.

After following these steps you will be able to download and install sims 3. After installing you will easily play sims 3.

How To Find The Sims 3 Registration Code?

1: If you register your profile on the sims site, you will find your registration code on your sims profile. So, check 2: your profile to get the registration code.

3: In some situations downloading a free product key will not work. You need to use a commercial key finder to find your sims 3 registration key.

4: People who use Windows find their sims 3 registration code in the windows registry. Don’t do any unnecessary changes because it can harm your computer.

If you are using the original game platform you follow these steps to find your sims 3 registration key.

  • Go into my Games
  • Right-click on the sims game button
  • Click on view game details.

After following these steps you can easily get your sims 3 product key in the product code area.

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Free Registration Code


The sim 3 : Base

CD key: DNTK-WQGR-M5T4-T1K1-1911

The Sims 3 World Adventures


The Sims 3 High End Loft Stuff


The Sims 3 Ambitions


The Sims 3 Fast Lane Stuff


The Sims 3 Late Night:


The Sims 3 Outdoor Living Stuff


The Sims 3 Generations


The Sims 3 Town Life Stuff:


The Sims 3 Pets


The Sims 3 Master Suite Stuff


The Sims 3 Showtime


The Sims 3 Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats Stuff


The Sims 3 Into The Future

CD keys : 5Q99-D7B3-UGYL-KHZ9-5PPY

How To Save Your Sims 3 Registration Code?

Once you find your Sims 3 registration code it is highly recommended to store it in a safe place. Because, if you need a sims 3 serial key you can easily find it.

Now, I will give you some tips that help you to store your sims 3 serial key.

1: Google account provides you with the best feature called ‘Password Manager’. You can store your serial key here and you can easily access it anytime a day.

2: You can store it in your Computer/ Laptop or USB drive by following these steps.

  • Notepad is available in every window. We use this feature of Windows to save sims 3 serial keys.
  • Search Notepad in the windows search bar. 
  • Double click on Notepad it will appear.
  • Paste your sims 3 registration code here.
  • And then press ‘Ctrl+S’ by using the keyboard.

Now, set your location and save it.

  • You can use your phone Notes to save your sims 3 product code.
  • Write code for your sims 3 on your CD.
  • You can write your sims 3 registration code on the manual.
  • Email is one of the best products of Google. It is used to send emails. Emails consist of text, audio, and video. It also saves your emails for a long time. So, it is the best way to save your sims 3 register code
  • Open Gmail
  • Click on the compose email button
  • Add your email id in a top field that is called ‘To:’.
  • Then paste your copied sim 3 registration code.
  • After insert, all data click on the send button.

You receive an email in your inbox. Save and open it when you want your sims 3 registration code.

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From this article, I hope you will know all about the Sims online video game. And also you will understand what Sims 3 registration code. After buying The Sims registration code you are able to play your sims 3 video game and enjoy the excellent features. After installing it you can play this game without any problem. And you can enjoy beautiful scenes and game control. It also provides you some tips to save your Sims 3 registration code. I hope this article is helpful for you and easy to understand. If you have any other problems or questions about this topic, please ask them in the comment section.


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