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8 Best Free Snipping Tool MAC (Easy To Use)

Most of us take screenshots on a regular basis, whether it’s to share an example, make an explanation, improve communication, or simply remember an important part of a website. Let’s start with the free snipping tool mac.

A snipping tool can be useful whether you’re trying to share an online meme with a friend or provide proof of an aggravating software bug to customer support.

As a Mac user, you may be confused about whether or not to use a dedicated screenshot app, or whether or not to stick with the built-in snipping tool. Let’s elaborate on this before moving on to the list of resources.

The current snipping tool for Mac

Firstly, the Mac has a snipping tool or keyboard shortcut, in case you didn’t know.

To take a screenshot of the current page, press shift + Command + 3. If you like, you may also use the shortcut “shift + Command + 5” to capture a selected region of the page. Shortcut key combination shift + Command + 4 will bring up the snipping feature’s settings menu.

The same is true for screen recording, where you can get a higher level of precision with a few extra snapshot commands.

This screenshot tool is great for when you need a no-frills option. This snipping application simply lets you take a screenshot, so if you need any other features, look elsewhere.

8 Best Free Snipping Tool MAC (Easy To Use)

1. Greenshot

Greenshot is an easy-to-use and lightweight program for taking screenshots in a variety of formats. Take a screenshot of the entire screen, a customized region, or the entire scrolling window.

More editing tools, such as highlighting and annotations, are also available. The finished picture can be downloaded to your gadget, sent as an attachment in an email, or posted online.

This program is offered for free to Windows users, but it costs Mac users $1.99. I think the price is fair given the high degree of convenience it provides. It is one of the free snipping tool mac.

2. TextSniper

free snipping tool mac

TextSniper, which has been covered by popular tech blogs including 9to5mac and TNW, is an advanced screenshot-capture tool. It’s a text recognition whiz that can glean text from images and files in a flash.

Because it uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology, this tool is incredibly easy to use and dramatically shortens the time it takes to complete a task.

The following are some other features that it possesses:

  • The Universal Reader for QR Codes and Barcodes
  • There are several scenarios in which text-to-speech would be helpful, such as for language learners, those with dyslexia, or just for the sake of convenience.
  • Keyboard shortcuts can be set up in order to reduce the number of icons in the macOS dock.

TextSniper offers a free trial version that can be used for a week.

3. Snagit

Snagit is a multifunctional recording program that also takes screenshots of your web pages.

Although this program has many useful functions, just looking at the “snipping” feature reveals some of the many uses it has:

  • Make diagrams and schematics for instructions.
  • Collaborate with your team by sharing screenshots and other data.
  • Scanners that can pull text from images
  • Capture the entire page in one long, vertical screenshot with panoramic scrolling capture.
  • You can either take a complete picture of the window, or only a section of it.

After downloading either the free trial or the premium version of Snagit, you gain access to the expert support, video tutorials, and webinars offered by the company. It is one of the free snipping tool mac.

4. TinyTake

free snipping tool mac

TinyTake is a handy tool for taking screenshots, annotating them, and sharing them with others. Both screenshots and video recordings of the website can be taken.

It also works wonderfully with proxy servers, allows for user-defined shortcut keys, and can save recorded files to the cloud. It is one of the free snipping tool mac.

5. Flameshot

Another useful, free, and time-saving tool is Flameshot. It’s highly customizable, with options to change the way it looks, the way pictures are stored, and even the number of shortcut keys.

You may highlight text, add blur, annotate, and more to screenshots taken using this program. You can make changes to the gathered images without leaving the application.

In addition, the design is intuitive and easy to navigate. It is one of the free snipping tool mac.

6. Markup Hero

free snipping tool mac

Markup Hero is a powerful screenshot and annotation tool that also facilitates real-time idea sharing to shorten your development cycles. Markups and notes can be viewed on any device, and they can be categorized in various ways (names, folders, etc.).

Markup Hero works with all of your favorite programs, such as Slack, Chrome, and Drive. In addition, you can use their API in your own web service. It is one of the free snipping tool mac.

7. Droplr

An excellent tool used by companies like Airbnb and Nike, Droplr lets you take screenshots and send them along with a link. It’s a powerful program for taking screenshots and making screencasts.

Some of its many excellent qualities are as follows:

  • Storing data in the cloud mechanically
  • Shareable TinyURL link.
  • Multiple connections to other applications are possible.
  • Coding using SSL/TLS
  • Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation) conformity

Droplr strictly follows enterprise-level security and provides a wide variety of support options, including real-time chat. It is one of the free snipping tool mac.

8. LightShot

free snipping tool mac

LightShot is a screen capture and video recording tool. The layout and design of this program make it very user-friendly and simple to go about.

With just two buttons, you can easily take a snapshot that can be stored on the server and shared with anybody, anywhere in the world.

Selecting an area of the screen within LightShot and then searching for similar photos without having to leave the app is a useful feature. In addition, after you’ve made several screenshots, you can go back and change things if you need to. It is one of the free snipping tool mac.


Taking a screenshot is a simple operation that can be completed by almost any modern gadget. The snipping tool is useful, but there are times when we wish it had additional capabilities. It’s the most convenient option and will meet most of your snipping needs.

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