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How To Get Out Of Facebook Jail | Top 4 Tips & Trick to Avoid Facebook Jail

Facebook jail is the metaphor to punish such users who violate Facebook policies. When Facebook sends you to FB jail. You won’t be able to post, like, comment, or share. You are also not able to send friend requests to other Facebook users.

The duration of your Facebook account varies according to your violation level. If you breach only a small policy then you are sent to jail for only a few hours. But if you break an important and valuable policy then you will be sent to jail for some months. Sometimes Facebook If you don’t do any inappropriate or spammy activity then Facebook sends a permanent block to your account. You won’t be able to use your Facebook account anymore.

Note: As you know, Facebook punishes its users who violate their policies. But first Facebook gives you the warning to improve your bad habits. If you understand its warning and stop doing this bad activity. Then Facebook never sends you to Facebook jail.

Many Users Of One Facebook Account Can Ban Your Facebook Account

You have a Facebook account no matter personal or business. This is your account. You only have the valid person who uses this account. But if you share your login details with others. And the users of your Facebook account become more than 1. Facebook does not like this activity. That’s why sometimes they ban your account. So, make sure you are the only one who uses your account.

How Do You Know My Facebook Account In FB jail?

If you notice, you are not able to upload a post. You are blocked from posting, commenting, or sharing. Then, you realize you are in Facebook jail. The reason for sending you to Facebook jail is different. But, I will share with you most of the common reasons.

“This post goes against our Community Standard”

This is a warning from Facebook. If you receive this type of warning. Then stop your illegal posts. Otherwise, Facebook bans your account.

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How Long Does Facebook Block You?

  • For 24 hours
  • For 48 hours
  • For 72 hours
  • For 3 days
  • For 6 days
  • For 7 days
  • For 14 days
  • For 1 month

Two Types Of Facebook Ban

  1. Temporary Ban
  2. Permanent Ban

1.Temporary Ban

The temporary ban is just like a special warning. In which Facebook ban their use for some time. This duration may vary according to a policy violation. 

When this ban is over you will able to again upload posts.  IF you are on a temporary ban then there is a chance to get out of this jail.

2.Permanent Ban

The permanent ban is like the death of a person. There is no chance to recover it. It’s mean you all data in your Facebook account is gone forever. There is no way to recover it.

In this situation, I am only able to give you advice. Please, strictly follow the FB terms or conditions to avoid this type of ban.

How Do I Know, Why I Was Blocked?

If you forget or don’t know what is violated content posted by me. Then follow the below steps to check it.

Steps To Know, Why I was Blocked

For Older Facebook Version’s

  • Go to your Facebook Account
  • Click on the ‘Help and Support button.
  • Now, go to the support box
  • Here check all the notification

After checking all notifications, you will know about your violation. But these steps are only for the previous version. In the latest version, these steps are different. So, for your help, I also explain these steps

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For The Latest Facebook Version

  • Go to your Facebook Account
  • Click on the ‘Support’ button
  • Check all the violated notifications on this page.

If you find any notification in this section. It means Facebook warns you about your violation. If you want to go to Facebook jail, then delete or update this post or comment.

If you don’t see any notification on this page, it means you are a perfect Facebook user. Who doesn’t violate any policy of Facebook?

Causes For Facebook jail

Reasons Near Facebook

  1. Tagging a lot
  2. Looking like spam
  3. Joining group rapidly
  4. Videos marked as spam
  5. Adding unknown people
  6. Having multiple accounts
  7. Rapid posting of the same info
  8. Practicing automated software
  9. Using a business name for a personal account

Reasons Near Society

These society reasons are made for social security purposes. It is specially made on social issues. According to these reasons, Facebook users won’t be able to share any person’s personal information. OR, not be able to blackmail any person.

  1. Racism
  2. Threatening
  3. Hate speech’s
  4. Misinformation
  5. Excessive Violence
  6. Inflammatory Behaviour
  7. Posting nudity or sexual content
  8. The content consists of self-harm
  9. Using a face account or imposter account
  10. Using images that are marked Spam by Google

Top 4 Tips & Trick To Avoid Facebook Jail

As I describe above the reason of ban your Facebook account. Now, I give you some special and effective tips & tricks to avoid Facebook jail

  1. Offensive Content
  2. Watch out the Dirty Play
  3. Limit your Group Posting
  4. Comment and like, but be careful

Offensive Content

Facebook is very sensitive about its content. If you share any offensive content, Facebook permanently suspends your account.

Some types of Offensive Content

  1. Blood
  2. Pornography
  3. Complete scams
  4. Phishing Schemes
  5. Ponzi Schemes
  6. Drug-related content
  7. Weapon Auction
  8. Hate Speeches

Facebook describes all the types of offensive content in community guidelines. If you want to read more types of offensive content then read community guidelines.

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Watch Out The Dirty Play

For the owners of the Facebook pages, it is very important to know about dirty play. And they need to be careful of spam visitors. Because spam visitors do dirty play activities on your posts. These activities in enough to send for Facebook to send you in FB jail.

So, you need to pay extra attention to your group. If you see any dirty play role, then suddenly report to Facebook. This is the best solution to get out of Facebook jail.

Limit Your Group Posting

Businesspersons have many groups on Facebook. They send the same post to every group. But Facebook does not like this activity. To stop this type of activity. Facebook owners decide the limit of sending the same content in more than one group.

According to this limit, your same post-sending range must be 1 to 50 groups. If you send the same post every day to more than 50 groups, it is a clear invitation to Facebook jail.

Comment And Like, But be Careful

Without comment or like every post is incomplete. The number of likes, comments helps to decide the popularity of the post. More like, more popular. Less like, less popular. Like, comments are very important on Facebook.

Do you know this fantastic feature can block you on Facebook? When you comment on something bad. That can breach Facebook policy. Then, Facebook can ban your account based on comments. That’s why it is very important to post good comments.


From this article, I hope you will understand how to get out of Facebook jail. Also, provide you some reason. Why Facebook can temporarily or permanently ban your FB account. Know you will understand the importance of Facebook policies. If you want to get out of Facebook jail and keep your data safe. Then follow Facebook policies. I hope this article is helpful for you and easy to understand. If you have any other problems or questions about this topic, please ask them in the comment section.


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