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How To See Wifi Password Windows 10 Best Ways

Even though I try to follow the advice to make my wifi passwords as complicated as possible, I frequently forget them. One of Windows 10’s many benefits is how to see wifi password windows 10.

If you need to share your wifi password with someone else or use it on a device other than the one you originally set it up with, you may do so in several ways on a Windows computer.

In the following lines, I shall detail several techniques for discovering the wifi key. Each option has benefits and drawbacks, and they will vary from user to user and from a level of access to the PC’s settings (if the user is not the administrator).

How To See WIFI Password Windows 10 Best Ways

1. Use Windows settings to view WiFi password

Since I’m the system administrator for my computer, I’m free to use any method I like to discover the wifi password.

Here’s how it operates:

Select Settings from the Start menu to configure your connection settings for the network and the Internet.

how to see wifi password windows 10

The Network and Sharing Center can be accessed via the Status menu.

how to see wifi password windows 10

Click your network’s name in the “View your active networks” pane.

how to see wifi password windows 10

In the menu that appears when you click the wifi status box, choose Wireless Properties.

how to see wifi password windows 10

Security screen? Click the “Show characters” button to expose your wifi password.

how to see wifi password windows 10

2. View WiFi password directly from the control panel

The method as mentioned earlier should get you into Windows 10’s settings, but what if it doesn’t work?

Perhaps you’re interested in a quicker approach and are willing to remember some instructions. It’s possible to easily access the wireless router’s settings menu if you know how to utilize the Run command. Assuming you have access to the network’s administrative controls, you should be able to implement this strategy successfully.

Simply open the Run dialog using the Windows key plus R, then type ncpa.cpl into it, then click OK to finish.

how to see wifi password windows 10

Entering this command in the configuration menu will immediately enable your network connection. If you right-click your wifi network, a menu will display; choose “Status” from there.

When the wifi Status window appears, select Wireless Properties.

Select Security > Show characters from the main menu to view the wifi password.

3. Use a Power Shell command

After that Use a Power Shell command on how to see wifi password windows 10. Several features of your network, such as the password, can be viewed with a single command in the Power Shell thanks to the Network Shell (Netsh) command.

This method can also be used to view the passwords used to access each network your machine has joined. Instead of entering the restricted workplace network, you can use this approach to learn your network password from the convenience of your own home. If you have already used the Forget function to erase all data associated with a specific network, this will not work.

If you want to use the netsh command, you’ll need to know the SSID of the wifi network you want to connect to (SSID). This shouldn’t be an issue if you’re already connected to the network and can see its name, but it could be if you need to check the password for a connection you’ve already made. Using Power Shell commands, you can review your past network associations.

Notably, if you don’t have access to Power Shell, you may get the same results by typing the identical instructions into Command Prompt.

To access Power Shell, right-click the Start button to bring up a menu.

If you want to see the profiles for your wireless network, type netsh WLAN show profiles and hit the Enter key. Under your profile, you’ll see a list of all the handles you’ve saved.

The following command is quite user-friendly: To connect to a network, only copy the names given below.

Substitute the actual name of the network for “wifi name” in the following command to find the password for one of your saved networks.

To delete a wireless network profile, type netsh wlan display profile “name=” key=clear.

To fix my problem, I used netsh WLAN show profile “name=SSID hidden” key=clear.

When you press Enter, a wealth of information on this system will appear. In the Password box, enter the password for the Key content.

4. Use a third-party WiFi password viewer

With the help of a third-party program, you may easily access all of your saved network credentials in a centralized location. With a third-party service, viewing all of your wifi information takes as little as a click of a button, saving you time even if you need to check it frequently. You may wish to use additional software if you need to execute more complicated tasks, including importing wifi credentials from another PC/Windows or exporting them.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try out NirSoft’s WirelessKeyView. WirelessKeyView is the most accessible and reasonably priced program among those I’ve researched.

Most software today comes in a zipped archive that must be unzipped before installation. The app will automatically detect any nearby wifi networks upon launch and list them in the Key (Ascii) area, along with the corresponding passwords. In addition, if you double-click on a network, you’ll be given even more details about it.

how to see wifi password windows 10

A good alternative to WirelessKeyView is the wifi Password Revealer. It’s an app you can install on your machine that compiles a list of all your saved network passwords and makes it easy to copy them all at once.

Bonus methods

The Windows 10 wifi password can be discovered using these methods. But there are other options worth exploring as well. So, there are some bonus method on How To See WIFI Password Windows 10.

From Router web-interface

It is possible to modify the router’s settings via the web interface. It is typical to have the option to both view the password and change it. Because every router has its own IP address and user interface, I can’t give generic instructions.

To reach the router’s settings page, simply type the IP address into your browser. You’ll have to scout around the inside for a wireless option or a wifi setup menu. It’s important to give users a say in whether or not the password reveal function is enabled.

At the back of the router device

If you haven’t changed the wifi password since setting up the router, you’ll find the old one written somewhere on the device’s base or back. The average length of a password is eight digits, so take a gander at it.

Reset the router

You may also reset your router if you’d like to start fresh, removing all your data and passwords, including your wifi networks. After that, you can use the default password to access the system. Any router worth it’s salt will have a reset button that, when pressed and held for five to ten seconds, will force the device to begin its initial setup process again. If your router is like most, it will drop it in a hole where you’ll need to press and hold it with something like a paper pin.


Most folks shouldn’t have trouble getting the wifi password using the first two ways. However, if you’re a system administrator in charge of several machines and networks, you should utilize a third-party wifi password viewer. This was about How To See WIFI Password Windows 10.

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